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DECA welding machine

DECA welding machines Germany

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Why choose a DECA welding machine

DECA welding machines have been for years synonym with quality for all of whom want to perform welding works of any kind, from those about amateur hobby to the highly professional ones, for which reliable devices are needed.

In this practical guide will not only be presented this Italian brand, but you will also receive numerous advices on how to choose the best device for your needs.

DECA brand history

Deca is an Italian company founded in 1972 that boasts an experience of more than forty years in the production of welding machines and other related tools.

Its main purpose is to realize welding implants able to satisfy the need of a clientele in constant growth; for this reason, it earns more and more success both in Italy and overseas, and its products never cease to be popular and appreciated.

On the catalogue (accessible and downloadable completely free of charge on the website it is possible to find products for hobbyists, workshop technicians and maintainers, with their respective technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

How does the welding machine work

The operation of the welding machine is almost easy, in fact, you only need to regulate the power and speed of the machine through a dedicated dial, and guide the wire during the entire welding process.

About the speed, it is important to set it up based on the type of operation to perform, because if it is excessive the wire will not have enough time to melt, while if it is too slow it might create heaps of melted material difficult to dispose of. The correct parameter is then the one where the wire advances at the same rate as the metal’s fusion.

Furthermore, to be able to work in complete safety, it is essential wearing and using all the necessary protections like gloves, visor/glasses and a specific work-wear. You need, in fact, to keep in mind that during the welding operations there is an emission of sparks that could inflict damage and burns to objects and people.

Once the work is concluded, close well the valve and store the device in a safe place away from the reach of children and inexperienced people.

What is a DECA welding machine for

The DECA welding machine can be used to create several object, such as gates, railings, furniture and much more.

It is an essential support for several professional like construction workers, blacksmiths, mechanics and many more, who can perform several tasks in a short arc of time. It is also used by thousands of DIY lovers, because they have the opportunity to unleash their fantasy and repair small malfunctions that happen inside the domestic walls.

Why choose a DECA welding machine

If you want to perform your welding operations in the best possible way, a DECA welding machine represents the perfect solution, starting from the great price-performance ratio and the wide range of articles present on the official catalogue.

Furthermore, the customer support service is efficient and well organized, because it allows you to find numerous centers spread on all the national territory to reduce the waiting times for the consumers.

You also must not neglect the company’s strong orientation toward its customers, for whom it constantly invests time, money and human resources in the search for most cutting-edge technologies and materials. DECA has always paid special attention to the employees and the environment, seen as it makes use of eco-sustainable productive process.

Thanks to these actions, they can therefore offer welding machines more and more secure and reliable.

To personally realize how are appreciated they are, it is enough to make a quick online search, during which the most positive reviews published by those who had way to use them will appear.

DECA welding machines models

DECA welding machines are available in different models.

DECA continuous wire welding machines

DECA continuous wire welding machines involve, during the operations’ realization, the input of a flux of inert or active gas, which has the job to preserve the melted materials from oxidation. For this reason, all the welding operations have to be performed in a place free from air currents, so as not disperse the gas.

The latter is also divided in MIG and MAG: the first one is an acronym for Metallic Inert Gas and is composed of a mix of carbon dioxide and Argon, while the second one, that indicates the Metallic Active Gas, only contains carbon dioxide.

The welding carried out through continuous wire devices assures the maximum efficiency, because they do not require any stop at any passage for the replacement of parts (especially electrodes) and for the removal of scrap materials.

The continuous wire welding machines are indicated for those who have to perform operations with steel.

Animated wire welding machines

With the use of animated wire welding machines, you need to remove the unnecessary materials present in the same wire, which has to be inserted into the external metallic part, this way becoming the core. The rejected powders have both the purpose of giving specific characteristics to the weld, and of protecting the melted elements from oxidation.

Since the aforementioned welding machine models do not require the inserting of inert gasses, because already present inside the wire, it is possible using them outdoor as well.

DECA inverter welding machines

The inverter welding machines offer to the consumer the possibility of always carrying them with himself, because they have a contained weight and they guarantee a good power level. For its relocation are not necessary any wheels, you only need to grip the handle usually placed on the upper part. In addition, thanks to the intuitive control panel equipped with potentiometer for the setting of the welding current, these model’s devices are very simple to use.

With an inverter welding machine you will get a more accurate, clean and safe weld without much effort.

This device also allows the use of basic electrodes, which are very resistant to the welding and penetrate in a consistent way inside the molten pool.

Inverter welding machines find room in several professional areas; think about light carpentry, maintenance and construction.

DECA welding machines prices

DECA welding machines’ prices are proportioned to the model, power, and number of accessories included in the package.

However, thanks to the numerous offers available online, it is possible to find the perfect model for your needs at a lower and more convenient price.

We  also need to point out that the tools produced by this brand, if chosen for an hobbystic use, are not very expensive, but should you aim to the professional one, the price would surely increase.

It is advisable, however, to consider carefully the purchase, because, more times than not, the only difference between a variant and another concerns the usable electrodes’ diameter and their amperage; the higher this parameters, the higher the final cost of the article.

How to choose the best DECA welding machine

The first parameter to consider in order of choosing the best DECA welding machine is the welding technique you want to perform. Should you still not have a clear idea, or should you mean to choose from time to time, you can aim to an inverter model.

Of course, they have a higher price, but they allow you to satisfy any necessity.

Two more elements to consider are the weight and the dimensions, especially if you want to frequently move the welding machine; in this case, the lower they are, the simpler it will be bringing it along and placing it inside your vehicle or in a small space inside the storeroom/garage.

About the budget, even if it has already been predetermined, it is advisable to embrace a certain flexibility: the investment of a few hundreds of euros more, might allow you to win the perfect welding machine for your needs. In fact, you need to consider this kind of purchase as a real investment destined to last over time, not something to replace in a few months because unable to satisfy the initial expectation.

If you want to save time and money, you had better opt for a welding machine equipped with several accessories, because it will not be necessary to buy them separately.

Deserving of the same attention are also the power and the functions; about the first one, it is necessary to pay close attention to consumes, because a traditional domestic electric implant can absorb 3kW at most.

Among the functions, are noteworthy the following:

- Hot Start, because it has the ability to increase the power during the starting phase, thus saving time and effort;

- anti-sticking: it allows you to control and reduce the current to quickly disconnect the pieces accidentally welded;

- Arc Force, because it allows you to increase the amperes to stabilize the arc (this is about the inverter welding machines).

DECA welding machine maintenance

To avoid any unpleasant surprises and to guarantee durability and top performances to your DECA welding machine, it is essential performing the due routine maintenance operations, among which:

- cleaning: even if it might seem a trivial and obvious concept it really is not, because the traces of dust and dirt, if not immediately removed from the welding machine, can accumulate inside the mechanisms and cause jamming;

- storing: place your welding machine in a dry place away from direct sources of heat, water and humidity;

- anti-rust treatment: should it be necessary, spread an anti-rust treatment on the metallic parts of the equipment to preserve it from corrosion.

Lastly, do not forget to strictly follow the directions of the user guide, which differ based on the DECA welding machine’s model.

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