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TIG filling rods

Tig welding filler rods Germany

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TIG welding does not always require an external weld material, especially if the piece is very thin, no more than 2 - 3 mm.

However, it becomes essential in certain applications in order to give strength and structure to the bead or to weld together two different alloys that modify their characteristics during welding. has selected welding rods made of the most common materials, such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum, and the most common thicknesses. We have chosen particular alloys to allow welding on a wide range of materials. All packages are 1 kg.


In TIG welding, thanks to the infusible tungsten electrode, an electric arc is triggered between the electrode and the workpiece and, thanks to pure argon, the entire weld pool is protected from the surrounding air. It is at that moment that the welding rod enters the molten material with a regular rhythm, which fills the area with the creation of an aesthetically pleasing bead and a good structural resistance.

Depending on the bead to be made, below is a table explaining which rods to use:

Rod diameter (mm)

Welded material thickness (mm)


0.5 to 2


2 to 5


5 to 8


When it comes to certified TIG welds with external material it is important to ensure the traceability of that material, i.e. for something used in the food industry.

The standard for stainless steel filler materials (UNI EN 14343) does not specify a classification based on the use and the sector of origin, and thus the referenced procedure is the same in use for semi-finished products and the base metals with which the structure is made.

The external material is chosen according to the project specifications, 308 stainless steel (for AISI 304 steel) or 316L (for AISI 304 and AISI 316L steel) and the certificate can be requested by the customer in the case of structures or processes that require certification.

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