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Core welding machine

Core welding machine Germany

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All the advantages of the core welding machine

From a mainly hobby use to a professional one, there are many processes with iron or metal elements in which you can try a core welding machine, with considerable advantages in terms of quality of the final result, speed of execution and low costs. That’s why.

What is a core welding machine?

If you like to take care of small home repairs by yourself in order to always have a tidy and efficient home, you may need to increase the number of machines and tools at your disposal and buy a core welding machine. With this type of device you can in fact perform many small jobs, from making a trivial welding up to realizing real iron works such as, for example, a fence or a gate.

But what do we mean by core welding and especially why should you have one?

Core welding, otherwise called continuous wire welding, refers to a type of welding different from the one known as "direct welding". This is due to the fact that, in a core welding machine, the connection between the two materials to be welded is not made by simply placing two ends together and then heating them; the pieces are in fact joined with the addition of a third element other than the base metal. Usually it is a coil of wire that must be inserted inside the mechanism of the core welding machine: with this method of welding, the conjunction of the two metal sections is possible thanks to the fusion of the wire.

The core welding machine gets its name from the material subjected to fusion, essentially, it is a “coil” of continuous wire. This technique is now increasingly replacing the classic welding that uses electrodes and is used to melt ferrous components during the manufacturing process of certain equipment. Just like in electrode welding, even with a core welding machine, to carry out the work is used a DC appliance equipped with a control panel to regulate the leakage of the metal, placed in the form of wound wire on a coil, by means of the welding stack.

What are the characteristics of continuous wire welding?

What characterizes a core welding machine is not only the metal wire but also the current generator of the machine, able to create some sort of arc between the electrodes and the piece to be welded, thus allowing welding. The core welding machine allows to have as a result a welding without defects: what is called "welding bath", which in fact consists in covering the melted metal with a gas that prevents oxidation.

What is core welding and how it works

First of all, it should be pointed out that the core welding machine, unlike other types of equipment, allows two components to be connected by the fusion of a filler material which consists of a coil of wire. The fusion results in the union of the two desired materials.

In continuous wire welding, the core welding machine emits a jet of gas, either dynamic or inactive, which prevents the molten material from oxidizing. For this reason, continuous wire welding should be carried out in environments where there are no air currents since this would wipe away the gas. There are usually two types of welding: the so-called MIG welding (acronym of Metallic Inest Gas) and MAG welding (which stands for Metallic Active Gas). What differentiates the two processes is the gas used; in the MIG it consists of a mix of carbon dioxide and Argon, in the MAG it is only carbon dioxide.

In spite of the simple continuous wire welding, the core welding machine, which uses the same basic principle but with a specific difference constituted by the absence of external gas cylinders, has several advantages: It is easy to perform and guarantees a higher efficiency level of 80% compared to other welding techniques also because at each step it is not necessary to suspend work to replace the pieces or to eliminate material residues. Unlike MIG/MAG continuous wire welding, the core welding can also be carried outdoors (the inactive gas is already in the wire) and the only divergence is that the core welding machine produces slag which will then have to be removed from the welder.

How to weld with core wire

First of all, the excess material found in the same wire of the core welding machine must be removed, which must then be placed inside the outer layer of the metal, so as to constitute its essence. These waste materials have various purposes: first of all, they prevent the oxidative process, since the air is prevented from influencing the fusion; second, they give the core welding machine some particular characteristics. Furthermore, since the wire itself is already provided with inactive gases that protect the fusion from the oxidation process, the welding can be carried out with a model of welding machine that does not work with gas.

Since the wire itself already contains inert gases to protect fusion from oxidation, they do not need to be administered by the core welding machine, which can therefore be a gas-free model. Opting for such a model at the time of welding, there will obviously not be a volatile gas that could be subject to air passages, and therefore it will be possible to work also in the open air.

Operation of a core welding machine

The core welding machine is electric and consists of a handle that serves to set the degree of power and speed according to the work to be done (this operation requires a lot of attention because if the speed is way too high, the wire does not have the time to melt, vice versa if its too low, it will tend to form molten metal accumulations: the right speed is therefore the one in which the wire goes hand in hand with the melting of the materials), and by a control socket, which allows you to hold the apparatus and direct the wire during the welding; wire that is emitted automatically by the towing-wire. The core welding machine is not difficult to maneuver, but it is still advisable during work, to wear all necessary protective equipment, gloves, glasses and so on so as to protect against any sparks and excessive heat.

How to choose the right core welding machine

On the market there are many models and offers of core welding machines, both low-cost and medium-high-end, ideal for continuous wire welding. The market also offers multiprocess welding machines, which are suitable for various types of welding: wire-driven, continuous or traditional electrode.

Very important is also the choice of the best wire for the core welding machine: whether it is a lined or bare wire, in fact, to make the most appropriate purchase you need to know the materials and have a bit of professional expertise. So it would not be wrong to consult an expert on the subject as well. In any case, the main aspect to consider when choosing the welding wire best suited to your needs, is the quality of the manufacturing material.

The basic components typical of an animated wire are the composition of the stem, the chemical structure and the binding element. Usually the wires are catalogued in 3 groups: there are those that contain little carbon, the wires that have a low amount of alloy components and the wires that instead contain more alloy elements.

The advantage of the wire used in a core welding machine is that it is the ideal choice in several cases: in case you have to proceed with a welding that has the purpose of supporting heavy loads, or when welding is carried out at very high temperatures and pressures. Moreover, among all types of welding wire, using a core welding machine makes welding itself easier since you do not need the use of inert gas because the coils of the core wire, as mentioned above, are covered with a component that protects the melting bath from the oxidation process. Among other things, the core welding machine, since it does not involve the need of the traditional gas cylinder, costs much less and is also more practical; the only defect may be that the work may lack in precision compared to a gas welding, especially as regards small elements.

The core welding machine is called this way for a simple reason: the chemical composition of the wire itself contains gas, so you do not need to have external gas cylinders. This process requires the use of a cylindrical wire formed by a metal sheath and an alloy of chemical substances of different nature, called a "core" of flow.

How does soldering with animated wire works

The wire, which in principle has a diameter of between 0,5 and 2,5 cm, through a sheath known as pass/wire, is passed through the torch of the core welding machine, which serves to orient the welding; the path of the wire is set by a special advancement motor. A very important step to be carried out is the adjustment of the speed of release of the animated wire on the metal parts to be welded, which must be continuous and regular, so that it is adequately proportionate to both the thickness of the wire and the power of the electric current. The metal covering of the wire of the core welding machine acts as a filler material, with the flow safeguarding the welding bath thanks to the origin of residues and the expansion of the gas.

The advantages of the core welding machine

Since the flow has certain chemical-physical peculiarities, the core welding machine produces high quality works both from the metallurgical and mechanical point of view.

If the animated wire is then equipped with self-shielding the advantages in using a core welding machine are: the prices of this type of welding machine are clearly lower than a traditional; you can keep the welding process under constant control and eventually proceed to the re-routing of the welded material; you can practice welding in any position you want and not only in closed environments but also in open spaces; the casing of the animated wire, being lubricated, allows to counteract the pressure of the mechanical rollers of the core welding machine.

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