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MMA Welding machine

MMA INVERTER welding machines (electrode) Germany

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The most common and widely used process is MMA covered electrode welding, since it allows to work on a wide range of thicknesses and materials of various types. Thanks to the wide range of electrodes with different specifications and diameters, you can use MMA electrode welding on all (or almost all) existing metals.


Since the appearance of inverter technology, which has replaced the old, heavy copper transformer technology, electrode welding machines have become lighter and smaller, and therefore easier to transport. In addition, with the inverter technology you can use electronic devices such as HOT START, ARC FORCE and ANTI STICK, which help the operator during the most complex welding phases, facilitating the process and making it easier to weld successfully. Moreover, on the latest generation of MMA electrode welding machines, you can equip a TIG torch with a valve and perform LIFT trigger welding on iron and stainless steel.

Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or a professional, the cost of your first MMA electrode welds is a few hundred euros, and the products and accessories needed are an inverter MMA welding machine, ground clamp, electrode holder clamp and the first pack of coated electrodes.

One of the most valued advantages of MMA electrode welding is that this welding process does not require gaseous protection, since during electrode melting the coating burns creating a controlled atmosphere (without oxygen) that prevents oxidation of the glowing metal in contact with air.


There are hundreds of brands and models of electrode welding machines. To distinguish whether a given MMA inverter welding machine is intended for professional use or for Do-It-Yourself use, you must pay attention to the work cycle. This data provided by the manufacturers is the best indicator for evaluating the intended use of the welding generator; normally, the higher the work cycle, the higher the price of the product.


This parameter indicates the ability of the welding machine to perform a given job at a specific amperage and at an ambient temperature of 40°C. This parameter is calculated on the basis of 10 minutes of use. For example, the electrode welding machine Helvi Galileo 179 has a duty cycle of 130Amp at 100% and 160amp at 60%.

This information informs the operator that the MMA welding machine can work continuously for 6 minutes at 160A (maximum power) or even work continuously at 130A.

Helvi Galileo 179 is a single-phase electrode welding machine which falls within the professional range, since the work cycle allows the operator to carry out continuous machining with 3.25 mm diameter electrodes, but also professional machining with 4 mm coated electrodes.

Another element to pay attention to when purchasing an inverter MMA welding machine is the presence or absence of the PFC (power factor corection), often present on professional welding machines. This device corrects and stabilizes the incoming current, making it possible to reach high amperages even with the 3kw of the domestic network; furthermore, the PFC allows the operator to power the MMA inverter welding machine even through motor generators or by connecting it to large extension cords. This device raises the standard price of an MMA welding machine, but also guarantees considerable energy savings.

Before purchasing an inverter MMA welding machine, it is also important to check the weldability of the different types of coated electrodes. Generally, there are no particular difficulties for rutile, basic, stainless and cast-iron electrodes, but in the case of cellulosic and aluminum electrodes, some specific technical characteristics are required for this type of coated electrode.


The staff of has tested, selected, and has available for immediate delivery the best MMA inverter welding machines for professional use with free shipping service:

Lincoln Invertec 170S

HELVI Galileo 179

Deca I-Arc 318 lab

Esab 180 Pro

For lovers of DIY, we have selected a series of inverter MMA welding machines from the best-known European manufacturers, without compromising on construction quality and reliability, but with an eye to the price.

Lincoln Bester 170-ND

Helvi Sparc 226

Esab Rogue 150


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