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MIG-MAG feed Roller

MIG Wire Feed Roller Germany

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In the last 20 years, the welding world has been revolutionized by the appearance of the inverter technology, which made the old generator and transformer obsolete and that is destined to be used only in a specific welding process.

Thanks to this upgrade in the production method, the welding generator and the majority of the medium-high level welding machines are now able to comfortably perform various welding processes.

For example, let us look at the FOX 185 FLEXLINE welding machine produced by HELVI (medium-end generator). This generator was born as a continuous wire welding machine (MIG-MAG), but it also works very well as a coated-electrode welding machine (MMA); it allows to perform TIG welding processes but, at the same time, it keeps the limitation of the LIFT ignition.

The multi-process welding machines developed in the last few years allow to weld different materials with the same generator. By replacing some consumables, it is possible to weld mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and iron, all of them without using any protection gas.

One of the components that affect the welding process the most is the MIG Wire Feed Roller; this component has the important job of managing the wire’s delivery.

The MIG Wire Feed Roller has slots that guide the wire during the coil’s unwinding, and each MIG Wire Feed Roller’s characteristics vary based on the wire’s material and thickness.

The MIG Wire Feed Roller for aluminum wire is very different from the MIG Wire Feed Roller for iron or stainless steel wire, which has a V shape.

The MIG Wire Feed Roller that allows the operator to comfortably weld the wire has a U shape, which does not warp the outgoing wire. Because of the larger contact surface between MIG Wire Feed Roller and wire, there is less sliding and a smoother delivery.

Should you choose to weld using an animated wire with no protection gas, you will need to replace the MIG Wire Feed Roller. The animated wire is softer because of its filling and it needs a firmer grip from the MIG Wire Feed Roller, which is why the MIG Wire Feed Roller for animated wire has a knurled shape.

The feeding unit is an important element to consider when choosing a welding machine; the cheapest models are made of plastic with just two MIG Wire Feed Roller. On medium-high level welding machines, it is very common to find a metallic one. Professional wire welding machines are sometimes equipped with welding torches longer than 4 meters and a set of four MIG Wire Feed Roller, to guarantee optimal performances and improve the wire’s delivery.

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