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DECA inverter welding machine

DECA inverter welding machines

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DECA inverter welding machine: guide to the purchase

Welding is a useful practice not just in strictly working contexts, but also for the DIY, to perform little house works. The DIY is, in fact, a technique that is more and more used and appreciated by many people, since it also brings mental benefits such as relaxation and attention improvement.

To do so it is necessary to have a specific welding machine, an electronic tool that allows you to effectively perform the welding process, and thus the union of two or more different pieces.

Traditional welding machines, the classic and older ones, are surely much more complex and difficult to use, since they have very big dimensions, and thus they cause bigger clutter and they tend to tire the user more during the welding process.

That is why, during the years and with the technological improvements, a new type of welding machine has been produced, the inverter welding machine, an innovative tool that, to operate, exploits an electronic mechanism that makes it much more compact in dimension, less heavy and thus with a more flexible use. The price of the inverter welding machines is, of course, higher compared to that of the traditional models, but completely justified, given the numerous advantages it brings and the more innovative and comfortable functioning.

But let’s find out something more about this type of welding machine, the details of how it works, how to use it, and a useful guide to the purchase on how to purchase the right model, with special attention on the DECA company, which for many years has been taking care, with great commitment and dedication, to this specific field.

How does the DECA inverter welding machine work, and how to use it?

The inverter model’s operation is very similar to the traditional model’s one, and the final results will be basically the same, if not better. A question, then, might come to your mind: why does the inverter welding machine have such small dimensions compared to the classic models?

The answer is in the fact the traditional welding machine has a specific transformer, which allows the alternating current to circulate e perform the designated work.

The DECA inverter welding machine, on the other hand, contains a specific electronic circuit from which it gets the continuous electric energy. Another advantage of this last aspect is the fact that it is possible to dose the power and thus regulate the amperage, which will become a much more comfortable solution to manage based on the type of the specific work to perform, and, also, to save more from the electricity consumption’s point of view.

Lastly, another advantageous difference of the inverter welding machine is the fact that it does not need an electrode to start the machine and weld, which is instead necessary with the traditional types.

It is then obvious how inverter welding machines are the best on the market for several types of works, and how it is advisable to buy an inverter welding machine instead of the traditional models with transformer, now old and surpassed.

The inverter welding machine is also great to use for the DIY, because, besides the great comfortable use, it allows you to melt and weld not only alloys and metals, but also plastics of various types, offering the possibility of using it for several types of hobbies. Among the various DECA inverter welding machine’s models, you have to choose the most suitable one for the kind of work you need to perform.

How to use a DECA inverter welding machine

We saw what the DECA inverter welding machine is and how it works, pointing out how it is a more effective and efficient model compared to the traditional ones, the first to be created and used in the factories.

But how to use it specifically? Are there precautions to know in advance?

A fundamental aspect necessary to underline is safety. It is still a machine that produces much heat, and, by doing wrong movements, it is possible to cause yourself serious injuries.

You will then have to take, from the beginning, all of those safety and precaution solutions thant will safeguard you from possible accidents. You need to wear comfortable clothes to not limit your movements too much, always wear specific gloves to avoid possible excoriations and to avoid letting the welding machine slip from your hands, wear safety shoes, always necessary for professional or DIY works, and, lastly, wear a face protection, especially for the eyes, which might be hit by the sparks generated during the welding process.

On the specialized online shops, such as Top-welding, you can buy specific aprons for welding and various protections, which will allow you to perform these works without any problem and ensuring the lowest possible risk for your health.

Besides safety, of course, you will also have to be able to use the welding machine, or at least to have familiarity with this type of tool and work. To get an accurate weld, perfect and which offers continuity between the materials, you need an excellent manual coordination, because you will have to use the DECA inverter welding machine, correctly place all the materials to weld, and use a flashlight for an optimal illumination.

We advise you to use a DECA inverter welding machine only if you have enough experience in this field, because there are numerous aspects to consider for an accurate welding, such as pulsation, the correct amperage to use for a certain material, the Tungsten’s preparation and the splashes’ intensity.

Which DECA inverter welding machine to buy

It is possible to find several types of DECA inverter welding machines on the market, each with its own merits and specific characteristics. This is also about, specifically, all the inverter welding machines, even other brands’, which release on the market different models to meet every need in terms of type of work to perform.

As mentioned above, one of the more trustworthy companies of this area is surely the Italian company DECA, which has been operating for more than 40 years, creating various welding implants, specific for professional works, hobby, maintainers, to weld exclusively plastic, and so on.

All the devices are structurally well made, with great operability, simplicity of use and a high level of protection offered for your health.

But which are the main aspects to consider while choosing a DECA inverter welding machine?

There are various main elements to consider before buying a DECA inverter welding machine, much different between each other but all important.

  • Dimensions. The size is obviously a fundamental aspect for the choice. Too big dimensions will bring difficulty of movement, more tiredness of use and difficulty in performing specific works that require an appropriate coordination and familiarity. This is why the traditional welding machine are now used in very few cases. Generally, the ideal measures for a DECA inverter welding machine are 48x40x15.
  • Weight. Just like for the dimensions, weight plays an essential role for the choice. It has to be considered without the box and without any connected extra accessory. Too much weight will bring all the problems mentioned above. The ideal weight for a good DECA inverter welding machine is about 6.5 Kg.
  • Case. A good DECA inverter welding machine model, ideal for the purchase, will necessarily have to include a case. This is a fundamental aspect to allow you to carry the machine anywhere, comfortably and without too much clutter. DECA inverter welding machine’s cases are well structured, made of solid and impact-resistant materials, esthetically pleasing, with a convenient latch and especially with a comfortable handle for carrying it.
  • Energy saving. It is of great importance for a welding machine to also consider consumes, which, for some models, especially the least recent ones, are very high and might cause a not small rise of the electric current final expense. DECA inverter welding machines are characterized by a good energy saving, also thanks to the possibility to personalize and regulate the used power and thus use the correct quantity of current for that specific work.
  • Length of the power cord. It may seem like a banality, but the power cord is a fundamental aspect for an inverter welding machine, and more in general for these machines for professional or DIY works. It must not be too short, because it might bring difficulty of placement and the necessity of buying specific extensions. An optimal length should be around one meter/one meter and a half.
  • Welding on various materials. As mentioned earlier, traditional welding machines could only be used on metals and metal alloys. The DECA inverter welding machine, depending on the chosen model, can also be used to weld a big variety of materials, even with very different characteristics from each other, such as cast-iron, stainless steel, plastic, copper, and so on.
  • Safety. It is surely an element of great importance, because, regardless of the essential individual protections, the welding machine too has to ensure guarantees in this area. That is why it is important to purchase welding machines from companies like DECA, which guarantee the product’s quality and safety. A good model, then, will have specific internal security mechanisms that will spring into action when the welding machine is overheating too much or when an internal technical problem is happening, which could put your health at risk.
  • Price. Finally, a last but no less important aspect to consider is the inverter welding machine’s price, which needs to be correctly related to the quality of the offered product. Too low prices, in fact, are often associated with non-effective products, while too high prices might not be worth the product, unless we are talking about known brands that have been on the welding machines market for years, such as DECA. You will find DECA inverter welding machine’s prices very interesting: depending on your needs, you will be able to choose to buy an entry-level model or a more professional model with high performances. The welding machine’s online purchase is now very common, the important thing is carrying it out trough specialized online shops, in order to have all the warranties of purchase. Moreover, they periodically release interesting offers for inverter welding machines too, allowing you to buy them at a discounted price and thus saving remarkably but without giving up the product’s quality.

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