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TELWIN INVERTER welding machine

Telwin INVERTER Welding machine

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TELWIN inverter welding machine: shopping tips

The inverter welding machine’s market is definitely heterogeneous, with such a wide offer that sometimes can be really complex making the right choice. The parameters to consider are, in fact, many, starting from the way these welding machines are used: amateur hobby or professional. In this article, we will concentrate on TELWIN models, trying to understand which are the better ones and how to evaluate them, with some shopping tips.

Inverter welding machines: what they are

As already mentioned, there are many welding machines on the market. Each one has its own peculiarity, and it is directed toward a definite consumer target. The inverter welding machines are among the most suitable and used, because they are able to offer the right compromise between good operability and constant workflows, without interruptions. Contrary to the traditional wire models, in fact, the inverter models operate through a constant flow of energy obtained thanks to the current’s transformation: from continuous to alternating. For this reason, you will be able to have very long welding sessions as well, while still keeping high-level results.

But the inverter welding machines’ advantages do not end here. In the absence of a transformer, in fact, this kind of welding machine appears to be a space saving electro-tool, but it is also easy to carry thanks to its light weight. Every model on the market clearly presents specific characteristics, some of which can be useful for both the hobbyist and the professional. For example, some models allow you to start the electric arc in a simpler way. While others can more effectively prevent the electrode from sticking to the welding material, in order to get “cleaner” works.

Anyway, one of the main criteria for your choice depends on the security level offered by the welding machine. In this case as well, then, every considered model includes or does not some dedicated tools. Some inverter welding machines, in fact, are equipped with a thermostatic protection, and are then able to prevent possible tension increases or decreases. It is pointless to point out how the inverter welding machine always has to be paired with a protective mask, which will prevent burns caused by welding sparks. With all these requirements, we will now consider the welding machines produced by TELWIN, an Italian company, leader of the market, which for more than 50 years has been representing a real point of reference, as well as a Made in Italy excellence.

TELWIN inverter welding machine: the best models

We said that TELWIN represents the point of reference of the inverter welding machines’ market. We are talking about a completely Made in Italy company, present on the market for more than half of a century. One of the aspects that characterizes TELWIN is the variety, able to satisfy any welder’s need, from simple amateur to professional. Some aspects are common to all the models, for example the compactness and manageability. Given the absence of the current’s transformer, in fact, TELWIN welding machines are lightweight and easy to carry, without giving up the sturdiness.

Despite contained dimensions and weight, on the inside we can always find great technical characteristics, without prejudice to the fact that all of them have a thermostatic protection: the current stays stable in every situation, necessary characteristic should you need to connect the welding machine to a motor generator. Furthermore, depending on the inverter welding machine’s intended use, you will be able to find devices that we will talk about in depth later on, among which the arc force, hot start and anti-stick. Many welding machines produced by TELWIN can be considered “ready to start”, because they are marketed with a complete kit of accessories.

This will allow you to start welding right away, without necessarily having to buy something else on the side. We are talking about the wire with the work-clamp, the one with the electrode-holder caliper, the hand-mask, the brush, and much more. In some cases is also provided a comfortable case for the welding machine’s easy transport. Furthermore, based on the model, you will be able to use different types of electrodes with different diameters: basic, stainless, roach, cast-iron or others, until 2.5 mm.

Inverter welding machine: protection devices

Analyzing the characteristics of some TELWIN inverter machine’s models, we mentioned some devices, some protective and others that allow better weldings. Clearly, the presence of said devices will very much depend on the price range in which the welding machine is placed, and from the use you will do of this electro-tool. Among the main and most important ones, we can find:

  • Anti-Stick. This device is appreciated by both the beginner and the expert welder. The Anti-Stick, in fact, prevents the electrodes from sticking to the piece to weld. Should we mean to translate the device’s name literally, we could define it as anti-gluing, because this is exactly what it does. With this handy tool, you will be able to perform more accurate and cleaner weldings, disconnecting the electrode without necessarily pulling it away. We are talking about a very important device, because it allows you to not throw away hours of work should any mistake occur. Also to point out is how the Anti-Stick represents a great help for the professional as well, who works many consecutive hours. In this situation, tiredness can easily cause mistakes.
  • Hot Start e Arc Force. These two functions will allow you to get perfect and faster welds. Hot Start, as you can easily understand by the terms, allows the inverter welding machine to improve the ignition through an increase of the current supplied during the initial phase. In other words, both when you start and when you re-start welding, you will always have the right power. Meanwhile, Arc Force keeps the arc active during the whole welding. This way you can prevent possible fusion gaps and, consequently, your work’s precision will increase. These two particular functions, together with the inverter technology’s peculiarities, make your work more fluid and guarantee great results.

Inverter welding machine: guide to the purchase

At this point it will surely be clearer to you how the inverter welding machines’s market, in this case TELWIN’s, is able to offer a wide range of models suitable to satisfy any type of welder’s needs. Regarding the economic aspect, it is not possible to give a unique price valid for any TELWIN inverter welding machine, exactly because of the many variables at play. Not to mention that sometimes you could find models on sale. Anyway, the presence of superior characteristics, therefore of a higher number of devices, inevitably increases the price. In reality, an always-valid purchase criteria is to evaluate the product’s intended use. A model that is under-dimensioned compared to your real needs might slow you down.

If you are just a hobbyist, an excessively professional model might turn out to be a pointless expense, difficult to cushion. Secondly, safety and protection are the base of any job. For example, there are mandatory devices to use while welding, such as the mask. Many TELWIN models, included those previously mentioned, are marketed with a complete kit of accessories, which will allow you to start welding right away. Should those accessories not be included in the package, it is always necessary to buy them on the side. Besides the mentioned mask, gloves are also very important to prevent hand-burns. In addition, if you perform weldings very often, you should also consider buying a suit or an apron to protect your clothes.

Anyway, the TELWIN inverter welding machines are among the most adaptable on the market, used, depending on model and price range, by both the hobbyist who needs to perform sporadic weldings, and the semi-professional who performs weldings every day. For this reason, once carried out the evaluations about the characteristics you need, which means on the use you will do of the welding machine, choosing a model of this Italian company might turn out to be both a viable road and a not too expensive choice.

TELWIN means quality for the user, with an eye toward safety and reliability. Furthermore, do not forget that the company boasts a widespread network of support centers, located on all the national territory, to which you can refer for both welding machines and any other product of their vast catalogue. To find the center closer to you, you only need to go to this page.

TELWIN inverter welding machine: in conclusion

For practicality, we want to summarize some advantages offered by any TELWIN inverter welding machine. Firstly, we can find the inverter technology; this will allow you to get great quality welds by using basic electrodes; meanwhile the traditional alternating current welding machines do not offer this benefit. Secondly, we can find an extreme adaptability, probably the trump card of the TELWIN welding machines; in fact, besides the basic electrodes, you will also be able to use roaches, cast-iron, stainless, and more, and the pieces’ diameters can vary as well.

Another of the main advantages of the TELWIN inverter welding machines concerns the safety factor. In some situations, welding can be dangerous, and that is why the welding machine has to offer a maximum safety level. For this reason, every TELWIN inverter welding machine is equipped with a thermo-static protection from under-voltage, over-voltage and over-current, to be able to be easily connected to a motor generator.


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