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Stainless steel MMA electrodes

Stainless Steel MMA Welding Rods Germany

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There are 11 products in category Stainless steel MMA electrodes.

Stainless steel welding electrodes

Stainless steel welding electrodes are stainless steel elements which allow to obtain professional and high quality welds in an easy and fast way.

But how do you choose the best ones for your needs ? This practical guide will provide very useful information and advice, which will help you make the right choice.

Stainless steel electrodes, technical characteristics

Electrodes are nothing more than conductive metal rods and consist of a core, the material of which varies according to what is to be welded.

Then coating is added, which has the purpose of preserving the welding.

There are four types of coating:

1. acid: it is composed of ferroalloys of silicon and manganese plus iron oxides. It can be used with DC and AC currents and for position welding.

Since it does not have a great cleaning power of the material, it exposes to the risk of cracks, hydrogen inclusions or residual moisture;

2. rutile: this coating consisting of 95% titanium dioxide is used in direct polarity with AC and DC currents. Since it has a good fluid pool and a very stable arc, it allows aesthetically pleasing welding, provided that the materials do not contain impurities;

3. cellulosic: composed of silicon and magnesium ferroalloys, the cellulosic coating is used with DC reverse polarity current. It allows for downward vertical welding, as it becomes almost completely gaseous and produces a small amount of residue.

Although it is perfect for its mechanics, it should be avoided if you want a good aesthetic result;

4. basic: it is used with DC current in reverse polarity and contains magnesium and calcium ferroalloys plus iron oxides. Its pool is not very fluid and its arc is unstable due to the presence of fluorite. For this reason it is able to withstand high drying temperatures and is often used in the mechanical sector. You should also know that it is suitable for overhead, vertical and horizontal welding, but it produces residue that is difficult to eliminate.

Welding electrodes: how they work ?

Stainless steel welding electrodes are the fundamental elements for arc welding operations with Shielded Metal Arc Welding, as well as one of the most used techniques in the world because of its extreme simplicity.

This procedure consists in inserting the aforementioned instruments inside a special machine, which, once a certain temperature is reached, melts them and allows the union between two or more objects.

All the advantages of stainless steel electrodes

Stainless steel welding electrodes ensure not only a wide versatility of use (including outdoor operations, just think of construction sites), but also low costs.

Moreover, these rods have a very light weight and can therefore be transported with great ease; if, for example, small operations need to be carried out, it will be sufficient to place one or two units inside your tool case.

But that's not all, their coating has a positive effect on:

- purity of the pool;

- depth of penetration;

- stability of the electric arc;

- deposition of the material.

How to choose the best stainless steel electrodes ?

Before purchasing a package of welding electrodes, it is recommended to take the following fundamental factors into consideration:

- smoothness, as it ensures easy use in any position;

- quick melting to save time and effort;

- softness and quietness of the arc, which allow welding work to be carried out without disturbing the welder and any people in the vicinity;

- wire dimensions: there are stainless steel electrodes of different diameters to meet all requirements;

- brand: to obtain satisfactory results, it is advisable to choose products made by accredited brands. Their price could be higher than those of dubious origin or low cost, but they ensure very efficient performance and will last for a long time. In fact, welding must be considered as an investment, not an operation to be repeated after a short time, especially if the structures are intended to protect the safety of things and people;

- reviews: if you are about to buy a product never used before, it may be useful to read some reviews published by someone who has already purchased it, as it allows you to know all its respective pros and cons.

Prices for stainless steel welding electrodes

The price of stainless steel welding electrodes is calculated not only with the intended use, but also with the quantity present inside the single package, the coating, the minimum and maximum current plus the diameter.

A good compromise between quality and price are the Esab stainless steel electrodes, a Swedish company leader in the production of welding products. It is possible to find a wide assortment of such supports with very detailed technical data sheet, which makes it easy to choose the perfect one for your needs.

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