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Electrode welders for DIY Germany

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The welding process was always part of the industrial and professional world, but during the course of the last 30 years the welding generators brands broadened their production to include the DIY welding machines.

Of course, DIY welding machines are designed to perform simple works with a moderate operating cycle. They are not suited to prolonged and heavy works such as industrial projects, but they still guarantee uncompromising final results.

With the passing of time and with the technological progress, the common big and heavy transformer welding machines have gradually been replaced by the more advanced inverter technology, which guarantees a higher manageability thanks to its reduced weight and size.

Thanks to the DIY welding machine’s electronic components, manual welding has become simpler:  there are a few electronic tools, such as the anti-stick, the arc force and the hot start, that help the operator during the welding process; furthermore, there is a reduced power consumption.

Another tool implemented in the DIY welding machines is the PFC, a system that reduces the use of energy absorbed from the power line, allowing the occasional welder to use the DIY welding machine to full power with just the 3KW supplied by the home network.

The first type of DIY welding machine destined to a broad clientele was the one designed for the MMA process, also known as coated-electrode welding.

With the developing of the inverter technology, high-end MMA DIY welding machines have been designed to withstand TIG LIFT welding as well.

The TIG welding process with the use of DYI welding machines is not a professional one; the electric arc’s ignition is not high frequency (HF) and the protection gas is not controlled by the electro-valve inside the machine.

To perform a TIG welding by using an inverter MMA generator, you need a TIG torch with a valve on the handle and a gas tube directly connected to the cylinder.

To ignite the electric arc, the welder needs to touch the base material with the tip of the tungsten electrode and then lift the torch; therefore, it is not a process suited to all the type of projects nor is it always easy to perform.

At the same time, the continuous wire DIY welding machine has been developed.

This type of DIY welding machine works with an animated wire (no gas) and guarantees a higher operability compared to the electrode one, although it still generates a slag.

In recent time, continuous wire DIY welding machines with gas protection have been introduced to the market, to guarantee a better quality and a welding seam more aesthetically pleasing.

The most common type of DYI welding machine among hobbyists is the multi-process generator one; this type of DIY welding machine allows the operator to choose the welding process that suites the project the most, selecting it among the 3 most common ones: MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG (LIFT).

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