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Gas bottle for TIG welding

TIG Welding Gas Bottles Germany

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There are 2 products in category Gas bottle for TIG welding.

To get functional and aesthetically pleasant welds you need to use the correct consumables (wire, nozzle, ceramic, etc.) based on the type of welding to perform, and check their state of wear to make sure they will not jeopardize the welding process.

The personal protection equipment is essential during the welding process, and you must always wear it to protect yourself from injuries.

The protection of the weld pool from the oxygen present in the air is one of the most important factors to keep in mind to get a good weld, both aesthetically and functionally.

This is the reason why you get more aesthetically pleasing welding seams when using a gas protection; the gas is also important for the penetration you need to get on the base metal.

The cleanest welding seams, those with fewer imperfections, are produced through the TIG welding process.

With this process, the operator has a more accurate handling of the electric arc, thus being able to widen or reduce the weld pool and create the much-appreciated “motifs”.

The TIG-welding bottle is essential to start welding using the TIG process. 

There are 2 big TIG-welding bottle families currently on the market: the rechargeable ones and the disposable ones. To get a good final result, both these types of TIG-welding bottles need to be loaded with pure argon gas or mixtures of argon and helium.

Disposable TIG-welding bottle

The advantage of the disposable TIG-welding bottle is the affordable price. Its weight and small size make it easy to maneuver; loaded with a pressure between 80 and 90 bars, they have a medium-low dispensing autonomy given their dimensions.

Rechargeable TIG-welding bottle

This type of TIG-welding bottle is chosen by those who weld often or extensively; these bottles are loaded with a 200 bars pressure and guarantee long-time dispensing. A 5 Lt TIG-welding bottle is considered small-sized, but it allows for about 3 hours of work; once exhausted you can go to one of our trusted gasmen to recharge it at an affordable price.

Top-welding selected 2 rechargeable TIG-welding bottles, 5 Lt and 14 Lt, for the operators who use the welding machine more intensely; but there are also 2.2 Lt TIG-welding bottles available for those who weld occasionally but want an uncompromising result.

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