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Bench Grinder

Bench grinder on Best price and fast delivery Germany

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The bench grinder, used in most machine shops, has now also become essential for DIY.

This small but powerful bench tool can sharpen, point, brush and polish various types of materials and objects, providing precision and safety for work that would take longer to do manually with less safety and final quality of the workpiece obtained.

Bench grinders can vary in form and function depending on the model or brand chosen. The most commonly used models are those with sharpening and grinding discs or with a brush for polishing or cleaning the workpiece, but some are also equipped for smoothing rough parts and levelling joints.

In the world of welding, one has to deal every day with metals to be bevelled and smoothed, but also with tools to be kept sharp or pointed; this makes the bench belt grinder a versatile and space-saving tool with many available and customisable functions, suitable for companies but also for the do-it-yourselfer who likes to work with precision and safety.

In the world of bench grinders various companies offer good products for lighter DIY jobs or professional products for intensive use. Tuttosaldatura has selected the Fervi brand as the benchmark for this bench grinder category.

A fervi bench grinder offers solidity and build quality, a high-performance motor with a long service life.

The various Fervi brand bench grinder models offered at the best price by Top-welding can meet the needs of large companies but also of small craftsmen or demanding private individuals.

Disc characteristics

The discs used in bench grinders must be chosen according to the type of work to be performed and the type of bench grinder you own or intend to purchase. There are fine- or coarse-grit abrasive discs, brush discs with soft or stiffer bristles, discs for polishing and for finishing the finished workpiece.

Advice on use and safety

The safety factor should not be overlooked when using a bench grinder, especially when sanding very small objects. The metal being worked on could burn the operator's fingers due to overheating caused by the friction of the sanding in progress. It is therefore advisable to use suitable gloves and pliers to prevent this by cooling the worked metal by immersing it in a little water. It is advisable to first prepare a container with water to keep on hand. It is also advisable to protect the eyes when using a bench belt grinder; Tuttosaldatura has dedicated goggles and masks for eye protection when grinding.

The models selected by Top-welding

Tuttosaldatura has selected the most popular Fervi bench belt grinders on the market, opting for models ideal for daily DIY and professional models dedicated to industry.

The Fervi S023 model was chosen by Tuttosaldatura for all those private users who use it not too intensively, despite the excellent power of the bench grinder, which is 400W. It is equipped with two different grit wheels.

The Fervi S510 model is a very similar version, it also has 400W, but only one disc wheel, the other slot is taken by a semi-rigid metal bristle brush.

The Fervi S383 model also has 400W and a disc wheel, but instead of having a brush, it equips a belt sander.

The Fervi 0552 professional bench grinder model was chosen by Top-welding for industry or for those wishing to have 900W of power; it weighs more than twice as much as the other models seen above with robustness and solidity as its strong points.

The Fervi brand

Top-welding collaborates with Fervi for all drilling, finishing and metal grinding equipment.

Fervi stands out as a solid and competitive company and is the benchmark for the design and distribution of high quality and reliable machine tools. The variety of products offered by Fervi facilitates not only large companies, but also small craftsmen, concretely improving the quality of their daily work by offering functional and safe machinery, suitable for every need.

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