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Welding protection

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Safety Gear for Welding Germany

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Welding protections

When welding applications are performed, workers are exposed to a variety of conditions that can affect their short- and long-term health, which is why it is important to adopt the right welding protections and use all necessary welding PPE to operate safely.


Welding protection equipment is very important. Welding safety measures are essential for a reliable and, above all, injury-free process. First and foremost, a welder must have the ideal protective equipment, which will protect him from various risks associated with the process (skin and eye burns, dizziness, fever, cough, nose irritation...). We will explain in detail below what are the protections and ppe for welders.

What type of eye and face protection is appropriate for welding?

Welding protections should have distinctive markings to identify the manufacturer and their class.

Automatic welding mask, liquid crystal mask.

The helmet mask is undoubtedly the most important welding PPE, essential for protecting the welder from welding projections, but above all from heat, light, and infrared and ultraviolet rays. There are different types of masks, and it is essential to choose the mask best suited to the type of work to be performed.

The following operations require welding protection of the face using a helmet mask and appropriate welding PPE for the hands for arc welding, plasma cutting, gouging, and carbon electrode arc cutting.

Welding masks differ mainly in the type of shielding and size of the field of vision, as well as in safety and comfort. Comfort becomes a primary factor in the choice, especially in processes where the welder's protection is worn by the operator for many hours at a time. It is important that the helmet mask we intend to purchase complies with the safety standards defined by law and is therefore CE approved.

An excellent welding protection is the automatic mask, that is, a mask with automatic darkening. Depending on the light emitted by the welding arc, the dimming of the protective filter can be adjusted. The automatic mask is equipped with light-sensitive sensors that, depending on the power emitted, automatically influence the liquid crystal mask and darken the screen appropriately.

Compared to traditional welding PPE such as the fixed-darkening mask, the automatic mask is undoubtedly efficient and convenient. The welder can work without the need for continuous interruptions to set the dimming parameters.

For special processes, such as TIG welding at very low currents, the use of a specific mask is recommended; in fact, TIG develops a particular light that is not perceived by cheaper masks, and therefore it is advisable to purchase a specific TIG welder's protection.

What measures should be taken to protect the skin from welding radiation?

To protect the skin, it is important to wear welding PPE with special tightly woven work fabrics to prevent UV radiation from reaching the skin. It is important to wear gloves, apron, or a jacket with long sleeves.

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are an essential welding protection and are made of split cowhide with protective cuffs or sleeves of similar material to protect wrists and forearms. It is important to choose welding gloves that have a breathable lining inside, and for long-lasting work, it is always advisable to use welding gloves with a breathable lining or cotton.

Leather welding apron

The apron is an indispensable protection for welders in welding processes to protect high vulnerability points from heat, projections and UV rays. When welding in place, it is necessary to use these accessories, since molten metal tends to be more volatile and can cause serious burns or injuries. It therefore becomes an essential welding ppe to protect the integrity of the person.

Welding jacket: for complete protection

A professional welding jacket is made entirely of split cowhide or leather with fireproof cotton details. This welding protection has long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and a collar to protect the neck, an effective and indispensable way to protect yourself.


Respiratory protection for welders is necessary when ventilation is insufficient to remove welding fumes or when there is a risk of oxygen deficiency. It is therefore essential to carefully select and use a welding aspirator that complies with applicable regulations and is suitable for the work to be performed, since it is a true piece of welding PPE.

On the market, it is possible to find the classic benchtop welding aspirator. A portable welding exhaust fan is undoubtedly more practical, as it allows the work station to be easily moved where necessary. The welding fume extractor is a suction system that allows you not only to suck in the fumes produced by the process, but also to purify them to ensure additional protection for welders.

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