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TIG torch

TIG Welding Torches Germany

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The TIG process is the professional welding world’s most fascinating and appreciated one. This process allows to create clean and accurate welds thanks to its arc’s stability, which makes it easy to handle.

The arc’s stability in the TIG process allows to input material into the weld pool through its dedicated stick. This is essential to give structure to the welding seam and it can also be used as filler.

Having both hands busy holding the TIG torch and filler material’s stick makes this one of the most difficult welding methods to master, because it requires much experience and coordination.

As for any other work, instruments are essential to the project’s result.

One of the most important factors is having a welding generator with an operating cycle suited to the work to perform, a TIG torch able to withstand the operating cycle, and a good quality Argon gas cylinder. Of course, you need to never underestimate the importance of personal protection equipment, which must be in excellent conditions in order to guarantee the operator’s safety.

TIG welding has become less prohibitive with the appearance of multi-process welding generators on the market; it is now easy to find an affordable one and, with just a few hundreds euros, you can purchase a TIG torch with LIFT ignition valve, an Argon gas cylinder and a few filler material sticks.

The TIG torch with valve is not considered a professional solution because the protection gas is managed through a valve found on the TIG torch’s handle instead of through the electro-valve. The gas gets to the top of the TIG torch through a tube connected directly to the cylinder; this TIG torch’s ignition is of the graze and lift type, which means that you need to touch the base material with the tungsten electrode to ignite the welding arc.

A TIG torch equipped on medium-high priced TIG, DC or AC/DC welding generators for professional or semi-professional use, manages the gas flow through the same button that starts the welding arc.

These TIG torches’ ignition is high frequency (HF); this type of ignition has several advantages compared to a TIG torch with valve. In fact, the operator can ignite the arc and produce the weld pool by simply pushing the button on the handle of the TIG torch, without having to graze the electrode to the base material. At the same time, the electro-valve present in the generator starts delivering the protection gas; with a professional TIG torch, you can save much gas and avoid the possibility of contaminating the weld pool with tungsten.

In medium-high level TIG generators, you can find the 2 or 4 times function (2T/4T). This function allows to set the welding arc’s management:

2 times: hold down the button on the TIG torch’s body for the whole welding’s duration.

4 times: press the button on the TIG torch to ignite the arc and repeat this operation when you want to stop the welding process. This function allows to concentrate on the TIG torch’s movement without the inconvenience of having to keep holding the button down during long processes.

Just like for MIG-MAG welding torches, you can find several sizes of TIG torches with different characteristics able to withstand even long operating cycles. The main air-cooled models are identified by the numbers 9, 17 and 26:

TIG torch 9: ideal for light works and able to withstand an operating cycle of about 110 Amperes at 35%, this type of TIG torch is equipped with small consumables that make it easy to use in place difficult to reach.

TIG torch 17: suited to a mild use, great choice for hobbyists, with an operating cycle of about 140 Amperes at 35%, this type of torch is equipped with standard-size consumables.

TIG torch 26: used for heavy works and great thicknesses, the structure and weight of this torch are larger in order to withstand operating cycles of about 180 Amperes at 35%.

The TIG torches mentioned above are air-cooled, which means that they cool down by exchanging heat with their surroundings; this becomes a limit when the operator works with high amperages in a warm environment. In this case, it is better to use a water-cooled TIG torch, which can withstand very high amperages thanks to the fact that its heat is dispersed by water pumped through conduits by a cooling unit. These conduits go through the cable bundle to reach the inside of the torch’s head. The most common water-cooled TIG torches are identified by the numbers 18 and 20.

TIG torch 20: this type of torch is equipped with small-size consumables (like the TIG torch 9).

This characteristic makes it suited to works in places difficult to reach. Even though this TIG torch has a small size, it can still withstand a long operating cycle of 200 Amperes at 100% thanks to the water cooling system.

TIG torch 18: this type of torch is equipped with standard-size consumables and is suited to common but demanding works. This TIG torch too is water-cooled and can withstand long operating cycles higher than 320 Amperes.

The market offers spare parts and consumables specifically produced to decrease the TIG torch’s size; these accessories have affordable prices but can considerably change the final result. The cap, also called pen, needed to hold the standard 175 mm tungsten electrode, can be replaced with a very small cap that allows the operator to easily work in very confined spaces (such as tanks).

One of the most professionally used spare parts is the TIG torch’s flexible body. This part allows the operator to bend the torch’s body to their liking in order to reach even the most uncomfortable places; this part is available for both air and water-cooled TIG torches.

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