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Gas bottle for MIG/MAG welding

Mig Mag Welding Gas Bottles Germany

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Choosing the right welding gas for the MIG MAG process guarantees a high productivity and excellent welding results. An appropriate shield gas allows to optimize the technical solution and economize the process. offers the best wire welding gases that let you obtain high quality beads, gases and blends that ensure good penetration and a clean final result. The effectiveness of the welding gas depends on its composition; works with well-known suppliers on the market that give reliable results in accordance with welding machines manufacturers. The gas we recommend can be sold in disposable or in refillable bottles according to everyone’s needs.


MIG MAG welding is part of those processes that use an electric arc. Depending on whether the shield gas is active or inert, we will talk about MIG welding (Metal Inert Gas) or MAG welding (Metal Active Gas). So for MIG, the gas will be pure argon, while for MAG there will be a gas that helps the penetration of the coil, i.e. CO2 or ArCo2 mixture.

This type of welding has notable advantages such as speed, no need to clean the welded piece and low deformation of the base material. It is the most used process in the welding industry today.

The MIG process allows to weld non-ferrous metals such as aluminum in a reliable and economical way.  This process differs from MAG only for the type of welding gas used.

Essentially, the shield gases used in MIG MAG welding processes belong to two categories: inert and active. For inert gases, we can indicate argon (Ar), helium (He) and argon-helium mixtures; when we talk about active gases we indicate carbon dioxide (CO2), argon/oxygen mixtures (ArO2), or argon and carbon dioxide (ArCo2).

The wire welding gas used changes according to the material to be welded.

Aluminum, aluminum alloys: Ar, He or mix

Generic steels: ArCO2 or CO2 mixes

Stainless: ArCO2 or Ar/CO2/O2 mixes

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