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Telwin MIG/MAG welding machine

Telwin wire welding machines Germany

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There are 11 products in category Telwin MIG/MAG welding machine.

A welding machine is a machine that is used to weld two or more metal joints together. The process is based on the production of very high temperatures, through which the metals heat up to the point of fusing together. The types of welding machines available on the market are of different types and use different technologies and consumables.

What is a continuous wire welding machine?

The Telwin wire welding machine is also commonly known as a mig mag welding machine, because during the working process, in addition to the filler wire, it uses another component, the gas, which may be inert (MIG) or active (MAG). The gas is used to protect the weld pool from the oxidation processes that would inevitably occur when oxygen is present.

The various types of Telwin wire welding machines are designed to meet different needs. For this reason, the choice of a welding machine must be made according to how you are going to use it and the workplace in which it will be installed. The type of material to be welded, the power available, the time of use and the quality you are aiming for are all elements that influence the choice of the Telwin wire welding machine best suited to your needs.

The Italian company also offers a range of different models of Telwin wire welding machines with gas, with which to tackle different types of work. In the catalog there are numerous wire welding machines dedicated to every type of use, from heavy carpentry to hobbies. In its 50 years of experience, Telwin has always paid special attention to the automotive world; in fact, the price list includes Telwin wire welding machines with specific "cold" arc programs for braze welding or for welding thin sheet metal that can be used for bodywork.

Which Telwin continuous wire welding machine should you choose?

Remember that without the skill of the welder, no machine can ensure a perfect job, once the right training has been acquired, any Telwin wire welding machine offers satisfactory results on a large number of iron and aluminum alloys. In addition, it is not uncommon to find Telwin wire welding machines at competitive prices, so that even a DIY enthusiast can be approached without having to invest huge sums of money.

The range of Telwin continuous wire welding machines consists of a large number of models, to meet the needs of all DIY experts, as well as those of professionals. Thanks to the wide assortment of accessories, it is not difficult at all to find the right machine for a specific job.

Some of these Telwin wire welding machines are multi-process and allow welding with all 3 main welding processes: MIG/MAG continuous wire, MMA and TIG with Lift trigger.

Starting with the entry level models, in fact, even the most demanding hobbyist can appreciate the solid construction and safety of these machines, which, at competitive prices, guarantee high safety standards and sufficient power for most of the most common operations.

The scrupulous adjustment of the output allows an optimal control of the working process, so that both spot and continuous welding can be performed with the utmost accuracy and precision. From the most delicate alloys to stainless steel, Telwin continuous wire welding machines cover a wide range of applications.

The Telwin Technomig line of wire welding machines has an automatic Synergic adjustment. This adjustment allows the operator to simply turn a knob to adjust the thickness of the sheet metal to be welded, and the welding machine will automatically set the parameters for optimal welding. The higher-end Telwin wire welding machines allow the operator to make more traditional adjustments by simply setting the wire speed and arc voltage.

The top models proposed by are:

- Technomig 210 synergic

- Technomig 215 synergic

- Technomig 240 wave synergic

These models can be used to weld aluminum with an optional kit. Or instead of this kit, the operator can purchase the individual consumables needed to weld aluminum.

It is not uncommon to find a Telwin MIG MAG wire welding machine complete with Argon cylinder adapter, for example, with a two-meter cable and 25 sq. mm section, 250A ground clamp, pressure reducer and torch.

The versatility provided by the power adjustments gives the possibility to mount wires for welding aluminum, steel and stainless steel with section from 0.6 mm up to 1 mm, making it possible to work on any application to meet the needs of even a professional.

It is possible to find Telwin wire welding machines with which the hobbyist can approach the welding activity to work right away on different materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and even stainless steel. Even on entry-level welding machines, in fact, Telwin offers the user the possibility of adjusting both the power used by the machine and the wire feed speed, with an eye to operator safety thanks to the effective overheating protection system.

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