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Welding tools and accessoires

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Welding is a process that consists of assembling and joining materials thanks to a strong force exerted on the piece. Be it torch welding, electric welding or arc welding under gas shields, a welding professional must have adequate equipment to be able to create the desired piece or structure. It is therefore important to equip yourself and know which tool to use. Below are some examples of tools and products useful within the welding workshop.


There is a varied range of welding tools that can be found both in physical and online stores, such as the magnetic positioner, the MIG MAG multi-function pliers, the hammer, the brush to clean the welding bead; however, it is important to know the characteristics for the type of welding to be performed.


The magnetic positioner is a welding tool with a magnetic force that can be extremely important and useful to keep materials in position, and is composed of some metal parts and a very powerful magnet. The metal parts are generally fairly long to allow the operator to grip and position it. In the magnetic positioners category some of the most popular products on the market have been selected according to their weight and available angle.


The multi-function pliers we offer on the site are suitable to be used with wire welding torches. It is a very useful tool for the welder, useful for various functions. You can clean the inside of the conical nozzle of the torch with the tip, eliminating shot, projections and residues; they can be used to cut the welding wire like normal hardware pliers; their particular shape allows to easily remove the contact tube and the nozzle even if the temperature is still very high at the end of a welding operation.


Also called welding hammer, this hammer made of forged steel with metal or wooden handle has a particular shape that is especially suitable for MMA welding or FLUX welding with cored wire. In fact, it allows to effectively and precisely remove the residue that remains on the weld bead, even in more difficult to reach corners.


The brush is generally a metal head tool with a wooden or plastic handle which is a must have in your welding workshop. Brushes with different handles are available, but the big difference between the various models is the type of bristles. In fact, it is important to use a brush with stainless steel bristles to brush a piece of stainless steel, and the same goes for iron or aluminum; it is an important operation that needs to be done correctly in order to avoid polluting the base material and making welding more difficult or less aesthetically pleasing. There are also brushes with 2 or more rows of bristles that allow you to reach corners or places which are more difficult to clean and brush before welding.

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