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Pressure Reducer

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One of the fundamental parameter to consider to get a functional and aesthetically pleasing welding seam while using the TIG or MIG-MAG welding process, is the amount of gas (liters/minute) dispensed by using a bottle pressure reducer to protect the molten pool.

There are two big bottle families: rechargeable and disposable.

Rechargeable bottles, usually approved for 10 years, are loaded with a 200 bars pressure and guarantee a time-wise good performance. On average, a 5 liters bottle allows for about 3 hours of work with a constant gas flow thanks to the high pressure at which it was loaded.

Disposable bottles are loaded with a pressure of about 90 bars, which means that, at equal volume, they allow for less operating time compared to the rechargeable ones.

There are various types of bottle pressure reducer on the market that allow to adjust the pressure based on the welding to perform. Here are a few models and their technical differences:

- Pressure reducer without manometer: it allows to adjust the gas flow but it does not provide any further information; the operator will need to have some welding experience to correctly adjust the gas flow.

- Pressure reducer with 1 manometer: it is similar to the pressure reducer without manometer but it allows to adjust the liters/minute gas-flow pressure by using the manometer.

- Pressure reducer with 2 manometers: it allows to know the remaining gas amount remaining inside the bottle and to adjust the gas-flow pressure; if you want a more detailed adjustment you can use a bottle pressure reducer with flow-meter, which shows the real time gas flow thanks to a small ball levitating inside a glass bottle containing the same amount of gas flow you are using at that moment (this is a detailed and precise adjustment method, perfect for the industrial field). offers an adapter to connect a rechargeable-bottle pressure reducer to a disposable bottle. However, the opposite is not possible, because the rechargeable bottle’s pressure is too high and the connectors are not suited to this use.

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