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Alluminium electrodes for MMA welding

ALUMINUM welding electrodes Germany

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There are 2 products in category Alluminium electrodes for MMA welding.

The MMA welding, mostly known as coated-electrode welding, is among the most common and used welding processes both on a hobby and construction level.

One of the coated-electrode welding’s most appreciated qualities is the great performance, even though this method does not require a protection gas; consequently, this process allows to comfortably operate outdoor thanks to the recently developed state-of-the-art generators’ small size.

This welding process is especially appreciated for its wide range of specific electrodes present on the market, which are available for any type of work.

The aluminum welding electrode is one of them and it is much renowned but little used.

MMA aluminum electrodes are used for both reconstruction works and to reinforce materials to be refined at a later time.

The aluminum welding electrode releases a high quantity of fumes. The welding seam produced by aluminum-electrode welding is not aesthetically pleasing and shows ledges and slags that might damage the base material.

To use the aluminum welding electrodes you need to acquire a welding generator with a high no-load voltage, which easies the aluminum electrode’s ignition and keeps its welding arc operative.

To work with aluminum welding electrodes it is important having a welding machine with a long operating cycle, in order to use them more comfortably compared to the common electrodes.

We advise against using these electrodes on thin metal sheets, because it would be very easy to break or damage the base material.

We advise to use the aluminum welding electrodes with a professional or high-end MMA welding machine, in order to work comfortably and without setbacks.

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