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TELWIN welding machine

TELWIN welding machine Germany

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Telwin welding machine: how to choose the ideal welding machine

Both in the professional and in the Do-It-Yourself sector, the welding machine is a tool that can be very useful for joining two metal joints together. The versatility and ease of use of many models of Telwin welding machines make it possible to speed up and optimize all types of work, obtaining the desired results. A specific Telwin welding machine can be used depending on the work and technique used.

Types of welding machines

As mentioned above, several types of Telwin welding machines are available on the market, with inverter technology characterized by its lightness and flexibility compared to more traditional models.

A better-known type of Telwin welding machine is the electrode model, which is very versatile and easy to transport. Its main feature, as its name implies, is the ability to weld materials using an electrode. Depending on the need, the operator can mount different electrodes of different diameters.

The Telwin wire welding machine works with a metal wire that acts as an electrode and, at the same time, as a filler material; the most commonly used system is MAG (Metal Active Gas), which uses an active gas capable of protecting the metal during welding, avoiding the oxidation process.

The Telwin Tig welding machine works with tungsten electrodes. It is one of the most widely used processes because it ensures the fusion of almost all alloys, ensuring aesthetically pleasing and quality workmanship.

Telwin multi-process welding machines include the different types mentioned above, and can therefore be used to perform wire, electrode and tig welding, thus selecting the most appropriate welding process for the work that you are going to perform.

The Telwin spot welding machine is used above all in the industrial and bodywork sectors, and it works by producing an electrical discharge between two electrodes, capable of melting a minimum portion of material that comes into contact with them.

Protection for a Telwin welding machine

Like all welding machines, the Telwin welding machine must be used with precise precautions, such as protection for the face and mouth and gloves for the hands, which must always be worn. To obtain good welds, however, it is necessary to improve manual dexterity and increase experience and technique.

Telwin welding machines

In the welding machine sector, the Telwin brand is one of the major leaders, thanks to over fifty years of experience.

Inside its Welding Citadel, Telwin uses over 120,000 square meters in which more than 250 workers are engaged every day with the aim of designing and manufacturing tools that can make life easier for those who need to shape and weld various materials, especially metals and alloys. From the various models of inverter welding machines to wire welding machines and motor welding machines, every Telwin welding machine is regulated by precise requirements, first and foremost the ISO9001 certification that guarantees absolute quality and reliability. Whatever your needs are, Telwin is ready to become your most important ally, both in the professional field and at work, offering welding machines that can handle any type of work. Over the years, Telwin has managed to become a reliable and safe partner for all types of customers, guaranteeing, in addition a high-quality service and constant support that can help anyone who starts using a welding machine.

How to choose the best Telwin welding machine

Choosing a Telwin welding machine is a bit like choosing a car, because it involves looking for a product that will suit your needs and satisfy your needs. The choice is further complicated by the many models that Telwin offers on the market, very varied and versatile, capable of satisfying even the most demanding customer.

For this reason, the first thing to do is to understand the use you have to do: DIY? professional models? Hobby? Depending on the answer, you can choose more wisely from the wide range of Telwin welding machines.

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