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Cellulosic Electrodes

Citoflex Cellulosic electrodes Germany

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In the wide welding world, the coated-electrode process is the most popular and used one; this type of welding is appreciated both in the industrial/professional field and on a hobby level, thanks to its simplicity and its cost effectiveness.

The coated-electrode welding is very popular because of its wide range of electrodes on the market, each of them coated in a different material and with a different diameter; there is in fact a coated electrode for each existing metal alloy.

Another specific quality of the coated-electrode welding is the possibility to work in outdoor worksites without needing to protect the weld pool with a protection gas, thanks to the fact that the electrode’s coating creates a gas protection that shields the weld pool during the welding.

The “burning” coating creates a solid protection called slag, which settles on the welding seam to protect it during the cooling phase to avoid the filler material’s oxidation that occurs when the hot material is exposed to the oxygen.

The slag needs to be removed at the end of the welding process or before starting another once-over, to avoid leaving contaminants on the inside that would compromise the operability.

The coated electrodes are divided in 4 big categories: Basics, Acidic, Rutile, and Cellulosic.

What are the cellulosic electrodes for?

The cellulosic electrodes are known by professionals as Citoflex. This brand is appreciated because its cellulosic electrode produces joints of high quality and operability.

Citoflex electrodes are especially suited to weld pipes and pipelines, thanks to the fact that with the cellulosic electrode it is possible to weld in any position without risking the slag dripping onto the operator.

Citoflex cellulosic electrodes guarantee a great penetration to the top, up to 2 times the electrode’s thickness + 2 mm. At the end of a welding process performed with a Citoflex cellulosic electrode, the slag on the welding seam will be very thin and hard to remove, because a big part of the coating evaporates during the melting to protect the weld bath.

The cellulosic electrodes, because of their coating made of organic material and deoxidizing elements, need to be started by using a welding generator with a high no-load voltage (+100V); the operator will then need to acquire a welding generator suited to the Citoflex cellulosic electrode.

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