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Telwin welding machine: How to choose the ideal welding machine

Both in the professional field and in the hobbies, the welding machine is an instrument that can be very useful, especially when you have to join together two objects, even if made by two different materials. The versatility and ease of use of many models, especially those branded Telwin, allow you to speed up and optimize all kinds of work, achieving the desired results. Depending on the welding machine and the technique used, there are many materials that you can weld together thanks to a welding machine, from classic sheet metal to metal and tin, but also plastic. There are different types of Telwin welding machines on the market, each of which could be suitable for you, but before choosing the best one it is advisable to deepen the topic.

What is a welding machine

As already mentioned, the welding machine is an instrument that allows you to weld two separate materials between them, through a very simple process: first it heats them and then melts them together. The result you get by using a Telwin welding machine guarantees a long life and often there is no need to intervene to reinforce the welding. You can use this tool both in the professional field, as long as it is used by specialized personnel, and in DIY, where it often comes useful for many manual work. Because of its vastness of use, there are many types of welding machine, each one specialized for a specific sector, but the most common one is, without doubt, the inverter welding machine. This type of welding machine is light, compact and flexible, really ideal for all those jobs that do not require industrial quantities. It can be transported and takes up little space, so you can take advantage of it both to give free rein to your passions and to carry out work at home or in the laboratory.

Types of welding machines

As mentioned above, different types of Telwin welding machine are available on the market, starting from the aforementioned inverter, a model characterized by its lightness and flexibility. Compared to more traditional models, for which you should bring a special transformer and use only alternating current, the inverter welder has its own electronic circuit and can, therefore, take advantage of a lower voltage. Another type of welding machine is the type with an electrode, a very versatile model that you can take with you anywhere in the house. Its main feature, as the name itself says, is the ability to weld materials through an electrode from which the electric arc flows. Depending on the need, a welding machine of this type can mount different electrodes and different diameters. The wire welding machine, on the other hand, works, as the name itself says, through a metal wire and the most used system is the MIG (Metal Inert Gas), which exploits an inert gas able to protect the metal during welding, preventing the oxidation process. That’s because it creates a kind of barrier, using the oxygen in the air. However, to use the wire welder it is not essential to have a gas cylinder, because it can work through a wire coil coated with a material that can protect the melting bath from oxidation. The Tig welder works without any metal wire, but by means of tungsten electrodes. It is one of the best models, because it ensures the fusion of almost all alloys, performing welding of excellent quality. Then there is the multi-process welding machine, which incorporates the different types mentioned above and with which you can then perform welding with either wire or electrode. For this unique feature, it is one of the most expensive welding machines and, therefore, less suitable for the hobby sector. If you work with tin, the tin welding machine is ideal, because it allows you to bring the metal-tin alloy to the appropriate temperature to carry out the welding. A sub-model of the tin welder is the gas welder, which uses this element as an energy source. The most convenient aspect is that you can always use it without any electrical connection and is particularly suitable for welding iron, for which you must reach a very high temperature that only gas can reach. Even the oxyacetylene welding machine does not require the use of electric current and is still one of the oldest welding techniques, also used at the beginning of the twentieth century. The peculiarity of this type of welding machine is that it needs a filler material, usually supplied in the form of rods and fluxes under flame, but its use is limited by the impossibility of welding all types of material. Thanks to the plasma welding machine, however, it is possible to reach very high temperatures and, for this reason, when you use it you have to wear special protections, even more effective than those required by other models. Finally, it remains the so-called point welding machine, which is exploited mainly in the industrial sector and whose operation is through an electric discharge between two electrodes, able to melt materials.

How an inverter welder works

As mentioned, the Telwin inverter welding machine is one of the most appreciated and used models, both on a professional level and at home and stands out from the others for the type of current needed to make it work. If, in fact, in common models, the current arrives through a transformer, in an inverter welder there's an electronic circuit that has, among other things, of a potentiometer that adjusts the amperage depending on the work needs. This is one of the many strengths of an inverter welder, which is also easy to transport, even at very high heights. Another advantage that has allowed this type of welding machine to be one of the best-selling, is the possibility of welding different types of material other than alloys and metals, such as plastic. For all these reasons, if you are looking for a welding machine for DIY, an inverter model is definitely for you, also because those branded Telwin are often offered at very affordable prices. Like every other welding machine, the inverter welding machine must be used following precise precautions, starting with wearing face and mouth protections and gloves for the hands, which must always be worn. To make perfect welding, however, it is necessary to coordinate the movements well in the addition of the supporting metal and know how to move the torch in the best way. Welding is not an everyday job, so you have to have at least some knowledge, if not a good experience, so that you can be careful at every stage of the process, from the pulsations of the welding machine itself up to the spraying and preparation of the materials to be welded.

The Telwin welding machines

In the welding machine sector, the Telwin brand is one of the leading companies, thanks to over fifty years of experience. With its products, Telwin is present all over the world and covers over one hundred and twenty markets with a range and a vastness of offers without equal. This brand represents the innovation and the avant-garde in the field of welding machines, but not only, and guarantees high-tech products that optimize working times and improve the efficiency and productivity of each working process. Inside its Citadel of Welding, Telwin exploits over 120,000 square meters in which are engaged, every day, over 250 workers with the aim of designing and creating tools that can facilitate the life of those who need to model and weld various materials, especially metals and alloys. From the different models of inverter welding machines to wire welding, passing through the motor welding machines, every product branded Telwin is regulated by precise dictates, first of all the ISO9001 certification that guarantees the absolute quality and reliability. Whatever your needs may be, Telwin is ready to become your most important ally, both in the professional and working field, offering welding machines able to deal with any processing, such as the aforementioned inverter welding machines. In fact, these are characterized by an extraordinary flexibility of use, but are also compact and lightweight as well as complete with every accessory useful for their use with the most different types of electrodes, from cast iron to stainless steel. In all these years, Telwin has managed to become a reliable and safe partner for every type of customer, guaranteeing, in addition to the excellent products, also a high quality service and constant support that can help anyone who starts to use a welding machine.

How to choose the best Telwin welding machine

Choosing a welding machine is a bit like choosing a car, because it involves finding a product that can adapt to your needs and meet your every need. An instrument like the welding machine, in fact, often becomes an extension of your own limbs, it must adapt perfectly to the movements and physical characteristics. The choice is further complicated by the many models that Telwin offers on the market, very varied and versatile, able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

For this reason, the first thing to do is to understand for which types of work you want to use it: DIY? Professional models? Depending on the response, you can choose between a smaller range of welding machines, but know that one of the models that best suits every need, both for hobbies and for work, is the inverter welding machine, with which you can make decorations, tools and furnishing accessories with extreme ease. Keep in mind that if you choose this type of welding machine, the most common and used model, able to satisfy the vast majority of customers, is the one that goes from 90 to 180 A, excellent for any type of welding. Of course, when choosing your new Telwin welding machine keep in mind the frequency of use of the instrument, so if you plan to use it constantly, you must necessarily choose a solid and durable model, able to ensure the right reliability over time. If, on the other hand, you only have to use the welding machine on weekends or for some odd jobs, you can easily go on cheaper models so Telwin often offers very fair prices. The latter, of course, is the last factor according to which you will choose your best welding machine and obviously, the Telwin brand is able to satisfy all kinds of customers, offering good products for all budgets.

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