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LINCOLN Electric TIG Welding Machine Germany

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There is 1 product in category LINCOLN ELECTRIC TIG WELDING MACHINE.


Welding is widely used in many sectors, from shipyards to the pharmaceutical and food industries.

There are many welding processes for each sector, so you have to evaluate which is the most suitable methodology for the desired result. There are significant differences between the 3 most widely used methods at the professional and hobby level: TIG, MIG MAG, MMA, these differences limit their intended use.

In the food and chemical industry, the most widely used metal for the creation of equipment is stainless steel, known as INOX, given its characteristic of not releasing substances and therefore not pollute the final product.

The most suitable welding method for working stainless steel is definitely the TIG process. This welding process has a very stable arc, and the result is clean and aesthetically pleasing.

During TIG welding, there are no metal spatters, and the weld bead is finished. You don't need to clean or finish it. If you use a professional welding machine with high-frequency ignition, you are also avoiding the possibility of slag intrusion into the weld pool.

Lincoln Electric professional TIG welding machines can be found in carpentries where tanks for storing wine or transporting milk are made.

The Lincoln Electric Invertec line of TIG welding machines has been designed specifically for intensive use when working with iron and stainless steel. These professional welding machines also have the option of welding in pulsed arc mode. This function is specifically designed for welding thin parts that would risk significant deformation if welded in the traditional way.

Lincoln Electric TIG welding machines of the invertec line have high work cycles. As an example, the Lincoln Electric invertec 220 TPX TIG welding machine has a work cycle of 100% at 150 amps and 25% at the maximum power of 220 amps. This high-end DC inverter welding machine is intended for professional use and is often placed on a cart and equipped with a liquid cooling unit that significantly increases the work cycle of the TIG torch, allowing the operator to perform more demanding work.

The Lincoln Electric TIG welding machine line also includes the Lincoln Electric Aspect TIG welding machine. Professional inverter welding machine designed to weld aluminum, capable of delivering AC current, but still an excellent tool for DC TIG welding on mild steel and stainless steel.

This Lincoln Electric TIG welding machine, like most inverter TIG welding machines, can weld with the coated electrode process, but this particular product can also use cellulosic coated electrodes to weld pipes and ducts.

Keep in mind that Lincoln Electric brand products have a slightly higher price than similar products of other brands. We are talking about top notch equipment, intended for professionals who expect reliable, precise, and strong equipment.

Top-Welding has in stock and with free shipping included in the price a focused selection of Lincoln Electric inverter TIG welding machines:

- Lincoln Electric Invertec 175TP

- Lincoln Electric Invertec 220TPX

- Lincoln Electric Aspect 200 AC/DC

Professional Lincoln Electric TIG welding machines are only provided with the cable and earth clamp kit. Among the recommended products and accessories, you can add to your shopping cart the Lincoln Electric TIG torch that better fits your needs and equip your welding machine in a complete way.

If you are looking for a welding machine or accessories or protective material not included in our product list, contact us for a customized offer.

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