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The coated-electrode process, also known as MMA process, is the most common one among the typical welding methods; it is very appreciated in the DIY field thanks to the low prices of its generator and coated electrodes. With just a few more euros, you can also purchase a welding hammer and a welding brush to easily remove the slag from the welds.

The MMA welding, unlike the MIG-MAG and TIG processes, does not need the protection gas; during the fusion, the burning coating generates an instantaneous coverage and produces a solid protection called slag.

The slag, besides protecting the hot seam, releases alloy and deoxidizing elements into the weld pool.

Since it does not require a gas protection, the coated-electrode welding process can be easily handled and it allows the operator to work in places that are difficult to reach.

This type of welding is widely used in professional settings, often in worksites or other outdoor places.

A “flaw” of this welding process is the small yield, which means that you might need to replace more than one electrode to complete a single welding seam. Should you need to perform a second filling phase, you must carefully remove the slag by using a welding hammer and deeply clean it with a welding brush, in order to avoid slag contaminations of the seam.

There are several coated electrodes on the market, each coming in different thicknesses to meet any possible need.

Something to not underestimate when using the MMA process with stainless steel is the acquirement of a welding brush with stainless steel bristles. This is because iron (mild steel) or brass bristles might damage the weld by creating chinks and thus generating structural problems.

The MMA process is one of the most appreciated and used ones, thanks to the facts that you can get great results even if you are not an expert welder and that you only need basic equipment: generator, work-clamp and electrode-holder clamp (usually provided with the welding machine), welding mask and protective gloves, welding brush and welding hammer.

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