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Cast iron electrodes for MMA welding

Cast Iron Welding Electrodes Germany

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There are 2 products in category Cast iron electrodes for MMA welding.

In the welding field, the MMA process, better known as coated-electrode welding, is the most common thanks to its easy use and its generator and consumables’ affordable price.

The coated-electrode welding machine is appreciated by both hobbyists and professionals, because it can be used outdoor thanks to the fact that it does not need the gas protection for the weld pool. Another reason for the MMA welding’s popularity is the wide range of coated electrodes on the market, which spans every type of work.

The cast-iron electrode is one of the most widely known ones; this type of electrode is ideal for both joining two flaps in one joint and for reparations.

Before welding with cast-iron electrodes you need to follow a few rules, the first of which being that the metal must be carefully cleaned; cast-iron at high temperatures tends to absorb oily liquids and thus creates crack problems.

Cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy, with a carbon percentage of 2-5.5%; this high amount of carbon gives the cast-iron several qualities, among which high rigidity and wear-resistance. Furthermore, cast-iron does not oxidizes when exposed to water.

To weld with cast-iron electrodes you will need to acquire a common inverter-welding generator, because cast-iron electrodes are very easy to use; in fact, cast-iron electrodes have an easy ignition and a very steady welding arc. The cast-iron electrodes are easy to use even for inexperienced welders.

Before starting the welding process with cast-iron electrodes you will need to pre-heat the flaps’ base material, because cast-iron becomes unstable at a temperature between 149 and 500 Fahrenheit degrees and so it might create cracks on the welding seams during the cooling phase.

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