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MMA Welding machine

MMA INVERTER welding machines (electrode)

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Arc welding with coated electrodes or mma electrode welding is a manual procedure where the heat source is the electric arc, which, by firing between the coated electrode (with the electrode holder clamp) and the workpiece to be welded (base material), creates the heat that rapidly melts both the base material and the electrode (filler material).

The filler metal is transferred thanks to the electric arc that is triggered between the core of the coated electrode and the workpiece. The heat generated by the electric arc immediately melts the base metal, the core and the electrode coating and thus creates the melting pool, continuously fed by drops of molten material transferred. Some of the electrode components disperse into the air, creating an ideal environment for the arc. The molten coating covers the melt, forming the residue that protects the weld metal during and after solidification.

The welding circuit of the MMA electrode welding machine is essentially composed of the following elements:

1. Current generator

2. Electrode holder pliers

3. Coated electrode

4. Ground clamp

5. Ground clamp and cables

MMA inverter electrode welding machine: current generator

The current generator has the task of powering the electric arc created between the base material and the electrode. Inside it, there is a device for regulating the welding current, either mechanical (magnetic shunt or saturable reactor) or electronic (SCR or inverter systems). This distinction makes it possible to classify electrode welding machines into three families, depending on their construction technology: electromechanical welding machine, electronic welding machine (SCR), inverter welding machine.

Pros of the inverter welding machine

The big difference between a traditional welding machine and the inverter electrode welding machine is the output current on the clamp and electrode holder terminals: traditional welding machines have an alternating current that only allows to weld rutile electrodes or, in exceptional cases, basic electrodes. The mma inverter welding machine, on the other hand, thanks to the direct current output, can be used to weld rutile, basic, stainless, cast iron electrodes and, in some particular models, even cellulosic and aluminum electrodes.

In addition, the inverter welding machine has electronic devices that help the operator, even the most inexperienced: HOT START which intervenes during electrode starting and helps the welder to avoid sticking the electrode; ARC FORCE which intervenes during welding to keep the electric arc even when moving away from the workpiece or welding in particular positions; ANTI-STICK which intervenes if the electrode should stick to the workpiece; in this case the generator switches off, the operator can remove the electrode and start again without damaging the coating.


Electrode holder clamp

The electrode holder clamp has the primary function of supporting the electrode by ensuring good electrical contact for the electrical flow; it must also ensure sufficient electrical insulation for the welder.

Ground clamp

The ground terminal is a device that ensures, through the ground cable, the reclosure of the electrical connection between the welding source and the workpiece. The clamp cable allows the connection between the electrode holder clamp and the generator.

Coated electrode

The coated electrode is composed of a core and a coating which have different but complementary tasks: the core acts mainly as a current conductor to supply the arc and as filler material for the joint while the coating has the primary function of protecting the melt pool and stabilizing the arc.

The coated electrode is composed of a core and a coating:

The core consists of a conductive metal rod which has the sole function of supplying material to the workpiece. The material is made of depends on the base material to be welded: for carbon steels, for which electrode welding is more widespread, the core is made of mild steel.

The coating is the most important part of the electrode and has numerous functions. First of all, it serves to protect the weld from air contamination, and it does so either by volatilizing and thus modifying the atmosphere around the pool, or by melting late and thus protecting the core with the crater that naturally forms, or by liquefying and floating above the pool. It also contains materials able to purify the base material and elements that can contribute to the creation of alloys in fusion. The choice of coating is therefore very important and depends on the characteristics that you want to give to the welding. In addition, the coating may also contain powder filler metal, to increase the amount of material deposited and therefore the speed of welding.

Inverter welding machine: welding electrodes

- Rutile: Low cost, stable arc, AC and DC current, fluid pool, aesthetically good welds but sufficient mechanical characteristics

- Basic: cold pool, excellent cleaning of the material, unstable arc, more difficult ignition, DC generators, welding in all positions, excellent mechanical properties.

- Cellulosic: high penetration and easy handling, DC current, welds in all positions, in piping or anywhere where reversing is not possible.

Selection of the current according to the electrode:


Electrode diameter (mm)








Rutile electrode








Cellulosic electrode








Basic electrode









Welding machine mma: electrodes

The welding electrodes for the mma electrode welding machine have an abbreviation or code indicated on the box; the operator can also find very important information regarding the ideal polarity for that type of electrode. In fact, a + or - sign is always indicated in brackets to indicate where the electrode holder clamp is to be connected.  The electrode diameter is also important, because the diameters supported by DIY or semi-professional welders range from 1.6 to 4 mm. For this reason, it is important to check the absorption of the welder if you want to weld an electrode of greater thickness as it can cause problems to the power grid, since they need high amperages. Remember, however, that there are welding machines that have an electronic internal device called PFC that allows you to weld with high current at full power even in a domestic environment with 3kw; this type of professional inverter welder has a slightly higher cost but allows you to make the most of the higher amperages; in addition, this device allows you to use very long extensions, even longer than 100 meters, and are totally safe to use with generator sets.

TIG welding

A very important aspect of the mma electrode inverter welding machine is that most of these products can be connected to a Tig torch to weld iron and stainless steel. Thanks to the direct current output, it is sufficient to connect a Tig torch with a valve gas opening on the handle. Polarity is very important; in fact the Tig torch must always be connected to the negative pole. To trigger with this torch, you have to drag the tungsten electrode on the piece and immediately lift the torch. The electric arc will ignite quickly; the operator must create the drop of molten material and then continue and create the welding bead. The gas to be used is always pure argon to protect the melting pool from the oxygen that is in the air. The great advantage of Tig is the high aesthetics, without projections and without the need to clean the welded piece.


The coated electrode MMA welding machine is one of the best-selling products for welding, but often people don’t know the characteristics that allow them to choose the most suitable model, and the choice falls only on the maximum current or simply on the price

First, for DIY or semi-professional, there are two main technologies:

- Traditional electromechanical technology with regulation handwheel and alternating current output

- Inverter technology with direct current output

The first only allows to weld rutile electrodes, the second also basic, stainless steel, cast iron...

In addition, inverter technology has electronic devices that help less experienced operator in welding, such as arc force, electrode anti-sticking and hot start.

Where it is specified in the data sheet, some professional inverter welding machines can also weld cellulosic and aluminum electrodes.

Another important feature to consider is the absorption of the welding machine; new inverters absorb less and less, but it is important to know that they are meant for DIY use with 1.6 - 2 and 2.5mm electrodes and therefore there are generally no problems with the domestic 3kw. However, when we want to solder an electrode with a diameter of 3.25 or 4 mm, the current set on the potentiometer is certainly high, from 120 - 140° and up, with an absorption definitely at the limit of household power grids. In recent years, however, new inverter models have been released with a PFC device that stabilizes the absorption peaks, and therefore allows to weld at 170-180A with 3kw.

Another feature to check when purchasing an inverter electrode welding machine, and certainly the most important, is the duty cycle. Welding machines are declared according to regulations at 40°C and it is important to check at what current and percentage the welding machine is declared at 60% (which is considered the continuous working time for manual use). So when we see a cheap welding machine that is declared at 55A at 60%, we must understand that it is a machine suitable for welding electrodes from 1.6 - 2 mm, 2.5 at most; if it is a 110A at 60% we can think that it is also suitable for a 3.25 in a more continuous way; if it is a 140-150A at 60% we would certainly enter a professional environment and 3.25 and 4 mm in diameter would be no problem at all.


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