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TIG standard consumables

Tig torch consumables for sale Germany

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As explained before, TIG welding makes it possible to perform high quality and mechanical seal welds with a high aesthetic of the bead on iron, stainless steel, aluminum....

To obtain good results, it is important that in addition to the welding machine, the accessories and consumables are also suitable for what you are going to weld. has selected all TIG consumables very carefully, to recommend a good product at the best price.


First of all the TIG torches that we have selected have a high quality standard, with flexible cable bundle and properly insulated in case of use with high frequency HF. The cable bundle is composed of various tubes and cables that we now see in more detail:

- electric cable

- gas tube

- torch button cable

- two pipes for the passage of water if the flashlight is liquid-cooled

- at the ends of the cable bundle we find the gas, current and connectors to connect to the welding machine or to the cylinder.


The consumables present on Tig torches are very important and vary according to the welding to be carried out:

- ceramic nozzle

- gas diffuser

- electrode clamp

- insulation

- electrode cap, also called pen

- tungsten electrode

Depending on the type of welding to be carried out and above all the amperage used, the thickness of the tungsten electrode may vary; if, for example, the electrode to be used is 2.4 mm, the gas diffuser will also be 2.4 mm, while the ceramic nozzle will be adapted accordingly with N. 6 or 7 or 8.

Below is a diagram that clearly identifies the various consumables

1 - diffuser

2 - ceramic nozzle

3 - electrode clamp

4 - electrode

5 - electrode cap or pen

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