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Brazing wire coil for bodywork repair

Cusi3 MIG brazing wire Germany

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The repair of vehicles in bodywork has always been a much discussed topic, especially in the last 10 years in which the research of car manufacturers to lower fuel consumption, emissions and therefore the weight of cars, have led to substantial changes to the body of the car.

Often built in aluminum, in recent years, the use of high strength steels has become increasingly popular. These steels are much lighter than the traditional sheet metal and have excellent mechanical properties in the event of an accident.

However, the welding, and especially the pointing of these materials is more difficult. 

In addition, we have tried to find a way to repair cars and thinner and thinner sheets, with processes that deform the piece less and less and shorten the processing and leveling times before painting.


This brazing wire has therefore become increasingly popular and is distributed mainly in two main alloys: CuSi (copper-silicon) and CuAl (copper-aluminum). Being composed of copper, the melting temperature is much lower than steel and therefore the heating and deformation of the welded piece is very low. Being made of copper, however, the melting of the steel is not achieved and for this reason it is also called brazing or bonding. This process has been recognized by car manufacturers, but it cannot be used for structural parts of the vehicle.

Another very important aspect is that, thanks to the much lower melting temperature, the zinc layer on the sheets of the car does not evaporate, avoiding oxidation and 'rust' problems over time.

On, we propose a 2kg coil of CuSi of the most common thickness 0.8mm. The cost of this wire is clearly higher than a traditional wire, but reduces significantly the time of work and repair.

This wire should be welded with pure Argon and possibly with welding machines dedicated to bodywork work.


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