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TIG Gas Lens consumables

TIG GAS LENS – TIG Welding Consumables Germany

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The TIG welding process is the best-known method to obtain a great aesthetic and mechanical performance, and the great stability of the welding arc generated even at low amperages makes it possible to weld very thin parts, even parts that are a tenth of a millimeter thick.

To obtain satisfying mechanical and aesthetic results, the operator must be skilled and experienced in selecting the correct welding configuration based on the joint that he has to work on.

Besides skill and experience, all elements used in the TIG welding process must be in an acceptable condition.

The element that has the greatest influence on the aesthetic result of the weld joint, besides manual skill, is the quantity (liters/minute) and the quality of the Argon shielding gas.

The traditional shielding gas delivery system uses a 4-hole diffuser located inside the ceramic cup to channel the shielding gas towards the weld pool. This system is effective and is still used by most GTAW welders. However, in recent years, thanks to continuous technological progress in the welding world, a more efficient gas delivery system has been developed.

This innovative system is called TIG Gas Lens. To install the TIG Gas Lens diffusion system on a welding torch, you need the right consumables to mount the TIG Gas Lens diffuser, such as the electrode clamp and the insulator.

What is the TIG Gas Lens diffusion system?

The TIG Gas Lens diffusion device is composed of a gas diffuser and a ceramic cup, but unlike the traditional diffuser with 4 horizontal holes placed at offset levels along the perimeter of the diffuser where the ceramic cup is secured, the TIG Gas Lens diffuser has a metal mesh placed perpendicularly to the ceramic.

The metal mesh of the TIG Gas Lens ensures a more homogeneous diffusion of the gas, and the perpendicular position guarantees more localized and more intense diffusion, thanks to a lower dispersion compared to a traditional diffuser. In other words, it grants a more effective diffusion. By using the TIG Gas Lens, the weld pool is more isolated from the atmosphere and the aesthetic result is qualitatively better.

The use of the TIG Gas Lens diffusion system allows the operator to keep the tungsten electrode more exposed from the ceramic cup, since the diffused gas can cover a greater distance. The operator can therefore reach and work on joints at sharp angles.

There is another version of this diffusion system called TIG Stubby Gas Lens on the market. This particular diffusion system differs from the classic TIG Gas Lens solely because of the size of the consumables.

With the TIG Stubby Gas Lens you can use smaller ceramic cups, usually installed on the 9-20 TIG torch, and on the 17-18-26 torches as well, allowing you to work in spots that are hard to reach. However, the size of the 17-18-26 torch guarantees a greater working cycle compared to the 9-20 TIG torches, intended for less intense work.

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