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Plasma consumables

Plasma Consumables : Telwin, Gys, Helvi, Esab at the best price! Germany

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In the world of metallurgy and metalworking, operators must face the daily challenge of joining, separating, or machining metal components, plates, or metal parts. As already mentioned on other occasions, in addition to the operator's manual ability and experience in setting the correct welding or cutting parameters, it is important to have a welding generator or a plasma cutting generator that can reach the right amperage and a work cycle that allows you to easily complete the work, avoiding unnecessary interruptions to allow the devices to disperse the heat accumulated due to excessive work.

We would like to remind you of the importance of using PPE (personal protective equipment), which is sometimes overlooked, especially by more experienced operators. We would like to remind you that welding and plasma cutting are processes that generate high temperatures and often sparks and small bits of molten metal, and they also generate strong light and a considerable magnetic field, from which the professional and hobbyist operator must be protected by taking every possible precaution.

Another fundamental element for successful machining is the use of consumables appropriate for the equipment that you are using. Old, worn-out consumables can compromise the entire welding or cutting process. For example, if a contact tip for MIG/MAG welding is very dirty due to welding spatter or deformed due to the high temperatures to which it is subjected, the wire feed may be impaired and uneven. This phenomenon may compromise the regular deposit of filler material and the strength and quality of the weld.

Plasma consumables, like any other consumable for welding torches, are subject to wear, and checking their correct operation and wear status is important to grant the proper preservation of the plasma cutting generator and not only the torch.

The plasma consumables that must be checked periodically or, even better, before proceeding with new processes, are:

- Nozzle: the plasma consumable responsible for the size (width) of the cut is the one most subject to wear because it is the most exposed to high temperatures.

If the operator does not respect the cutting speed allowed by the device, the flame instead of discharging to the ground, pushed by the compressed air, tends to return towards the torch, causing a large quantity of sparks that can deform the exit hole of the nozzle, totally changing the size of the cut or blocking it and thus risking making the material no longer suitable for processing.

In conclusion, the nozzle is the plasma consumable that should be checked and changed more frequently. On the market there are nozzles of various diameters, but it is advisable to replace this plasma consumable with one of the same diameters recommended by the manufacturer.

- Electrode: The (negative) electrode is the plasma consumable responsible for creating the electric arc that ionizes and turns the compressed air flowing through the torch in plasma, transferring electricity between the surface of the compressed air channel (positive) and the electrode. Excessive wear of this plasma consumable could compromise the proper release of air, thus varying the pressure and temperature inside the torch.

- Diffuser: This is the plasma consumable that is changed less frequently, since its material can withstand high temperatures. This plasma consumable channels the air coming from the compressor evenly and regularly into the torch where ionization takes place.

- Safety Cap or Hood: This is the plasma consumable that protects and keeps in the right position all the plasma consumables contained inside the torch. The replacement of this plasma consumable is less frequent, and most replacements of this plasma consumable occur due to heat wear.

The careful replacement of plasma consumables is fundamental for the perfect execution of the process and to ensure the proper operation of the entire generator and plasma cutting torch over time. The latest plasma cutting generators are equipped with warning lights that inform the operator of:

- Correct power supply

- presence of power in the torch

- correct air supply

- control of plasma consumables for wrong torch mounting

These warnings are also present in some models in our product list:

-          Telwin Technology Plasma 41XT

-          GYS Easycut 40

-          Telwin Technology Plasma 60 XT

-          Telwin Technology Plasma 54 kompressor XT

-          Lincoln Electric Tomahawk                                               

Top-welding has a selected range of the best plasma cutting generators available for immediate delivery for the Do-It-Yourself users and for the professionals. In our product list there are all the original plasma consumables kits to ensure perfect operation and durability of the devices.

If you are looking for a product that you can’t find in our list, please contact us by phone or email to receive a customized quote.

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