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Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Consumables and Accessories

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Plasma Cutting has revolutionized the work of welders and coachbuilders thanks to its versatility and speed. It allows you to obtain a precise cut or an accurate and excellent disassembly.

Initially used for industrial processing, in recent times thanks to the new INVERTER technologies, it is increasingly used in DIY and handcrafted maintenance. In fact, with the new lighter models, powered by 230V and Plasma cutters with internal compressor, plasma cutting becomes a breeze.

Plasma cutting:  ADVANTAGES

Plasma cutting has many advantages: fast cutting, high precision, good cost-benefit ratio, and above all it has many applications. It is in fact suitable for all materials that conduct electricity: iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, titanium...

The torch dispenses, through a special nozzle, compressed air that forms an electric arc between the electrode in the torch and the material that has to be cut. The very high plasma temperatures bring the material to be cut to the melting temperature, the molten metal is discharged below the workpiece and the cut is made.

Thanks to plasma cutting, it is possible to cut both thin sheets and very thick pieces up to 50 - 60mm. Clearly, the higher thicknesses require special measures and are achieved thanks to industrial machinery and often automated work benches.


It is very important to buy a Plasma Cutting machine with greater capacity than the thickness that you have to cut. If the Plasma Cutter has to cut its maximum thickness, its speed will be very reduced, with the risk that it will stop after a few minutes for thermal protection and even the cutting quality will not be the best. If the manufacturer indicates, for example, a max cut of 15mm mild steel separation, it is important to consider that the machine should cut regularly around 10mm to have a good cutting speed. And if the material is stainless steel or aluminum, the clean cutting capacity will also decrease considerably.

It is also very important to regularly change consumables to avoid overheating and damaging the torch's body. The nozzle, the electrode and a not that often the diffuser.

On our website we offer different brands of Plasma Cutting Helvi, Telwin, Gys, Deca, of different powers and capacities, with integrated compressor or to be connected to an external compressed air network.

Generally, the working pressure is set at 5 bar.


A very important aspect of plasma cutting that do not need to be underestimated, are the protection devices. In fact, the higher the thickness to be cut, the more the power of the plasma will be high; the material that is transferred and cut during the process will be always higher if the thickness increases and this generates fumes and toxic gases for the organism. It is therefore very important to cut the metal with special masks and if possible, work in a place where there is a lot of air circulation. In addition, the light and heat caused can be elevated by increasing the thickness to be cut and it is therefore recommended to use protective gloves and goggles or a welding mask with appropriate protections.

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