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Professional MMA welding machine

Professional MMA INVERTER welding machine Germany

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Choosing a professional inverter welding machine

Ten or fifteen years ago, the main tool in a welder's job was a transformer or arc welding machine that was quite large and bulky. The devices used on construction sites weighed, mostly, from 70 to 250 kg and had a strong frame, to which special hinges were welded for lifting and moving the devices.

A few years later, the first welding inverters began to appear: companies that performed large volumes of welding work purchased products from professional and famous brands such as: Lincoln Electric, Helvi, Deca, Telwin, Esab... If you have to choose a new reliable professional inverter welding machine, you cannot help but consider the purchase of devices made by the famous manufacturing brands. Professional inverter welding machines of well-known brands are, not surprisingly, preferred by all those who need to rely on one of the best professional devices.

These brands also provide their customers with a wide range of guarantees and support along with the product. Buying an arc welding machine from lesser-known brands, often at a lower price, could result in the danger of counterfeiting, but also in difficulties with customer service.

Low voltage and overvoltage operation

Most manufacturers of professional inverter welding machines indicate a tolerance of 220 ± 15% in the data sheet, but some devices are capable of operating on an even less stable network. This feature would make them perfect for use on construction sites or where the network does not guarantee perfect stability.

If you wish to purchase a professional inverter welding machine for home use, it is a good idea to be aware of your kw power supply, to avoid compromising the functionality of the welding machine or other electronic devices. If you have the usual 3kw of current from the domestic network, it is advisable to opt for a product that includes the PFC (Power Factor Correction) system, which allows you to reach high amperages even with a standard current supply.

If you are looking for a professional inverter welding machine intended for use on the worksite, powered by a motor-generator, it is preferable to obtain a product protected against undervoltage and overvoltage, as indicated on the technical data sheet, and to have a generator sized according to the current absorption necessary for correct operation.

It is worth noting that some well-known brands only supply welding machines with generator and instruction manual. The reason for this is that the end user of these professional inverter welding machines has operating requirements that are very different from the standard; he often needs a clamp and ground cable, electrode holder clamp or TIG torch with precise characteristics, or a longer cable length.


Often, when opening the data sheet in the "Specifications" section, you will see "60%". This value indicates the working time of the welding machine at a given current. It is calculated according to standard EN 60974 at 40 degrees and considers the first interruption after 6 minutes due to overtemperature.

It is important to choose the power in relation to the work that you have to perform. You should not buy a professional inverter (MMA) welding machine that is too powerful if you only need to do small DIY jobs around the house.

Welding devices and features.

When preparing to purchase a professional inverter welding machine for arc welding of MMA coated electrodes, in addition to the maximum current and work cycle, you must consider the type of work you want to perform and, consequently, the type and thickness of coated electrodes suitable for such work and the most suitable accessories. There are various types of electrodes differing in core material, type of coating and diameter. The most common categories are rutile, basic, acid and cellulosic electrodes; each coated electrode is better suited to certain machining operations or working environments.

Some of the categories mentioned above require professional inverter MMA welding machines with specific functions and features to make it possible to use a given electrode. Thanks to the advancement of inverter technology, even medium-low range welding machines have been equipped with Hot Start devices to facilitate the ignition of more complex electrodes, such as those with basic coating, and with the Arc Force device that automatically increases the arc voltage to prevent it from shutting down and achieve continuous welding.

But for certain types of electrodes all this is not enough; for example, if the operator needs to weld electrodes with a cellulosic coating or with an aluminum core, he must make sure to purchase a professional inverter welding machine that can generate a higher open-circuit voltage. The price will certainly be higher, but it will allow the operator to carry out specific work easily even with particular types of MMA coated electrodes.


Choosing a good professional inverter welding machine can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a novice. There are many things to consider, various factors to calculate.

Top-welding has on stock and with free shipping a wide assortment of professional inverter welding machines and accessories for MMA and TIG coated electrode welding in direct current with LIFT trigger from the best brands:

- Telwin

- Esab

- Deca

- Lincoln Electric

- Helvi

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