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Spot welding machine

Spot Welding Equipment and Accessories Germany

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Among the various welding methods, the one that is efficient and capable of achieving effective, high-performance results is spot welding. This is an ideal technique for welding two elements or two sheets together.

Peculiarities and characteristics of the spot welding machine

Unlike arc welding, the spot welding machine releases much less heat, as it uses a resistance system. Thanks to its electrical circuitry, it applies heat exclusively to the points where you are welding.

Resistance welding with the electric tacker only heats the relevant points until the two sheets are perfectly welded. It is therefore a melting process aimed at a specific point. For its practical use, it uses two electrodes mounted on two copper arms, which press on the point to be welded both at the bottom and at the top.

The heat created during activation of the spot welding machine is localized and proportional to the physical resistance of the metal. When this operation is carried out, only a small portion is melted, i.e., the portion between the two electrodes.

Unlike the arc welding machine, the fusion process starts from the inside and propagates outward, moving in the direction of the spot electrodes.

To prepare the parts to be welded, all traces of paint and rust must be removed, otherwise spot welding may fail to create a good electrical contact.

There must also be no fragments of material or debris between the two parts, and it is advisable to work in a clean, dry environment. Before starting to weld, you have to set the parameters of the spot welding machine while considering the properties of the metal.

Which spot welding machine should you buy, a guide to the right choice.

Among the first things to consider when buying a spot welding machine, one is the power it can produce and its absorption. This parameter must be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheets, which is directly proportional to the power used.

A spot weld is easily identifiable, since unlike arc welding, which leaves the seam joining the two materials, the spot welding machine only leaves small nubs where fusion takes place. The shape of the welding spot depends on the welding time and the current used. It is therefore necessary to divide spot welding machines into two categories: portable ones, less powerful but very small overall, and professional workshop ones, capable of welding even very large thicknesses.

Portable and workshop spot welding machines

Portable spot welding machines are ideal for welding sheets with a maximum thickness of around 2 millimeters. Thanks to their small size, they can also be used outdoors, with the aid of a generator. They have the disadvantage, however, of having longer cooling times since the electrodes do not have a cooling circuit, other than having less power.

The capacity of the industrial spot welding machines is definitely higher than the portable ones and the electrodes are often equipped with a cooling circuit that makes the cooling process much faster.

With these types of electric spot welding machines, you can obtain less noticeable marks and have a much longer working period. The clamping force of the electrodes on the metallic parts is also higher and a much stronger, since it uses a hydraulic system.

The use of metals with the same melting temperature is very important to obtain a homogeneous and resistant weld. If spot welding is performed on metals with different melting temperatures, the one that melts first will not allow welding between the two metals.

The fundamental parameters to evaluate when choosing a spot welding machines are the work cycle, the power supply voltage, and the output power. Generally, the input voltage is 230V, so they can also be used in domestic environments; professional spot welding machines, on the other hand, are powered at 400V, so they must be connected to industrial power lines.

Uses, applications and types of spot welding machines

One of the main uses of the resistance spot welding machines is certainly in the body shop, for repairing damaged cars.

The electric spot welding machines are also used for welding metal sheets and gates, as they allow you to easily fix coupled sheets.

Surely to begin to approach the welding, it is advisable to buy a portable electric spot welding machine, so that you can learn the best welding techniques. If, on the other hand, you are already a professional in the field and use the machine daily, then it is advisable to purchase workshop equipment.

The spot welding machine is therefore one of those tools that should never be missing in the workshop, because if used properly, it can ensure accurate, clean, and smooth welding.

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