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MMA electrode

Welding electrodes: Buy Welding Electrodes Online at Best Price Germany

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How does electric welding work?

Welding electrodes consist of metal rods 30 to 45 centimeters long and with a section ranging from 1 to 9 millimeters, coated with a flux. When they are connected to the welding machine and placed near the metal, they create an electric arc with which you can join 2 parts.

The coating on MMA welding electrodes has a fundamental function for successful welding: it prevents the reaction between molten metals and gases in the air (especially oxygen and nitrogen), thus preventing them from oxidizing during the process. It also contains materials that promote the accumulation of metallic impurities from the parts in the protective layer that is deposited on the surface of the weld pool, promoting gradual cooling that limits the risk of fractures and which is eliminated once cooling is complete. Another function of the coating material is to keep the viscosity of the melt pool sufficiently high to allow working even in non-horizontal positions.

Which MMA welding electrode should I choose for my needs?

There are four main types of electrodes:

· Acid electrode

· Cellulosic electrode

· Rutile electrode

· Basic electrode

The choice of using one or the other depends on the aesthetic result we want to achieve, on the welding machines we use, on the characteristics of the metal we are working on, and on our experience and dexterity.

Acid type MMA welding electrodes have a coating that generates an acid ph slag with a high percentage of fluxes. The produced slag is porous and can be easily removed, but the use of these electrodes in non-horizontal positions is not recommended, because the weld pool produced usually has high temperatures and very low viscosity. The coating of these MMA welding electrodes does not include purifying materials, so it can only be used on metals that do not have many impurities, otherwise there is a risk of hot cracking (fractures).

Cellulosic welding electrodes are coated with cellulose mixed with manganese and silicon, which have deoxidizing properties. The high content of hydrogen requires a very high electrical voltage, so they can usually be used only with professional welding machines. These electrodes offer a viscosity of the weld pool suitable for vertical welding and give an excellent penetration, more than twice the diameter of the electrode.

Rutile welding electrodes are characterized by a titanium oxide coating, which, by giving a low viscosity to the weld pool, makes it possible to obtain smoother and more uniform welds without the need for subsequent polishing. The strength of this type of welding makes it suitable for thin or lightly stressed metals, where it is necessary to combine the aesthetically pleasing finish of rutile with mechanical strength.

Basic welding electrodes contain high amounts of magnesium and calcium carbonates, which make the weld pool highly purifying. The weld pool is also quite cold, and it has a viscosity that makes these electrodes perfect for welding in any position. They must always be perfectly dry, otherwise they create slag that is difficult to eliminate and there is also a risk of forming annoying cold cracks.

Generally speaking, for small welds or for use with a non-professional welder, it is best to choose rutile MMA welding electrodes. If you have a little more patience and practice, give yourself the satisfaction of a good, resistant weld with a basic electrode, as long as you choose reliable electrode brands in both cases, otherwise the result will certainly be disappointing.

Electrodes for welding machines

Among the products on the market, Esab electrodes are one of those that give the greatest guarantee of quality and performance. This Swedish company has been producing welding electrodes since 1904, after having patented various types of coating, tested by its founder, Oscar Kjellberg.

The Esab catalog includes various types of MMA welding electrodes, to meet the needs of important welds of metals exposed to high mechanical stresses as well as the simpler ones required by small repair jobs or hobbies.

Among the Esab electrodes you will find:

· Electrodes for coatings

· Electrodes for nickel alloys

· Electrodes for stainless steel

· Low hydrogen/low alloy electrodes

· Mild steel electrodes

· Low alloy electrodes

· Electrodes for aluminum alloys

In particular, for non-professional welds requiring a level of technical skill that is not particularly high, we recommend the MMA rutile welding electrodes for mild steel and iron identified with the name GoldRox. They melt easily even with domestic welding machines, because they do not require high temperatures. The viscosity of the weld pool is sufficiently high to allow good versatility of use, and the production of slag is minimal.

The aesthetic yield of welds obtained with this type of MMA welding electrodes is very high, rarely requiring any polishing. Moreover, rutile welding electrodes have an excellent quality/price ratio.

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