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LINCOLN ELECTRIC welding machine

LINCOLN ELECTRIC Welding Machine Germany

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The welders crowding social networks and online forums give different answers when asked which welding machine brand or type is the best.

This is because, during the years, each welding machine manufacturer has specialized in a certain metallurgy field or process; consequently, there is no welding machine brand better than the others, but it is simply a matter of a company specialized in a specific field, like naval, heavy carpentry, automotive, etc.

The company Lincoln Electric is one of the main professional welding machines and soldering robotic systems manufacturer.

Founded in 1895 in Cleveland by 2 Lincoln brothers, the company started by producing a direct-current motor for industry. 15 years after this project, the company introduced the first portable Lincoln Electric welding machine with variable voltage; this innovation launched Lincoln Electric in the industry world.

After the First World War, the American army requested welding training for the soldiers. This started the Lincoln Electric welding school, which promoted research and new welding processes.

During the Second World War, Lincoln Electric was once again called to participate in the production of warships, thanks to the competence the company showed in using the new submerged arc welding.

This experience boosted the company growth, prompting the opening of new facilities but without putting aside the researches for new and innovative Lincoln Electric welding processes. In the late 50s, the company expanded its professional welding machine market overseas, where they found new challenges thanks to the foreign market’s different needs compared to the American ones.

During the 80s global crisis, the Lincoln Electric Welding Machines company choose to further expand its market by reaching 16 more countries, thus strengthening its distribution network and overcoming the economic crisis.

In the early 90s, Lincoln Electric entered the automobile world by investing large amounts of capitals for the development of robotic welding machines and plasma cutting generators.  

Following the 2009 economic crisis, Lincoln Electric Welding Machines went countercurrent again and invested in the European market, buying and boosting 10 companies in 5 years, among which is the famous Air Liquide Welding. It was another winning choice, and it allowed Lincoln Electric to gain access to new technologies and solutions to meet any of the market’s needs.

This is why the Lincoln Electric brand is globally renown, not only because of the magenta red mantle and 70s industrial style, but mostly because of its generator’s reliability and quality and the specific production of professional welding machines used on a large scale in the heavy carpentry and naval fields.

The Lincoln Electric professional MIG-MAG, TIG and MMA welding machines are often used in prohibitive working and atmospheric conditions and have long operating cycles to meet any need.

This is another reason why the Lincoln Electric brand was awarded the “welding expert” title.

The founding Lincoln brothers’ golden rule, which remains the most important one, was:

  • Treat others the way you want them to treat you.

With this rule in mind, Lincoln Electric always operates at the highest standards, to offer cutting-edge solutions and innovations.

Today, the Lincoln Electric brand can be found in every country in the form of retail stores and technical assistance, in order to meet every facet of the metallurgic field with innovative solutions and to keep improving everyone’s work, from the occasional carpenter’s to the professional welder’s.

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