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Welding blanket

Welding blanket Germany

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In the world of welding, the tools used and the materials processed are often a source of danger to the worker and people nearby.
the worker and people in the vicinity, this implies due precaution and attention to personal and workplace safety.
and workplace safety.


The fireproof blanket, or also known as a welding blanket, is an essential component for workplace safety and the protection of delicate materials.
Car paint, for example, is particularly at risk when welding without adequately protecting it from sparks and welding spatter.
Flammable materials could cause fires or explosions if ignited by glowing sparks or welding spatter, which is why the fireproof welding blanket is also suitable for covering and repelling possible ignition sources, thus making the workplace safer.
Certain types of flooring are also at risk when they are not adequately protected; fire retardant welding blankets are also used as a base on which to weld on precisely to protect the floor from all the slag that would fall and consequently cause irreversible damage to certain types of flooring.

Therefore, in order to understand which welding blanket is best suited to your needs, you need to assess the type of risk and its intensity, the frequency of use of the blanket, and above all the proximity of the source of sparks, taking into account the diameter of the area you wish to protect.


Tuttosaldatura has selected various models of fireproof welding blankets to cover every requirement, from the private to the professional workshop, all at the best price.
The following welding blanket models are available under the CEPRO brand:

- Kronos: glass fibre fabric, PU coating on 1 side, temperature resistance 550°C, peak temperature approx. 600°C, light welding and grinding work, material weight 690 grams/m2, available sizes 100x200 and 200x200. 25m roll of 100cm high available on request.

- Sirius: glass fibre fabric, double-sided HT coating, flame protection up to approx. 700 °C, peak temperature approx. 1000 °C, suitable for horizontal use, material weight 1,035 g/m2, available sizes 100x200 and 200x200. 25m roll of 100cm high available on request.

- Olympus: silica fabric, high temperatures up to 1000°C, peak temperature approx. 1300°C, extreme conditions, suitable for horizontal use, material weight 1,220 grams/m2, available sizes 100x200 and 200x200. 25m roll of 100cm high available on request.

The following models are available under the Telwin brand:

- XL white: peak temperature of approx. 550 °C, size 195x200.


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