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Professional MMA welding machine

Professional MMA INVERTER welding machine

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Professional wire welding machine: all the advantages

The welding between metals is an operation that consists in the physical union of two pieces, with the use of filler material, different from the metals to weld. The continuous wire welding makes use of this material in the form of a coil, which melts during the operation, thus connecting the two heated metallic flaps. The final goal is the creation of a single structure with the right resistance based on the context of use.

Be it a pole, a tank, a covering, or another type of work, what you need for this work is a product called professional wire welding machine.

What the professional wire welding machine is

The professional wire welding machine, per se, is simple: by using electric current channeled into the filler material, it generates the heat needed to scald the wire until it reaches the melting point, amalgamating it on the two parts to join together. This way you will get the union of the two metallic parts.

There are several different models of wire welding machines on the market. Traditionally, with the common welding machines, the alternating current that circulates inside of it, is generated and managed by a transformer. This peculiarity poses some limitations, mostly connected to the inability to effectively regulate the tension to use based on the work to perform, which generates a bigger difficulty in the execution of the welding and a bigger waste of material and energy.

It is better to approach a more effective technology such as the inverter welding machine. This type of professional wire welding machine gets the necessary current, of the continuous kind, through the use of an electronic circuit equipped with potentiometer. This characteristic allows you to regulate, in an exact way, the current’s amperage. Very useful thing to save much time, avoiding wastes during the welding operation. Furthermore, these kind of welding machines are more compact and lightweight, making it possible to operate in working areas where they can be carried, only for some models, even by hand.

Hobby or professional?

Although the inverter wire welding machine is suitable for everyone, it is better to opt for a professional model while choosing this type of welding machine. The concept, valid for every area, to follow is very simple: if you use poor value tools and consumables for a project, that project will have a 90% chance of being of poor quality.

A professional wire welding machine does not differ much, price wise, from those for hobbyists. Then why not aim for one of higher quality?

The choice’s evaluation for a professional inverter wire welding machine, is based on the comparison of 4 values:

- Weight and dimensions

- Welding’s tension

- Welding’s percentage

- Wire’s min/max speed (MIG/MAG)

Weight and dimension of the welding machine are related to its sturdiness. If you need to carry it, then you need to consider the weight; if the welding laboratory has small dimensions then the machine’s dimensions are determining.

The tension is an important value, and its regulation is fundamental. In fact, it changes based on the materials to weld. Iron, steel and aluminum cannot, of course, be welded using the same tension.

The welding’s percentage (also called Duty Cycle) is the figure that indicates for how long the professional wire welding machine is used in a 10 minutes time frame. A professional welding machine with a high welding percentage is of better quality, thus characterized by a higher long-lasting resistance.

Based on these settings and on the type of weld you want to obtain, the continuous wire’s speed needs to be regulated so it will not waste energy and ruin the project.

The continuous wire welding machine, compared to other types of welding, is 80% more effective, thanks to the fact that the operation does not need to stop to change the consumables, such as the electrodes.

One of the aspects to keep under control is the coordination during the operation. The fact that the wire automatically comes out thanks to the feeding unit, does not mean that you can move the torch too quickly or too slowly; you need to keep a steady rhythm. A too slow rhythm will cause accumulations on the metal. A too quick one will not weld well.

One of the most important parameters, which deserves to be addressed by itself, is the professional wire welding machine’s frequency of use. A sporadic use is not a problem for any kind of welding machine, but if the use needs to be constant, day after day, then you need to aim toward more reliable models, solid and thus surely more expensive. However, this cost will be repaid by its durability.

An economic model, not professional, if used constantly will last very little, forcing you to a new purchase.

A reality several companies are encountering, where, because of a wrong view aimed toward economy, they tend to prefer basic models of welding machines at the expenses of quality work. The consequences are longer working times, dubious quality and loss of trust from the client who, according to a study about investments trends, always moves toward companies with a specific range of certified products. The client searches and asks for higher quality, and a professional level equipment to list among the specific working techniques.

Non-professional models also have another detail to consider: the tension’s range. Having being thought out for sporadic works, they do not normally possess a great value’s variation for the regulation, reaching about 150 Ampere. Surely sufficient for some small work, but much lower than the workloads required for professional works. A professional wire welding machine comes close, on average, to about 200 Ampere, covering the needs of both simpler and more complex works.

Safety first of all

While welding, it is necessary thinking about protecting yourself. It is mandatory to protect eyes and face by using a protective mask, because the generated heat-spark produces a very strong and intense light, able to cause serious damage to the sight if directly exposed. So AVOID welding eye-free! Hands and body are just as important: a spark on the legs, feet or arms, is more than enough to make you jump from the pain.

Therefore: mask, gloves, welding aprons, trousers, shoes and jumpsuits.

Besides this very important aspect, there is also the fact that, being regulated by an electronic circuit, the professional wire welding machines themselves are equipped with internal security devices that come into function when they detect excessive peaks of tension or overheating over a certain threshold, blocking the machine itself. These sensors also control the feeding unit’s speed so, if for any reason the wire should not come out, the current would not be supplied to its inside (because it would end up melting the wire inside the nozzle itself).

We suggest you to direct your attention toward choosing new models, to be sure they are in perfect accordance to the laws currently in force.

The various models of professional wire welding machine

There are several models of professional wire welding machines. The most used ones have a power that ranges from 90 to 200 Ampere. They are preferred to those models that are equipped with an interchangeable cable and with an average weight of about 15 Kg for the so called portable models, and about 40 Kg for the other models.

Last generation professional wire welding machine are equipped with auto-regulation functions that simplify even more the management and operability of the wire welding machine, increasing the working quality:

- Auto-pulsation (or double pulsation). The internal electric system regulates the tension in order to allow a continuous work, avoiding any kind of scrap. In this case, you have the possibility to regulate the pulsation’s Hertz and its minimum and maximum amperage, thus obtaining a meshed weld. In jargon, this is called regulating the ‘crest’.

- Dynamic tension. Besides having the possibility to regulate minimum and maximum tensions, the system auto-levels itself, during the welding, changing the tension based on the wire’s absorption in real time. This translates in a constant and perfect result, avoiding heavier or less welded points. This also allows for a lower stress of the machine.

- Automatic wire regulation. More and more often, professional wire welding machines models are equipped with this very useful function. Once the tension to use has been regulated, you will no longer be wary of regulating the wire’s speed (option still present, anyway), because the machine’s electronic system will do it automatically. Regulate the tension, grip and weld, sure that the wire will come out at the correct speed.

- Automatic first impulse. A more and more appreciated function with which, once the tension to use has been regulated, the system will slightly increase it during the first point, quickly lowering it to the requested value. The result is Formula One like start: the wire immediately starts working in a constant way.

Prices vary based on brand and interested powers. You can find small professional wire welding machines at about 250 Euros, to then rise toward an average of about 400 Euros for the so called standard models.

The most valued brands, in this industry, are mostly: Telwin, Helvi and Deca.

Telwin, despite what the name makes you think, is an Italian company born in 1963, with more than 50 years of activity at its back. It is known, and present, all around the globe. It is respected around the world for the very high quality of its products.

Helvi is a company born in 1975 with the purpose of reviving the nature of its homonymous founder, a small technician with a very clear ideology: quality and inventive. 46 years of experience and commitment, development and “in family” care, to offer the clients best quality solutions thought for their projects. A bridge between past, future, tradition and innovation.

Deca. A brand known everywhere, given its presence on the market for the past 40 years, leader in designing and building welding implants, dedicating soul and body in providing the best solution for any type of welder: from the hobbyist to the professional.

All the mentioned brands, very famous and very appreciated by the market, have different price ranges, and it is not rare finding special offers in their catalogues, often during the introduction of one of their new professional wire welding machine model, to spread it more among the clients. They often resort to events such as trade fairs, where they introduce various models of professional wire welding machine and it is possible to see them actually work, in order to personally evaluate the quality of their products.

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