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Professional MIG/MAG Welding machine

Professional MIG MAG welding machines

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Professional wire welding machine: All the advantages

Welding between metals is an operation that consists of the physical joining of two pieces with the use of filler material, different from the metals to be welded. Continuous wire welding uses this material in the form of a roll, which melts during the operation by joining the two heated metal flaps. The final goal is to create a single structure with the right strength, depending on the context of use.

Whether it is a pole, tank, cover or other type of work, what is needed to do this job is a product called professional wire welding machine.

What is a professional wire welder?

A professional wire welding machine, in itself, is simple: using the electric current channelled into a filler material, it generates the heat necessary to heat the wire until it reaches the melting point, amalgamating it on the two parts to be joined together. In this way you get the union of the two metal parts.

There are different types of wire welding machine models on the market. Traditionally, inside common welding machines, the alternating current circulating inside the machine is generated and managed by a transformer. This peculiarity poses some limitations, mainly related to the fact that it is not possible to effectively regulate the voltage to be used according to the work to be carried out, which leads to greater difficulty in carrying out the welding and a greater waste of material and energy.

It is better to use a more effective technology such as the inverter welding machine. This type of professional wire welders obtain the necessary current, continuous type, through the use of an electronic circuit equipped with potentiometer. This feature allows you to precisely adjust the amperage of the current. A very useful feature that saves a lot of time, avoiding waste during the welding operation. In addition, this type of welding machines are more compact and lighter, being able to work in working areas where they can be transported, valid for some models, even by hand.

Hobby or professional?

Although the inverter wire welding machine is suitable for everyone, it is better to opt for a professional model when choosing this type of welding machine. The concept, valid for all sectors, to follow is very simple: if you use low value tools and consumables for a project, that project will be 90% poor quality.

A professional wire welding machine does not differ much in price from those for hobbyists. So why not aim for higher quality?

The evaluation of the choice of a professional inverter wire welding machine is based on the comparison of 4 values:

- Weight and dimensions

- Welding voltage

- Welding percentage

- Min/Max wire speed (MIG/MAG)

The weight and size of the welding machine are related to its strength. If you are transporting it, it is necessary to consider the weight; if the welding laboratory has small dimensions then the dimensions are decisive.

The tension is an important value and its adjustment is fundamental. In fact, it changes according to the materials to be welded. Iron, steel and aluminium can certainly not be welded with the same tensions.

The percentage of welding (also known as Duty Cycle) is the value that tells how long the professional wire welding machine is used within 10 minutes. A professional welding machine with a high welding percentage has a better quality, therefore characterized by a higher resistance that lasts over time.

Based on these settings and the type of welding desired, the speed of the continuous wire must be adjusted so as not to waste energy and not to ruin the project.

Continuous wire welding, compared to other types of welding, is 80% more effective, thanks to the fact that the work does not have to stop to change consumables, such as electrodes.

One of the aspects to be kept under control is the coordination during processing. The fact that the wire comes out automatically thanks to the wire towing, does not mean that you can move the torch either too fast or too slow; you need to have a regular rhythm. Too slow will cause accumulation on the metal. Too fast will not weld well.

One of the most important parameters, which deserves a separate discussion, is the frequency of use of the professional wire welding machine. Sporadic use is not a problem for any type of welding machine, but if its use must be constant, day after day, then it is necessary to aim for reliable, solid, and therefore more expensive models. But this cost will be repaid over time.

An economic model, not professional, with a constant use lasts very little, forcing a new purchase.

A reality with which several companies are dealing with where, for a wrong belief aimed at savings, there is a tendency to prefer basic models of welding machine at the expense of the quality of work. The consequence of this is longer processing times, dubious quality, and loss of customer confidence which, according to a study on the investment trend, is increasingly migrating to companies that have a specific range of certified products. The client seeks and demands higher quality, and a professional level of equipment that can be listed among the technical specifications of the workmanship.

Non-professional models also have another detail to consider: the voltage range. Since they are designed for sporadic work, they do not normally have a great variation in value for adjustment, being around 150 Ampere. Sufficiently for some work, but much less than the workloads required for professional jobs. A professional wire welding machine, on average, is close to 200 Ampere, covering the need for both simple and more complex jobs.

Safety first of all

When welding you need to think about protecting yourself. It is mandatory to defend the eyes and face with a protective mask; in fact the heat spark generated produces a very strong and intense light, able to cause serious damage to the eyesight if exposed directly.

So AVOID welding with a free eye! Hands and body are just as important: a spark on your legs, feet or arms is more than enough to make you jump out of pain.

So: Mask gloves, welding aprons, pants, shoes, and overalls.

Apart from this, very important, there is also the fact that being regulated by an electronic circuit, the professional wire welding machines have internal safety devices that come into operation when they detect exaggerated voltage peaks or overheating beyond a certain threshold, blocking the machine itself. These sensors also control the speed of the wire tow where, if for any reason the wire should not come out, no current is supplied inside it (which would end up melting the wire inside the nozzle itself).

I suggest you to turn, in your choice, to the new models to be sure that they are perfectly in compliance with the standards currently in force.

The various models of professional wire welding machine

There are different models of professional wire welding machine. The most used have a power ranging from 90 to 200 Ampere. Preferred are those models that have the interchangeable cable and average weight around 15 Kg, for the models defined portable, and about 40 Kg for the other models.

The latest generation professional wire welding machine models have self-adjusting functions that further simplify the management and functionality of the wire welding machine, increasing the working quality:

- Self-pulsation (or double pulsed). The internal electrical system regulates the voltage so as to allow a continuous work avoiding any kind of waste. In this case, we have the possibility to adjust the pulsation Hertz and its minimum and maximum amperage; obtaining a knitted weld. In jargon it is said to adjust the 'crest.'

- Dynamic voltage. In addition to having the possibility to adjust the minimum and maximum tensions, the system levels itself during welding, changing the tension according to the wire absorption in real time. This translates into a constant and perfect result, avoiding heavier or less heavy welding spots. This also allows for less stress on the equipment.

- Automatic wire adjustment. Increasingly, professional wire welding machine models have this very useful function. Once the voltage to be used has been adjusted, you will no longer have to worry about adjusting the wire speed (this option is always present, however), but the electronic system of the machine will do so automatically. Adjust the tension, hold and weld sure that the wire will come out at the right speed.

- Automatic initial pulse. A more and more appreciated function where, adjusted the tension to be used, the system raises it slightly during the first stitch, lowering it immediately to the required value. The result is a Formula One start: the thread immediately starts working in a constant way.

The prices vary depending on the brand and the powers involved. You can find small professional wire welding machines around 250 Euro and then go up to an average of around 400 Euro for the models defined as standard in the industry.

The most valued brands in this sector are mainly: Telwin, Helvi and Deca.

Telwin, as far as you can think from the name, is an Italian company founded in 1963, with over 50 years of activity behind it. It is known, and present, all over the world. Respected in the world for the very high quality of its products.

Helvi is a company founded in 1975 with the aim of re-proposing the character of its namesake founder, a young technician with a clear ideology: quality and inventiveness. Forty-six years of experience of commitment, development and care "in the family" to provide customers with solutions designed for their projects with the highest quality. A bridge between past, future, tradition, and innovation.

Deca. A brand known everywhere thanks to its presence on the market for over 40 years, leader in designing and building welding equipment, dedicating itself to providing the best solution for every type of welding machines: from hobbyist to professional.

All the brands mentioned, very famous and highly appreciated by the market, have different price ranges, and it is not rare to find in their catalogues special offers, often during the presentation of their new model of professional wire welding machines, to spread it more widely among customers. They often use events such as trade fairs, where they present the various models of professional wire welding machine and you can see them working in practice, so as to assess the quality of their products.

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