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Iron welding coil

MIG Welding wire coils Germany

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In carpentry, the welding process is used in several productive fields, ranging from automotive to production of components for the industry.

It is very important to use the welding process that is the most appropriate one based on the project to perform, in order to speed up the production process while at the same time simplifying the operator’s job.

The most used professional process, that is much appreciated on a recreational level as well, is the continuous wire welding.

This process presents various advantages in several contexts compared to the TIG and the MMA weldings; if combined with a gas protection, it rarely produces welding ledges.

The production yield is very high; the 5 kg or the 15 kg iron welding coils, usually used with medium-high level welding machines, make up a considerable amount of filler material, which guarantees a long uninterrupted operating time before needing to replace the coil of wire or the protection gas cylinder.

The continuous wire welding process allows for an easy union of the joints with a considerable gap, because you can adjust the filler material’s (iron welding coil) supply by using the welding machine’s control panel; this easies the production of the welding seam, which is used as filling as well.

The MIG-MAG process is largely used in workshops or other closed spaces. Because of the presence of the coppered iron welding coil it is necessary to use a protection gas, which might be blown away by the air present in open spaces; in this case, the welding arc would be unmanageable and the welding seam would end up being “puffed” with small holes and lacking penetration.

It is possible to weld in open spaces using the MIG-MAG process, but you will need to replace the iron welding coil with an animated coil of wire. This type of coil of wire contains a mixture of minerals; during the melting process, the inside of the animated iron welding coil will burn and create a gas protection that will surround the weld pool and create a sturdy protection called slag on the welding seam.

Both these protection elements will prevent the oxygen from coming in contact with the hot metal, which would oxidize it; furthermore, the slag enriches the weld bath with the necessary elements to get a structurally and mechanically sturdy welding seam.

Should you choose to equip your welding machine with an animated iron welding coil, we suggest to replace the standard feeding unit cartridge with another one more suited to the animated coil of wire. It is also good norm to pretreat the base material with an anti-stick spray, to prevent the welding ledges to damage the base material.

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