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Gas bottle

Gas welding bottles Germany

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A high quality welding certainly depends on the quality of the gas and its composition. In fact each component has a decisive contribution in the weld pool. offers a complete range of gases for TIG, MIG, MAG, and other arc welding available in disposable or refillable gas bottle. In this category you can also find all the material needed to connect these bottles such as the hose, fitting, pressure reducer and pre-made kits by welding machines manufacturers. A range of products selected for DIY, but also for the most demanding professional.

The choice of the shield gas or the mixture depends on the welding process, the particularities of the bead and the base material. The choice of gas bottles is very important because it affects performance and the overall results.



The MIG (Metal Inert gas) and MAG (Metal Active gas) process takes place under a gas shield with a full weld wire. The MIG nomenclature identifies an inert gas and therefore gas bottles must be used with Argon, which is used for welding light alloys such as aluminum or nickel-based alloys.


For steel, an active gas shield with CO2 gas bottles will be used, hence the MAG nomenclature.

In MAG, argon has a low penetration and too unstable arc; for this reason it is often mixed with gases such as carbon dioxide or oxygen. The percentage may vary according to the material to be welded.

If the mixture is rich in oxygen, the weld pool will be less thick and more fluid, however the risk of joining defects is quite high.


Tig welding instead allows to weld the great majority of metals and alloys. In this process, an infusible electrode transfers energy to the piece to be welded, brings it to fusion temperature in a precise point, and the operator can give strength and structure to the bead with filler material.

TIG (Tungsten inert gas) clearly uses an inert gas such as pure argon, and in this case this gas shield can be used on all materials. In some cases a certain percentage of Helium is added, which allows a better thermal conductivity and a better heat diffusion. The disadvantage of helium mixtures is a more difficult and unstable ignition.

Below is a table that simplifies the use of gases according to the material to be welded:

Material to be welded

Gas and mixture

Aluminum and all materials in TIG

Pure Argon

Aluminum and copper alloys in MIG

Pure Argon

Stainless steel in MAG

Ar +2 % CO2

Ar +2 % O2

Carbon steel in MAG

Ar +8 % CO2

Ar +12 % CO2

Ar +14 % CO2

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