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Car Body Welding Machine

Car body welding machine : GYS, Telwin... Germany

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Car Body Welding Machine

The welding world over the last 20 years, thanks to the appearance of inverter technology, which has replaced the now obsolete transformer technology, has made welding machines more accessible to a wider audience of consumers, craftsmen, installers, etc., also meeting the high demand of Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts who need a product that is cheap, simple to use, but can be used for light work.

The real innovation of the last 10 years in the world of welding is the appearance of multi-process inverter generators capable of performing all three of the most commonly used welding processes MMA, MIG/MAG, FLUX, TIG, allowing the operator to use the one that best fits his needs.

Inverter technology has also made it possible to reduce the weight and size of welding machines, making them easy to transport even to the most difficult workplaces.

Thanks to the introduction of inverter technology, it has also been possible to improve the management of welding arcs, some advanced functions and the implementation of synergic programs that help those approaching the world of welding for the first time or that are still inexperienced.

We can see an example in welding processes on car bodies. In this particular sector, where the plates are usually very thin, it is not possible to use MMA coated electrode welding or no-gas flux cored wire. These welding processes develop excessive heat and risk piercing and ruining the base material if it is too thin.

For this reason, Car body welding machines can weld with the aid of gas protection, which makes it possible to weld at lower amperage and therefore generate less heat with the same thickness.

Most car body welding machines are multi-process welding generators or continuous wire welding machines because the operator often has to work on painted plates, putty or rust and not aligned. By using a continuous wire car body welding machine, the operator can also carry out filling operations.

The most commonly used technique for this type of work is spot welding. The body shop mechanic quickly presses and releases the torch button and proceeds to weld, causing small heating phases on the metal part and allowing the bead to cool down between one spot and another.

In the last few years, equipment, and car body welding machine manufacturers such as Telwin and GYS have developed specific synergic programs for working on very thin metal plates (less than one millimeter thick). By studying the needs of body shops, these companies have designed and integrated welding programs such as Telwin's ATC program or pulsed arc technology, which guarantee minimum metal plate deformation.

Below are some models of car body welding machines with specific programs and features for working on thin parts:

-        Telwin Technomig 215 dual synergic

-        GYS Multipearl 210-2

-        Telwin Technomig 210 Dual synergic

-        GYS Multipearl 210-4 XL

-        Telwin Technomig 223 TREO

Some of the car body welding machines mentioned above have programs specifically designed for the brazing process, which uses a copper-silicon wire or, alternatively, copper-aluminum and is used with Argon shielding gas. The brazing wire, being composed of copper, has a much lower melting temperature than iron plates and therefore does not cause strong heating and deformation of the part. It also doesn't burn the layer of zinc found in bodywork plates and therefore guarantees protection over time even in the internal and unreachable part of the car. This "welding" process is also called gluing and cannot be used for load-bearing parts of the car.

As mentioned above, the most commonly used car body welding machine in this sector is a MIG/MAG continuous wire welding machine. However, for some particular processes where fusion is required, such as alloy rims repair, radiator repair or engine support repair, the most suitable and widely used welding process is TIG.

Another type of car body welding machine is TIG. This process has the advantage of not producing welding sparks and of having a very stable arc. For these reasons, the body shop technician can concentrate the electric arc, and therefore the heat, with great precision and carry out important fusions or micro castings according to his needs. The operator can also add filler material to give strength and structure to the weld or to fill the lack of material caused by the fracture.

Some models of AC/DC TIG car body welding machines suitable for medium-sized castings in our price list are:

-        Helvi Compact 211 Easy ac/dc

-        GYS Protig 201 ac/dc HF FV

-        Telwin Technology TIG 222 ac/dc

Most of the multi-process car body welding machines can be used to weld using the TIG lift ignition process only with direct current, when working on mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, but not on aluminum, which requires AC/DC alternating current.


In recent years, car manufacturers are trying more and more to reduce the weight of cars and therefore use different materials from the classic iron. Some parts of the structure are made of aluminum or high-strength steel, which have a lower weight, high mechanical properties in case of accidents, but are harder to weld. This search for lightness is also required to reduce fuel consumption while complying with the regulations on pollutant emissions. Aluminum and high-strength steel are fairly easy to weld and do not cause issues when welding. These materials, however, make it very difficult to weld. Aluminum is often riveted, while high strength steel must be welded with special high-frequency direct current welding machines with a high tightening force to guarantee a long-lasting resistance.


Top-Welding has a wide selection of car body welding machines, ready for delivery with free shipping service. If you are interested in a customized offer, or if you are looking for a product that is not included in our price list, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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