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MIG MAG accessoires

MIG MAG welding accessories Germany

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Products by page

MIG MAG welding accessories

MIG MAG welding material consists first of all of the welding machine, which has a ground cable and clamp and a MIG torch. On our website you will find many products for MIG MAG welding, but it is important to take into account all the accessories and consumables, to fully take advantage of the full potential of the MIG MAG welding machine. In fact, the same model of welding machine can allow you to weld different materials and thicknesses. Therefore recommends and offers a whole range of consumables and accessories in addition to machinery, according to your needs. The material you will find has been specially selected among the various manufacturers available on the market, it has been tested by people who have been in the industry for more than twenty years and can therefore guarantee its operation and characteristics.


The torches have been selected according to the products presented on the site. Their amperage, welding materials, to ensure excellent ergonomics and facilitate the operator.  The torches and consumables are generally compatible with the European standards that welding machines ‘manufacturers follow.


The correct nozzles for each welding machine are recommended according to the standard torch of the product. If you have any doubts about the diameters or the type of torch in your possession, write us an e-mail and we will recommend the correct code.


Contact tubes are also very important for the correct passage of the wire and the welding current; different diameters are provided in accordance with the thickness of the wire. It is also indicated whether the thread to screw the tube onto the torch support is M5, M6, M8. It is important to replace them regularly based on wear, the material to be welded and its usage.


The wire guide sheath is a tube inside which the welding wire runs. On, we mainly offer sheaths for aluminum welding; the wire made of this material is very soft and difficult to slide inside the torch and standard sheath. In fact, the welder often prefers to buy a second torch, replace the sheath and use it only for aluminum. For this material, it is not recommended to weld with torches longer than 3 meters.


On our website we recommend wire coils of various materials, thickness and sizes.

Wire in 100mm (700gr) diameter, the smallest, normally used on DIY welding machines, 200mm (3 - 5 kg) for individuals or the maintenance personnel who use the welding machine much more often, and 300mm (15kg) for industry and carpentry.

The wire has different thicknesses depending on the power of the welder and the thickness to be welded, ranging from 0.6mm to 1.2mm.



Drag rollers are also very important as they allow a constant speed of the wire and avoid its possible deformation. The drag roller has always two channels of different thickness and the operator must position it in the correct direction, according to the thickness and type of the wire.

Telwin, Deca, Gys, Helvi do not use the same rollers and their dimensions and diameters are different.   


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