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DECA welding machine

DECA welding machines Germany

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Deca welding machines have for years been synonymous with quality for all those who wish to perform any kind of welding operations. Deca offers a wide range of products with a large price range to embrace both the amateur and the highly professional hobbyist.

DECA brand history

Deca is an Italian company founded in 1972 that boasts an important experience in the production of welding products, protection accessories, electrodes, inverter welding machines for arc welding of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. ....

What is the purpose of a DECA welding machine?

The Deca welding machine can be used to make numerous objects such as gates, gratings, furniture and many other objects in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc...

It is an essential support for many professionals such as construction workers, blacksmiths, mechanics and many others, who can perform various tasks in a short time. It is also used by thousands of do-it-yourself enthusiasts who have the opportunity to unleash their imagination and repair small domestic malfunctions by exploiting the power of the 3kw of household electricity without any problem.

Why choose a DECA welding machine

If you want to carry out your welding operations in the best possible way, a DECA welding machine is the perfect solution, starting from the excellent quality/price ratio and the vast assortment of products available in the official catalog.

Moreover, the customer service is efficient and well organized, as it allows you to find numerous service centers throughout the country to ensure after-sales assistance for any malfunctions of Deca welding machines.

Top-welding proposes some of the most requested Deca welding machines, such as the following models:

- DECA Job 220

- DECA Miga 218

- DECA Miga 215

- DECA I-arc 318 Lab

DECA MIG/MAG welding machines supply a flow of inert or active gas from the torch, which has the task of preserving the molten materials from oxidation. For this reason, all welding operations must be performed in a location without wind, to avoid dispersing the gas from the welding torch.

Welding carried out with a continuous wire devices ensures maximum efficiency and does not require any stop at each pass to replace the electrode and remove waste materials.

DECA MIG MAG welding machines are suitable for those who have to work with mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

DECA MMA welding machines

Deca MMA welding machines are small and very light, and the simple, intuitive control panel allows rapid and precise adjustment of the welding arc. This type of product also allows the use of basic electrodes, which are very resistant to welding and penetrate consistently into the weld bath.

Deca MMA welding machines are used in many professional sectors such as light carpentry, maintenance and construction.

The prices of Deca MMA welding machines are based on the model, the power and the number of accessories included in the package.

However, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the purchase, since the differences between one version and another concern only the diameter of the electrodes that can be used and the amperage; the higher these parameters are, the higher the final cost of the Deca welding machine will be.

The first parameter to consider when choosing the best DECA welding machine is the welding technique you wish to use (MMA, MIG MAG, TIG). If you still do not have a clear idea or if you want to choose from time to time, you can choose a multi-process model.

Two other elements to take into consideration are weight and size, especially if you want to transport the welding machine frequently.

As far as the budget is concerned, even if it has already been decided, it is advisable to be flexible: investing a few hundred euro more could allow you to equip yourself with a Deca welding machine that is perfect for your needs. In fact, you have to consider this kind of purchase as a real investment destined to last over time, not something to be replaced within a few months.

The power and functions deserve just as much attention; as far as the former is concerned, you must pay attention to consumption, since a traditional domestic electrical system has a maximum limit of 3 kW, which allows adjustment of the maximum welding current to about 140 Amp.

DECA welding machine maintenance

To avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure a long life and top performance for your DECA welding machine, you have to perform the necessary routine maintenance operations, including:

- cleaning: although this may seem a trivial and obvious concept, it is not, since traces of dust and dirt, if not promptly removed from the welding machine, may accumulate inside the mechanisms and cause problems for the welding generator.

- storage: place your DECA welding machine in a dry place, away from direct heat, water and humidity.

Finally, do not forget to carefully follow the instructions given in the user manual, which differ from model to model of DECA welding machine.

Top-welding has a wide selection of Deca welding machines available for immediate delivery, with the delivery service included in the price:

DECA Job 220

DECA Miga 218

DECA Miga 215

DECA I-arc 318 Lab

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