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Spot welding machine

Spot Welding Equipment and Accessories

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Spot welding machine: ideal for sheet metal and car body

The welding machine, if well used, guarantees high performance and quality work. There are various categories of welding machines and they are used in different professional sectors, such as automotive car body, steelworks or shipbuilding in general. During the process it is advisable to use the PPE provided, in order to preserve your health, since in the process leading to the fusion a light is emitted which is very harmful to your eyesight and you must therefore protect yourself with a mask. But this is not the only danger, as metals become very hot, fumes and waste materials harmful to our organism are produced. For this reason, in addition to the mask, you should also wear a protective airway mask and gloves.

Spot welding machine

Among the various welding methods, one efficient and capable of achieving persistent and high performance results is the spot welding machine. The latter does not melt the metal in its entirety, during the joining process, but stitches in spots. An ideal technique for joining two elements or two sheets on top of each other, with a thickness varying from 4 to 10 millimetres. Of vital importance to obtain a high-performance union, is to weld together two materials that are the same or have the same melting point, as otherwise the point of union may break or not be resistant. Some equipment allows to join together even 4 sheets superimposed one on top of the other even if normally the operation is ideal for only two elements.

Peculiarities and characteristics of the spot welding machine

Unlike arc welding, spot welding gives off much less heat because it uses a resistance system. Thanks to its electrical circuit, it applies the heat exclusively to the points where welding is to be carried out.

The arc welding machine, during its operation, creates a bridge, called an electric arc, very similar to a flame that is released between the electrode and the metal surface. This combustion makes the metals liquid in the heated point and then, with cooling, a single piece is obtained.

Resistance welding, on the other hand, heats only the points concerned until the two sheets weld perfectly. It is therefore a fusion aimed at a specific point. For its practical use, two electrodes must be used, consisting of two copper arms, to which two punches are fixed above their ends and which press on the point to be welded both in the lower and upper part.

The heat created when the resistance welding machine is switched on is localized and proportional to the physical resistance of the metal. When this operation is carried out, only a small portion is liquefied, i.e. the portion between the two electrodes.

The melting process, unlike the arc welding machine, starts from the inside and spreads outwards, proceeding in the direction of the punches between the metal material.

When the machine detects that the melting has taken place completely, it cools the electrodes. By carrying out this operation, the welding spot is obtained.

Naturally, in order to obtain the desired result, the metal sheets must first be superimposed and prepared before positioning the electrodes; otherwise the two parts may not join or have a lower resistance.

To prepare the parts to be welded, all traces of paint and rust must be removed; otherwise spot welding may fill with air and have no lasting effect. It is therefore recommended to sandblast or permanently clean with sandpaper in order to obtain a smooth, homogeneous, and impurity-free surface. Even between the two parts there must be no fragments of materials or debris, so it is advisable to work in a clean and dry environment. Only after preparing the pieces, it is necessary to fix them in such a way that they have a very strong contact; at this point it is possible to position the two electrodes. Before starting welding, it is necessary to set the welding parameters that take into account the properties of the metal. Once these operations have been carried out, it is possible to start using the spot welding machine, moving the electrodes only after the two parts have cooled and solidified into one. The current flow must be used only for the time necessary to obtain fusion, the time period varies in relation to the thickness of the material, but normally the process takes a maximum of 2 seconds.

Which spot welding machine to buy? guide to the choice

Among the first characteristics to be taken into consideration when you want to purchase a spot welding machine is certainly the power it is able to produce and its absorption, i.e. when the resistance reaches its maximum potential. This parameter must be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheets, which is directly proportional to its power, using the ammeter. An incorrect intensity parameter can cause the material to drill if it is too strong or not solder the two components to be joined if too weak. The more powerful the spot welding machine, the greater the weldable thickness. As for the less powerful models, ideal for hobbyists or do-it-yourselfers, the maximum thickness is between 2 and 4 mm, while professional models can reach 8-10 mm.

Spot welding is easily identifiable, since unlike arc welding, which leaves the seam between the two materials, spot welding makes only small dents visible at the point where fusion takes place. The shape of the welding spot is mainly related to the heating time of the electrodes and the cooling rate of the liquefied channel. It is therefore necessary to divide the pointers into 2 categories, the portable ones, less powerful but with much reduced overall dimensions, and the professional workshop ones, able to weld even very important thicknesses.

Portable and workshop spot welding machines

The portable pointers are ideal for welding on 2 sheets with a maximum thickness of 2 mm. Thanks to their small size; they can also be used outdoors, with the help of a generator. They have the disadvantage, however, of having long cooling times, as the electrodes have no cooling circuit, as well as the lower power output.

On the other hand, the car body spot welding machines, also called fixed spot welding machines, are bulky and difficult to move, but they meet much better requirements. With a fixed equipment, it is possible to weld up to 4 overlapping sheets, with a maximum thickness of 10 millimetres. Their ability to develop heat is much stronger than that of laptops and the electrodes are equipped with a water cooling circuit that makes the welding process much faster.

With these types of pointer it is possible to leave less evident marks and allow a much longer working period. The clamping force of the electrodes on the metal parts is also much more resistant, as a much stronger and more performing hydraulic system is used. Really important is the use of metals with the same melting point, in order to obtain a homogeneous and resistant welding. If welding is carried out with metals with different melting points, the one that will melt first will not allow the mixture of liquid metals. For special materials such as steels and aluminium, it is preferable to use a workshop electric welding machine, as they often have the possibility to discriminate several functions and to adjust the pressure of the electrodes with extreme precision. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to practice on materials that require a lower degree of precision, such as iron. For materials that are more difficult to weld, it is advisable to use scrap and consult a technical manual for instrument adjustment.

The fundamental parameters to be evaluated when selecting the spot welding machine are the work cycle, voltage and power. Generally the voltage of the portable electric welding machine is 230V, so it is possible to use them also in domestic environments, while professional ones can reach 400V, for this type of voltage it is necessary to rely on industrial electrical conduction lines. The three-phase line is usually found in specialized laboratories that require a certain amount of voltage. The connection plugs are also totally different. The working cycle, which is closely correlated with the amperage, allows to evaluate the times of use and cooling, which are closely related to the speed of finalization of the work.

Uses and types of spot welding machine

Among the main uses of the electric pointing machine, we find the car body, as it allows to point easily metal pieces and make the work easier even in more complex parts where with the electric welding machine, the work would be much more complex. This electric pointing machine is also excellent for welding sheets and gates, as it allows to easily fix more blocks, even multilayer ones.

On the market prices vary from a base of about 100 euros up to thousands of euros depending on the use that the equipment needs. Certainly to start approaching welding, it is good to buy a portable electric pointer so that you can learn the best welding techniques. If, on the other hand, you are already a professional in the sector and the use is no longer occasional but daily, then it is advisable to purchase workshop equipment.

Each electric welding machine contains information on the product and safe use, it is always good to read carefully all the technical specifications and use, in order to carry out a safe and performing work from the beginning.

Do not forget to wear the PPE prescribed for the use of the welding machines, as they are essential for safe and calm work.

The spot welding machine is therefore one of those tools that must never be missing in the workshop, as if it is well used, it is able to ensure precise, clean and smooth work for its user. Recommended also for professionals, because thanks to its potential, if purchased a professional product, allows you to make important welds with less physical effort and obtaining much better results than other types of welding machines on the market.

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