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Telwin MIG/MAG welding machine

Telwin wire welding machines

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TELWIN continuous wire welding machine: the best for your needs

A welding machine, as you can easily understand by its name, in an electronic tool used to weld two or more metallic artefacts to each other. The process at the base of the operation is based on the production of very high temperatures, through which the metals heat up to the point of fusing together. The kind of welding machines on the market, for either professionals, hobbyists or DIY, are of different types and use different technologies and consumables.

In this guide to the purchase, we will talk exclusively about the so-called continuous wire welding machines. We will consider both the with and without gas welding machines, to understand in detail how they work and what uses they are better suited for. Afterward, we will concentrate our focus on some models produced by the Telwin company, an Italian company leader of the welding machines production’s market on a global level for the past 50 years.

What a continuous wire welding machine is

The so-called ‘continuous wire’ welding machines use a welding metallic filiform wire  as a component to help tying the to-be-welded parts to each other. For this reason, the wire is also called welding filler material.

The continuous wire one is also commonly called mig mag gas welding machine, because during the working process, besides the filler material, another component is also used, gas, which can be of the inert (MIG) or active (MAG) type. The gas is used to protect the part subjected to welding from the violent oxidation processes, which would inevitably happen in the presence of oxygen.

How does the MIG MAG gas welding machine work

Be it inert or active, as we just saw the gas takes on a protective function for the metal, which reaches very high temperatures during the welding process, momentarily sealing the point where the operation takes place to prevent the latter from coming in contact with the oxygen, naturally present in the air.

This protection is of fundamental importance, because the oxygen, mixing with the metal, immediately causes its oxidation, with consequent rust formation and weakening of the structure. Those who experienced welding with electrodes, know very well that their surface is sprinkled with a covering material with protective function.

For the continuous wire welding machines with cylinder, this function is left to the gas, MIG or MAG, which solves the oxidation problem through different procedures. The gas is used as fuel to ignite the very high temperature that melt the metal, and, since we are talking about combustion, we know very well that, for it to happen, you also need a comburent.

Normally, oxygen represents the comburent for this process, but, as we saw, this gas would ruin the weld. To remedy this problem, MAG gas welding machines use carbon dioxide instead of oxygen, while MIG ones use Argon or a Nitrogen blend. Besides preventing the weld from coming in contact with the oxygen, this technique also bestow better stability to the arc, facilitating the welding of the metallic parts, especially difficult to reach with the torch.

This technology appeared for the first time at the end of the Second World War, and it soon became popular among the insiders, to later arrive in an evolved form to the modern days thanks to the constant technological progress, especially for everything regarding developments in the electronic field.

The mig mag gas welding machine withcylinder can, in fact, be manual, automatic or semi-automatic. The component that underwent the most important evolving processes is the one responsible for the wire’s movement, wrapped around a reel inside the machine.

Manual models are usually cheaper, but require longer working times because the operator has to take care of gradually moving the wire closer to the welding point, as it depletes while burning.

Semi-automatic welding machines, and automatic in particular, allow you to work faster and with better precision, because the wire’s automatic delivery process has minimum margins of errors, with the result of getting more homogeneous welds on all the seam.

How do continuous wire welding machines without gas work

A welding machine without gas (or no gas welding machine) performs the same work as a gas welding machine, equally protecting the metal from oxidation during the fusion. However, instead of using gas, the welding machine without gas uses a special wire covered with a material that allows to realize the weld and prevent the oxygen from contributing to the fusion process. This kind of wire is known as animated wire.

Since they are not equipped with a cylinder to refill, these models are especially suited for small DIY jobs, and they appear to be a much-appreciated choice by some hobbyists. The most recent models of welding machine without gas, however, are designed to function with gas too, being able to use a traditional filling wire. The animated wire, in fact, has a higher cost, aspect to be kept into consideration at the moment of the purchase, but you also need to remember that the cylinders’ refill has its own costs as well.

Continuous wire welding machine with or without gas: the different uses

The different operation principles immediately give the idea of the fact that the different kind of welding machines were born to satisfy different needs. For this reason, the choice of a certain welding machine, and if it is more suitable buying a gas welding machine or a welding machine without gas, depends on the use you intend to do with it. If, for example, the workplace is indoor, such as a workshop or an industrial warehouse, welding machines with gas can be used in complete safety.

Outdoor is a different matter, because in the wind’s presence the flames that burns the gas might go out, so it would be preferable to use a no gas welding machine. This inconvenience, even though it does not represent a direct danger to the operator’s safety, still has disastrous consequences on the weld’s outcome, which will inevitably oxidize, thus compromising the work’s success. This is why, with unfavorable environmental conditions, the use of a continuous wire no gas welding machine would be a practical and effective solution.

The material to weld, the absorbed power, the time of use and the quality you want to obtain form the work, are elements that influence the choice for the more suited continuous wire welding machine as well. In fact, these machines work with low voltage but high amperage, in order to generate the high temperatures needed to meld the different metals you are working with.

As we will later see in detail, the combination between factors such as amperage, wire’s thickness and type of metal on which you are operating, offer a precise profiling on which welding machine to purchase. A range of use that spans most of the necessities, for example, can range from 35 to 260 Amperes, and, in this power range, it is not rare to find a Telwin continuous wire welding machine on sale that can widely satisfy the hobbyist’s needs just as much as the professional’s.

Furthermore, the Italian company offers a range of different models of gas welding machine with which to perform different types of work. The MAG models, for example, by combining gas and CO2, offer a higher stability should the need to weld ferromagnetic alloys or steel with a high level of carbon arise, given the joint’s deeper penetration they offer. For those who instead need to perform more accurate and less deep welds, we suggest choosing a MIG welding machine.

Which Telwin continuous wire welding machine to choose?

It being understood that without the operator’s skill no machine is able to ensure a perfect work, once acquired the correct practice, both technologies offer satisfying results on a big number of alloys, such as nickel or titanium ones. Furthermore, it is not rare to find Telwin gas welding machines on sale at competitive prices, in order to also attract the amateur of the welding activity without having him invest exorbitant amounts.

The range of Telwin continuous wire welding machines comprises a big number of models, to meet all DIY experts’ needs as well as the professional’s. Thanks to the wide product’s modularity and to the rich variety of accessories, it is not at all difficult finding the right machine for a specific work.

Starting from the entry-level models, in fact, even the most demanding DIYer will appreciate the sturdiness and security of these machines that, in view of competitive prices, guarantee high standards of safety and sufficient power for a large portion of the most common works.

The power regulations offered by the in-range products, allow you to operate at different depth, always maintaining an optimal control on the working process, in order to handle weldings, both in points and continuously, with the maximum accuracy and precision. From the most delicate alloys to stainless steel, Telwin continuous wire welding machines allow you to cover a wide range of actions, also thanks to the variety of accessories offered with the machine.

It is not rare to find a Telwin MIG MAG gas welding machine on sale, complete with adapter for Argon cylinder, for example, with a two meters wire and 25mmq section, 250A work clamp, pressure reducer, spacer and torch. The versatility given by the 6 power regulations and by the possibility to fit wires to weld aluminum, steel and stainless steel, with a section ranging from 0.6 mm to 1 mm, allows you to work on any application to satisfy the professional’s needs as well.

Lastly, it is possible to find, at more than attractive prices, no gas continuous wire models with which the hobbyist can approach the welding activity, in order to work right away on different materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and also stainless steel. In fact, with the entry-level welding machines already, Telwin offers the user the possibility to regulate both the power used by the machine and the wire’s flow-speed, with an eye on the operator’s safeguard thanks to the effective overheating protection system.

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