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When talking about welding, the equipment supplied to the operator is essential for the work’s good results. It is important to use a generator proportioned to the project; a generator that is not able to provide an adequate amperage for the thickness to weld, might often result in a thermic protection process that would force the operator to stop welding.

Besides the generator, it is important to have a welding torch, an electrode-holder clamp or a work-clamp able to efficiently resist the heat generated by the current, to guarantee not only a smooth project development, but also the operator’s safety.

Besides these work tools, it is also very important to use the correct gas bottle accessories.

Sometimes the gas bottle accessories are placed in the background, without taking into account the fact that the use of a gas protection during the welding process is essential to get a nice looking welding seam, with the chosen penetration and without ledges.

The use of professional gas bottle accessories eases the adjustment of the liters/minute dispensing, and it allows for an accurate view of the outflow and of the leftover gas available inside the bottle.

One of the most professionally used gas bottle accessories is the pressure reducer equipped with pressure gauge and manometer. This type of gas bottle accessory allows for a more accurate precision, and it is in fact often used in the industrial field.

An ideal setting of the gas flow guarantees a steady and accurate welding arc, essential for the production of visible weld seams such as stairs, stainless steel tanks, or aluminum radiators or frames.

With respect to hobby, it is not necessary to have professional gas bottle accessories, but a reliable equipment can make the difference on the final result.

Oftentimes, the occasional welding machine’s users prefer disposable bottles. This type of bottles is equipped with a different socket compared to the Argon, ArCO2 or CO2 rechargeable ones.

To be able to use a disposable bottle you need to pair it with a specific pressure reducer.

It is not possible to connect a disposable bottle to a pressure reducer made for an Ar or CO2 rechargeable bottle.

Top-welding gas bottle supplies catalogue allows you to use a professional reducer with female CO2 plug, thanks to an adapter that allows the connection to a disposable bottle. This bottle accessories allows you to not needing to change the pressure reducer should you move from a disposable bottle to a rechargeable one.

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