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LINCOLN ELECTRIC Electrode Welding Machine

LINCOLN ELECTRIC Electrode welding machine Germany

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In the welding world, the appearance of the inverter technology and the disappearance of the transformer technology during the course of the last 20 years brought the welding generators in reach of a broader clientele. This phenomenon was fuelled by the decrease in prices and by the appearance of multi-process welding generators, which allow to use the 3 most common welding methods: MMA, MIG-MAG and TIG. These two phenomenon introduced the welding generators to the DIY enthusiasts.

The most popular welding process among hobbyists is the MMA welding, also known as coated-electrode welding. This type of process is very common because of its easy handling and convenient price.

The MMA welding does not need the protection gas because the electrode itself generates the gas protection for the molten pool during the fusion; the coated-electrode welding, thanks to its ability to auto-protect the weld pool, is especially suited to be used in worksites and in places where moving the cylinder could become problematic.

One of the professional welding machine often present on worksites is the Lincoln Electric electrode welding machine, a brand that has established itself during the last few years thanks to its products’ quality and reliability.

On the worksites, operators usually use professional machines that allow for operating cycles that do not need to be interrupted to let the generator cool.

High-end Lincoln Electric electrode welding machines are equipped with an efficient air-cooling system.

Lincoln Electric welding machines are mostly destined to a professional clientele or to people who make intensive use of the welding machine.

Professionally, especially in the construction field, there is often the need of welds produced by the use of “special” coated electrodes (like Basic, Acidic and Cellulosic).

These types of electrodes cannot be used with a generator destined to DIY; instead, they need a professional product with specific characteristics, such as the Lincoln Electric Invertec electrode welding machine. Some of these products allow the use of electrodes with a cellulosic coating, which needs a no-load voltage of over 100V that you cannot find on amateurish welding machines.

Lincoln Electric electrode welding machines, being they destined to professionals often forced to operate in uncomfortable positions, are designed to operate even when powered by motor generators or connected to cables longer than 60 meters, to allow the operator to work without any setbacks.

Lincoln Electric electrode welding machines have higher prices compared to similar products by other brands, but that is only because they are professional products that guarantee results and reliability that only top-of-the-range products can offer.

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