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Gloves, jacket, apron and sleeves

Gloves, jacket, apron and welder sleeves – Safety supplies Germany

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In the welding world, to get good results you need not only a welding generator suited to the work to perform, but also consumables (coated electrodes, contact tubes, gas nozzles, TIG ceramics, etc.) in good condition.

Since the welding process needs manual skills, the operator’s comfort while working is essential to get successful results.

The personal protection equipment is essential in guaranteeing both the welder’s safety and good mobility.

The most important PPEs after the welding mask are the welding gloves, which protect the operator’s hand from the welding sparks and high temperatures generated by the process.

There are 3 big glove families with infinite facets.

- Crust leather welding gloves, the most common and used ones in the welding field: they are made of a thick layer of the innermost skin of a bovine and usually lined in fireproof cotton to guarantee a good protection against heat and possible contact with incandescent metal. Crust leather welding gloves slightly restrict the hands’ mobility and are recommended for the MMA or MIG-MAG process.

- Reinforced crust leather welding gloves: they are similar to the crust leather welding gloves but have a few additional layer of crust skin placed on some part of the gloves as further protection. They are usually used for MIG-MAG processes at high amperages or for operators who weld for several hours during the day.

- TIG welding gloves: this type of welding glove is very different from the common crust leather one, because the TIG process needs a wide freedom of movement since it requires the use of both hands. TIG welding gloves are made of grain leather, which is a very soft and thin layer compared to the common welding gloves and allows for freedom of movement but without giving up safety. Of course, the thinner layer will protect from the heat less effectively compared to the common gloves.

All high-level welding gloves must cover ¾ of the forearm, to guarantee a better protection against accidents that could occur even simply because of distraction.

The best welding gloves are made of Kevlar threads (resistant to high temperatures), to confer a longer durability.

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