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Welding table kit

Welding table kit Germany

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There is 1 product in category Welding table kit.

  • Welding table + modular Fixturing System

    Welding table

    An Affordable, Easy-to-Use Modular Fixturing System. Increase work quality and productivity! Fixture at ANY POINT on the tabletop.

    The FixturePoint System is ideal for the set-up of 2D frames. Use the FixturePoint Kits to get started right away, working comfortably, safely, and efficiently for improved work quality and productivity!

    FixturePoint Clamps and Components can be inserted into the 16 mm holes on the 900 x 600 mm tabletop for complete flexibility in Modular Fixturing.

    Complete with clamps & components Kit:

    -          Inserta Clamps: Insert into any hole on the tabletop for fast hold-down clamping.

    -          Positioning Stops: Mount on the tabletop to locate and stop stock.

    -          Inserta Stops: Mount on the tabletop to locate and stop stock.

    -          Stop Bars: Mount on the tabletop to locate and stop stock. Use with Threaded Adaptors.

    -          Threaded Adaptors: Mount underneath tabletop to convert any table hole to an M10 threaded hole.

    -          Magnetic Rests: Place anywhere on the table to elevate and level stock.

    Tabletop Surface Dimensions (mm): 900x600

    Weight : 33 Kg

    Tabletop Material Thickness (mm): 4

    Tabletop Height WITH leg frame (mm): 860

    Tabletop Height WITHOUT leg frame (mm): 158

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In the welding world, both in heavy carpentry and in DIY, equipment is essential to work comfortably and accurately in order to get aesthetically and functionally good results.

The equipment needs to be commensurate to the work the operator is going to perform; the more complex the project, the more precision is needed, the higher the equipment’s quality needs to be.

The welding table is a very valid tool to get good results and simplify DIY works, and it is essential for professional works.

Base level welding tables have a metal surface with a metal frame, to allow connecting the ground wire directly to the welding table rather than to the base material, in order to not disturb the operator during the welding process.

Professional welding tables are usually equipped with adjustable pins on the legs’ extremities, to make sure the working surface is parallel to the floor even when the floor itself is uneven.

To benefit of all the welding table’s advantages, you need to acquire a model with a modular design; this allows to install different types of inserts anywhere on the work surface, among which are retention bars, stop bars, clamps, etc. Furthermore, the metal welding table allows for a better use of magnetic positioners.

The welding table with modular surface allows for faster and more accurate works, and it is a valid help for more complex projects or to keep heavy joints in place.

A high-end welding table’s surface is made of a metal prepped to prevent welding ledges from sticking, in order to preserve perfect flatness and guarantee the work surface’s durability.

In any case, it is good norm to use an anti-stick spray on the welding table’s work surface before starting to weld, especially during processes that generate many ledges, such as coated-electrode or animated wire weldings with no gas.

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