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Professional MIG/MAG Welding machine

Professional MIG MAG welding machines Germany

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Professional wire welding machine

Continuous wire welding is the most widespread process for professional use, both in industry and in craftsmanship, but in recent years it has also become popular among DIY enthusiasts for its ease of execution, high productivity, and excellent aesthetic results. Obviously, it is essential to set the welding parameters correctly for the work to be performed, and the operator's experience is important.

Wire welding is popular because a single professional wire welding machine can be used to weld the most common materials (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys) using the correct consumables and protective gas for the job.

Professional continuous wire welding machines can be divided into 2 main categories: professional 220V wire welding machine and 380V wire welding machine. The former are used by craftsmen and professionals who do not weld intensively, but need a reliable and solid piece of equipment that allows them to carry out important work; professional wire welding machines that use a three-phase power supply are instead suitable for intensive and continuous work. Usually, the latter have higher work cycles and can develop a much higher welding current than a single-phase professional wire welding machine, so the operator can use a wire with a larger diameter.

The professional continuous wire welding machine differs from those intended for DIY enthusiasts for a few, but fundamental elements that make it suitable for demanding work. As mentioned above, both the three-phase welding machine and the professional 220V wire welding machine have a higher work cycle than generators intended for hobby use. Some manufacturers, such as Telwin, include some welding generators in the professional category even though they do not have a considerable work cycle; this is because these welding machines are equipped with advanced functions and welding arcs for specific sectors such as car bodywork. For example, Telwin Technomig 215 Dual Synergic is equipped with special welding programs specifically for braze welding and very thin sheets (ATC).

A fundamental element of every 220V professional or three-phase wire welding machine is the wire feeder unit. On professional wire welding machines this element is very sturdy, often made of metal, and has 4 drive rollers to guarantee regular wire feed even when using soft wires (e.g., aluminum) or wires with a very thin diameter.

GYS Neopulse 220C, professional 220V wire feeder welding machine equipped with a 4-roller wire feeder and a 60% duty cycle of 150A, which is remarkable for a single-phase machine.

Lincoln Electric Powertec I320C Advanced: professional wheeled continuous wire welding machine, very solid and with a duty cycle of 250A 60%.

In models intended for industrial use, it is common to have the wire feeder unit separated from the machine body, allowing the operator to conveniently leave the welding machine (bulky and heavy) in a corner of the workshop and transport the separate wire feeder with the rollers and spool unit close to the workplace. This makes it possible to equip a small MIG torch and ensure a smooth, even output, such as the ESAB Fabricator EM 401i / 501i.

In high-end professional wire welding machines, it is common to find functions and adjustments that are not commonly found on mig welding machines intended for hobby use. The most common are: pre-gas, initial current, upward ramp, electronic reactance adjustment, tacking, and more special functions such as pulsed and double-pulsed, which guarantee excellent penetration and superior aesthetic performance compared to traditional welding machines.

Manufacturers with a special focus on the industrial sector, such as Lincoln Electric, ESAB and GYS, have developed various models of professional wire welding machines in portable and wheeled versions that can house the protective gas cylinder. This makes it easier to move around the workplace. In other cases, manufacturers develop the same model of professional continuous wire welding machine in standard or XL version, which can be equipped with a coil of wire having a diameter of 300 mm to guarantee a high working autonomy.  For example, we would like to mention the models:

Helvi TP220XL

Lincoln Electric Speedtec 215 C

GYS Multipearl 210-4 XL

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