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STAINLESS STEEL welding coil

Stainless-steel welding wire: Fast and secure shipping Germany

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Stainless-steel welding wire: Fast and secure shipping

In the world of metallurgy, one of the most widely used materials is stainless steel, also known as INOX steel, which is highly valued for its high resistance to atmospheric agents and corrosion.

Stainless steel is an iron alloy containing chromium and nickel in varying amounts and other alloying elements depending on the desired result. Stainless steel has a high mechanical resistance that remains unchanged at extremely high and extremely low temperatures even for long periods. This alloy has a shiny surface and is also widely used to make purely decorative components.

It is very common in both the professional and hobbyist fields for stainless steel projects.

To obtain excellent welds on this material and satisfactory results, you will need a stainless-steel welding wire coil and a gas cylinder containing the protective Argon and CO2 gas mixture. The mixture with the best appearance when welding with a stainless-steel welding wire is a 98% Argon and 2% CO2 mixture.

The operator must know the type of stainless steel in the base metal. It is very important to use the same type of stainless-steel wire to avoid cracks and defects in the weld bead. For example, if the base metal is stainless steel 316, use Stainless Steel Welding Wire 316.

To summarize, when welding stainless steel with the continuous wire process, all you need is a stainless-steel wire coil and a gas cylinder without necessarily using a mixture of 98% argon and 2% Co2, normally intended for the industrial sector. You can also obtain good results with the 82% argon and 18% Co2 mixture, which is easier to find outside the industrial field.

You do not need to replace the wire roller or the inner welding liner of the torch if you decide to equip your power source with a stainless-steel welding wire coil. One of the few details that you have to keep in mind when welding with stainless steel welding wire is the diameter of the stainless-steel wire and, consequently, the diameter of the hole in the wire contact tip.

A possible but unlikely event at the end of a welding operation with a stainless-steel welding wire is oxidation of the weld or of the area surrounding the weld bead, technically known as the heat affected area. This phenomenon may occur because the material loses its characteristics due to excessive heat. depleting the elements of the alloy.

To clean up and eliminate the unsightly burnishing that appears around a weld bead obtained with a stainless-steel wire you can proceed with mechanical cleaning, using a brush or grinder, or alternatively you can apply a stripping product to make the metal shine again.

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