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Welding protection

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Safety Gear for Welding Germany

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Welder protections

When welding applications are carried out, workers are exposed to various conditions that can affect their health in the short and long term. For this reason, it is important to adopt the right protections and use all available welding spd to operate in complete safety.



Personal protection equipment and welding spd are very important. Safety measures in welding are fundamental to have a reliable and above all accident free process. First of all, a welder must have specialized personal protective equipment, which will protect him/her from various risks related to the process (skin and eye burns, dizziness, fever, cough, irritation of the nose, and oropharynx). We will explain in detail below which are the protections and welder spd and what importance they assume.

What kind of eye and face protection is appropriate for welding work?

The various types of eye protection are divided into classes in standard CS4 Z94.3-15: Eye and face protection. Each class is designed for a specific use. Eyes and face protection must have distinctive signs to identify the manufacturer and their class.

Automatic welding mask, liquid crystal mask

The helmet mask is undoubtedly the most important spd for welding, essential to protect the welder from welding splashes, but above all; from the heat and light of infrared and ultraviolet rays. There are different types of masks and it is essential to choose the most suitable mask for the type of work to be done.

The following operations require complete facial protection using a welding helmet mask and adequate hand protection: arc welding, plasma arc cutting, gouging or welding, and carbon air arc cutting.

For gas cutting, welding or brazing, the light intensity is much lower than for arc welding, cutting or gouging processes. In these cases, it is possible to use glasses with lenses and a lighter filter instead of a helmet mask.

Welding goggles differ mainly in the type of shielding and size of the field of vision, as well as safety and comfort. Comfort becomes a primary factor of choice, especially in processes where the mask is worn by the welder even for many consecutive hours. However, it is important to choose a close-fitting helmet mask to reduce the reflection of light in the helmet through the space between the shell and the head. Do not forget to always check that the helmet mask that you want to purchase complies with the safety standards defined by law.

An excellent choice is the automatic mask, a mask with automatic dimming. Based on the light emitted by the welding arc, the mask dimming value is automatically adjusted. The automatic mask is equipped with light-sensitive sensors which, depending on the power emitted, automatically affect the liquid crystal mask by dimming the screen in the appropriate way.

Compared to the traditional permanent shadow mask, the automatic mask is undoubtedly efficient and comfortable. The welder can work without continuous interruptions to set the shadow parameters.


For special operations, we recommend the use of a specific mask, such as the Tig and Mig mask, suitable and specific for welding in TIG and MIG-MAG electrode mode.


The helmet mask, both automatic and classic, provides eye protection using a set of components.

- The helmet shell must be opaque to light and resistant to impact, heat and electricity.

- The outer plate made of polycarbonate plastic is necessary to protect the welder from radiation, shock and scratches.

- The glass filter lens containing a filter that reduces the amount of light passing through the eyes. The filters are available in different shade numbers from 2 to 14. The higher the number, the darker the filter and the less light pass through the lens.

- The transparent lens of the plastic retainer prevents broken pieces of the filter lens from reaching the eye.

- The seal made of heat-insulating material between the cover lens and the filter lens, which protects the lens from sudden changes in heat that could cause it to break down. In some models, thermal insulation is provided by the frame support instead of a separate rubber seal.

What measures should be taken to protect the skin from welding radiation?

To protect the skin, it is important to wear tightly woven work fabrics to prevent UV radiation from reaching the skin. It is important to wear welding gloves, welding apron or welding jacket with long sleeves and trouser legs.


Welding gloves

Welder's gloves are essential for the welder's daily work. They must be made with isolating materials, with internal seams to protect hands and wrists, and be able to resist direct contact with sparks or flames, as well as to protect the operator from heat.

Welder's gloves are made of split cowhide leather with cuff or protective sleeves of similar material, to protect wrists and forearms. Split cowhide leather is a good insulator if kept dry, but it is important to choose welding gloves that have a breathable coating on the inside. For long lasting work, but in general, we always recommend the use of welding gloves with a breathable interior or made of cotton.


Leather welding apron: working in freedom

The use of a shield can help keep sparks away from clothes, so it is necessary to wear a leather welding apron to protect the chest from sparks.

The welder's apron is an essential personal protective equipment in welding processes to protect in those places of high vulnerability to burns. It protects from the splashes of the welded element, and also from exposure to certain fumes or ultraviolet rays present in various types of welding. For welding in position, it is necessary to use these accessories, as melted metal tends to be more volatile and can cause serious burns or injuries. It therefore becomes an essential welder spd to protect the integrity of the person.


Welding jacket: for complete protection

It is essential to wear clothing made of heavy and tight fabrics, to protect against UV radiation, hot metal, sparks and naked flames. A professional welding jacket is made entirely of split cowhide leather, or leather with flame retardant cotton details. It has long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and a collar, always in leather to protect the neck is an effective and essential way to protect yourself. The welder jacket must be equipped with pockets, preferably inside, to avoid collecting sparks or hot metal.


WELDING ASPIRATOR: how to choose the right one

Respiratory protection is necessary when ventilation is not sufficient to remove welding fumes or when there is a risk of oxygen deficiency. It is therefore essential to carefully select and use a welding vacuum cleaner in compliance with applicable regulations and suitable for the work to be carried out.

On the market it is possible to find the classic bench welding vacuum cleaner.

It is definitely more practical to use a portable welding vacuum cleaner, which makes it easy to move the work station where necessary. The welding fume extractor is a suction system that allows not only to vacuum the fumes produced by welding, but also to purify them.

We recommend the purchase of a portable welding vacuum cleaner complete with activator clamp. Thanks to the application of the pliers on the ground cable of the welding machine, the welder will be able to operate faster and easier, being able to control the welding vacuum automatically.


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