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HELVI welding machine

HELVI welding machines Germany

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HELVI welding machine: choose quality and reliability

Helvi company is leader of the equipment for hobby and construction’s industry, welding machines in particular. This brand has now become an important reference point for numerous hobbyists and industry workers. The company’s strong point is not just the production of quality welding machines and accessories, but also the convenience on an economic level thanks to all its products’ great price-performance ratio.

There are different categories offered by the company, among which are inverter, tig, multi-process and wire. One of the most used is the Helvi inverter welding machine, which, thanks to its performances, makes the welding process much lighter and compact compared to a traditional one. Contrary to a normal welding machine, which is equipped with a big transformer, the latter is composed of several electric boards that considerably reduce cluttered spaces. Like every welding machine, before the use it is necessary to acquire all the individual personal protection equipment, which make the job much more comfortable and safer, such as mask for the protection of the eyes, mask to protect the airway, and protective gloves for the hands.

Functioning of the HELVI inverter welding machine

Its operation, compared to a traditional welding machine, is very easy. Normally, in a common welding machine, an integrated transformer makes the alternating current circulate, while in the inverter welding machine the continuous current is derived from an electronic circuit. This component is equipped with a potentiometer on the inside, which regulates the amperage; this tool turns out to be very useful in many situations.

Another benefit of this type of equipment is that it does not need an ignition for the electrode, like the normal welding machines. Thanks to its small dimensions and to its practicality, this device experienced a huge success both in worksites and in hobby. Another characteristic that distinguish it from the others, is its ability to melt different materials, not just metals and metal alloys, but also plastic products. Perfect for the DIY enthusiasts who want to carry out works themselves, with security and practicality.

Methodology if you use a HELVI welding machine

Like with all welding machines, it is necessary to know their functioning to conduct all the operations in a safe way without taking any risk. Crucial are the protection for the eyes, because the sparks might gravely damage them, a protective mask for the airway, because during the melting process there is a release of toxic substances, and protections for hands and body. If used professionally, it is necessary to adopt fireproof clothing, which allows preserving of the operator’s health. The working environment must also be safe, away from humidity, and be able to allow social distancing, in order to preserve other people’s health as well.

How to perform the welding

To execute a satisfying work, it is necessary to have a perfect coordination between the adding of the metal and the moving of the torch. This process has to be very accurate and targeted.

Its operation needs great experience, because it is necessary to consider the intensity of the sprinkles, the preparation of the Tungsten for the ascending and descending current in relation to the background current, to the pulsation, and, lastly, to the frequency of the electric current. Before engaging in its use, it is always appropriate to conduct sample tests on scrap metallic parts.

Inverter offers

Helvi offers models of multifunction or single-use welding machines.

About the first ones, they are the top-of-the-range of their category, provided of a thickness regulator for the material, which makes the setting very fast and simple. It allows welding with tensions from 90 to 270V, and it is also studied to possess great energy conservation abilities.

Among the main characteristics, the cable drag compartment and torch holder, cooling fan, adjustment range, 170 Amperes at most, usable Electrodes with a diameter ranging from 1.6 to 3.2 mm, usable reel’s diameter ranging from 100 to 200 mm.

The work-cycles’ characteristics are:

TIG at 40°: 25% at 170 A - 60% at 110A;

- MMA at 40°: 25% at 170A - 60% at 110 A;

- Mig Mag: 25% at 170A - 60% at 110A - 100% at 85A.

Its weight is of 16 kg and it has dimensions of 480x220x385 mm, therefore it is very practical and convenient to store in any workshop.

The protection level is IP22S and it is usable with mono-generators too.

This kind of Helvi welding machine is equipped with two digital displays, ideal for a fast setting. Provided of “mig” torch of 180A, adaptor for CO2 cylinders, CO2 pressure reducer, electrode holder caliper, ground wire and coil of animated wire. Compared to other welding machines, the price is surely higher, but thanks to all its functions, using it is much more practical and comfortable.

The single-use types are, instead, cheaper, because they have less functions and features. Nevertheless, they are still excellent products, recommendable more to those who intend to purchase a Helvi gear for hobby.

Helvi wire welding machines

Another type of welding is the continuous wire one. This type of fusion involves a coil of wire, which, by unravelling, carries out the fusion of two metals. With this type of welding as well, a certain experience on the field is essential, because this process as well requires a certain preparation and formation.

Characteristics of the products branded Helvi

Among the main characteristics listed by the manufacturer:

- fixed torch and ground wire;

- possible use of 1 kg reels;

- wire speed regulator and its power;

Its strong points are the lightness and the compactness, because it has dimensions of just 38 x 17.5 x 35 cm and a weight of 18.2 kg.

It is a monophasic continuous wire welding machine ideal for welding outdoor. It is not equipped with gas and the reel holder allows you to use spool up to 1 kg of weight. The regulation range, ranges from 35 to 100 A. The work cycle is of 80 A at the 12%. It allows power regulation through 2 positions.

Helvi also offers to the market multi-process welding machines, able to swiftly combine more welding processes.

Helvi welding machines, both mono and multi-function, are characterized by their easiness of use, thanks to the intuitive control panel that facilitates data reading.

The wire welding machine is ideal both for bodywork and for urban and industrial construction workmanships. An excellent product which the Helvi company puts on the market with a fantastic price-performance ratio.

Helvi Tic Ac Dc welding machines

The characteristic of these welding machines is their compactness, in fact, thanks to the reduced dimensions, they are usually sold paired with dedicated cases.

The term Tig stands for “tungsten inert gas” and the welding process is performed through the use of a Tungsten electrode and an inert gas.

The process is based on a torch, to which the electrode is ignited. During this welding process, it is very important to know that the electrode must never come into contact with the to be welded part, or you will run the risk on interrupting the welding process.

The gasses used for the fusion process are the Ar and the He, which can be used separately or blended. The Ar gas allows you to obtain a great arc stability, leaving the surface clean, ideal for thinner metal sheets. Meanwhile, the He is used for thicker metal sheets, because it boasts a higher thermal conductivity and then an optimal penetration capacity too.

With the Helvi TIG welding machines, it is possible to perform an MMA welding, or, should it be a multi-function device, to also perform a continuous wire welding.

Numerous are the characteristics that make this a very valid product, among which:

- an overextension and overcurrent protection system;

- allows for an accurate and easy welding;

- equipped with TIG hf selector, Tig lift ARC and electrode;

- equipped with a practical case to be carried anywhere.

Among the main peculiarities, the welding inverter is able to satisfy even the most demanding users. Ideal for electrodes and TIG welding, with ignition HF.

Some models allow you to perform 2 or 4-strokes weldings based on your needs closely related to the material’s properties. In electric mode, it is possible to set Hot Start and Arc Force. The electrode’s diameter ranges from 1.6 to 4 mm, based on the needs of use.

TIG welding machines too are an excellent technological product, which allow you to perform efficient works in various construction areas and of industrial and automotive bodywork. Thanks to its peculiarities, it allows you to weld even more metal sheets at once. Of great importance, in order to perform a quality work, is the use of materials with the same fusion rate, in order to allow a firm and lasting adherence of the parts.

Among the advantages offered by the Helvi TIG welding machines, is the intuitive control panel equipped with practical leds, which provide important indications to the operator should the machine ever experience potential anomalies during its operation.

Which HELVI welding machine to buy

Thanks to its very wide range of products, Helvi offers the possibility to buy valid welding machines for both professionals and hobbyists who want to engage in welding operations. Surely, those who occasionally perform works will opt for the purchase of a more compact product, with smaller dimensions, which allows them to store the equipment in any corner of their home workshop. Meanwhile, those who perform welding professionally will prefer a product able to offer a wide range of functions, which allows them to perform even the most complex works.

The prices vary based on the functionality and on the power of the welding machine. Usually, with a base ranging from 200 to 500 euros is possible to purchase an equipment able to satisfy all the expectations to the fullest. Before starting utilizing the device, it is always good to ascertain its functionality through the indications provided by the manufacturer, and develop a certain manual skill on scrap parts.

Helvi is always mindful of the care of its clients by providing a satisfying warranty service. The products are assembled with quality components, which guarantee welding performances’ durability through time. Being electric machines, it is always necessary to store them in dry places, in order to keep all the components intact over time.

Multi-process welding machines are an excellent multitasking device, able to combine more tools into one. They are very appreciable products, able to satisfy every expectation to the fullest.

Helvi is the right company for all DIY enthusiasts and industry professionals; thanks to its working method it always offers advantageous and technological products within everybody’s reach.

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