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Multiprocess welding machine

MIG/TIG/MMA Multi Process welding machine Germany

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Multi-process welding machines are multi-function machines, all in one! These generators can combine MMA coated electrode welding, TIG, MIG MAG and flux-cored wire (no gas). They are the ideal choice for industrial applications, construction, maintenance or on-site welding; often lightweight and with low energy consumption. offers multi-process welding machines of different brands, but all offer the possibility to weld MIG, TIG, MMA in a single machine.

Most of these welders are powered by 230V single-phase, but you can contact us to receive technical advice or customized offers also on three-phase devices or Telwin, Helvi, Deca, Gys machines that you can't find on our website.


These multi-process welders are able to weld almost all materials normally required, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, copper, brass, but it is important to understand which process, MMA, MIG MAG or TIG, is best suited to each individual metal.


MMA coated electrode welding is the traditional and most widespread welding among private users, but it is also often used on site for welding pipes or important structures.

At the outlet of the generator, we find an electrode holder clamp and a grounding clamp. The electrode, which can be of different types, is fixed on the electrode holder clamp and brought closer to the material to be welded; the electric arc, especially with the new generation machines, quickly builds up and gradually consumes the electrode, depositing its material on the piece. There are many projections and small pellets that could be deposited on the piece, but above all a protective slag remains on the cord; for this reason, with a brush and hammer, this slag must be removed to leave the final cord in plain sight.

Welding with flux cored wire (or no gas), on the other hand, consists of a mass clamp and a coil of wire that is dragged inside a welding flashlight and then exited and deposited on the workpiece. This process is much quicker than the electrode, but the aesthetic finish of the bead is quite low, with many projections and pellets; also in this case it is necessary to use a brush and hammer to clean the bead. However, the great advantage of the no gas wire is that it is possible to weld even outdoors in the presence of wind and no protective gas is needed.

MIG MAG welding on the other hand has a principle very similar to that of no gas welding, but in this case, the wire is full and during fusion on the workpiece, it is important to use a protective gas to defend the bath from the oxygen present in the air. The gas to be used is a mixture of ArCO2 for iron and steel, while pure Argon is needed for aluminium. The advantages of this process are its speed, the aesthetics of the weld bead, which does not need to be cleaned as well as the ability to weld very low thicknesses with extreme ease and without major deformation of the base material.

Tig welding is composed of a grounding pliers and a special flashlight that contains an infusible tungsten electrode, which, thanks to the generator, transfers a current to the workpiece and causes it to melt the base material. In this case, the electrode is not consumed, but only serves to transfer energy to the workpiece. The gas to be used is pure Argon for all materials (special mixtures exist in industrial processes). It is possible to weld with or without material contribution: on sale in our site, you can find the welding rods in different materials, to give more strength to the cord or to perform fillings or reconstructions.

Most of the multi-process welding machines can TIG weld with LIFT trigger, then touching with the electrode on the piece; also the output current is a direct current and therefore allows to TIG weld iron, stainless steel, cast iron, copper... but not the aluminium that needs professional AC welding machines. However, aluminium is normally weldable with the MIG multi process wire welding machine with pure Argon gas.

On, you will find multi-process welding machines HELVI, TELWIN, GYS, with different amperages and displays that help the operator in adjusting the welding parameters.


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