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HELVI welding machine

HELVI welding machines Germany

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HELVI welding machines: choose quality and safety

Helvi is a leading manufacturer of professional and shipyard welding machines. This brand has now become an important reference point for many professionals and operators in the sector. The company's strength is the production of quality welding machines, and in the past years it specialized in the production of welding machines on behalf of well-known brands of welding machines. Today the company, thanks to its great experience, is oriented towards the production of high-performance and reliable welding machines, the products are assembled with tested components, which ensure the durability of welding performance over time, thus ensuring optimum results for both professional users and DIY enthusiasts.

Helvi's catalog of welding machines includes inverter, tig, multi-process and wire welding power sources. One of the most widely used is the Helvi inverter welding machine, whose operation makes the welding generator much lighter and more compact than a traditional one.

In addition to their small size and practicality, Helvi inverter multi-process welding machines can work on various materials and exploit the qualities of one or more welding processes. Perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to do their own work safely and conveniently.

Working method when using a HELVI welding machine

With all Helvi welding machine, you need to know how they work to perform all operations safely. A welding mask is essential to protect yourself from intense light and sparks; it is also essential to use hand and body protection.

In recent years the company has produced a line of reliable Helvi single-phase multiprocess welding machines, made with quality components, and equipped with a considerable work cycle, to meet the ever-increasing demand of craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts.

To meet this demand, Helvi has created the FOX line of 4 Helvi welding machines.  Starting with the Helvi Fox 165, intended for a purely amateur user, up to the Fox 211 Digital, intended for more professional and artisan use, capable of supporting light carpentry work, but also of performing short, demanding jobs. The most versatile and appreciated Helvi welding machine in the FOX line is the Helvi Fox 185 Flex-Line. This Helvi welding machine allows the operator to choose between the 3 best-known welding processes: MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG. The Fox 185 is equipped with a PFC device that makes it possible to weld at high amperages with the 3 kw domestic power supply; furthermore, the PFC device guarantees considerable energy savings and makes it possible to use this Helvi welding machine even with large extension cords.

Helvi's Fox line welding machines are supplied with a good set of accessories to allow the end user to start working right away. For example, the Helvi fox 185 welding machine is supplied with a MIG flashlight, adapter for Argon cylinders, CO2 pressure reducer, electrode holder clamp, ground cable, coil of flux-cored wire, coil of copper-plated wire and gas hose. Compared to other welding machines, the price is certainly higher, but justified by accessories.

The Helvi wire welding machine is ideal for both body shop and urban construction work, as it is very solid and has a metal wire feeder unit that guarantees a regular supply, a fundamental factor for obtaining continuous and effective welding.

Helvi has also thought about those professionals who use a welding machine while working but cannot be considered welding professionals.

It is precisely for this reason that Helvi welding machines are equipped with synergic welding programs, which help and simplify all adjustment operations on the Helvi welding machine.

Another product that is having considerable success is the Helvi TIG 211 Easy AC/DC welding machine. This Helvi welding machine combines a great purchase price and an easy-to-adjust control panel. The Helvi 211 Easy AC/DC welding machine self-adjusts the welding parameters on the basis of preset tables with the aim of helping even inexperienced operators in the welding sector.

Helvi specializes in the manufacture of highly professional, reliable single-phase and three-phase welding machines. The best-known lines of Helvi welding machines intended for industrial use are the Multitech and Maxitech models for MIG/MAG continuous wire welding; on the other hand, for the line of Helvi TIG welding machines, the power sources are called Compact and Compact EVO; these categories of Helvi welding machines are also used by many industries for continuous cycle production processes.

One of the advantages of Helvi welding machines is the intuitive control panel, equipped with practical LEDs, which provides the operator with important indications if the machine encounters any anomalies during operation. This feature allows the user to interrupt the work process before causing further damage to the generator; moreover, Helvi welding machines are equipped with self-protection devices for over- and undervoltage, overcurrent and thermal.

The prices of Helvi welding machines vary according to their functions, power and work cycle; normally, with an investment of between 400 and 900 euros it is possible to purchase equipment that fully satisfies all the expectations of the DIY enthusiast. Before starting to use the equipment is always good to make sure of its operation through the indications given by the manufacturer and acquire a certain dexterity on waste parts.

Helvi is always attentive to the care of its customers, providing a warranty service certified and timely.

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