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Coil flux-cored wire (no gas) iron welding

No-Gas Animated Wire

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The continuous wire welding process is historically destined to an industrial use, but thanks to the latest years’ appearance of multi-process welding machines, it has been more and more used in the domestic field, popular among hobbyists because of their various functions.

The continuous wire welding is used on an industrial level as well because of its several qualities.

The most appreciated qualities concern the welding seam, which is aesthetically pleasing, and the high operating rhythm allowed without the need to interrupt the process to re-equip the welding machine.

While welding with the continuous wire process, you usually need a protection gas to cover the molten pool and avoid the welding seam’s oxidation; this means there is at least one cylinder connected to the welding machine while operating in a place protected from the wind that would disperse the gas.

On the hobby level, people are increasingly using the no-gas animated wire, and its most appreciated quality is exactly that it does not need the gas protection to get a good result.

The no-gas animated wire can be used outdoor without encountering any problem.

The no-gas animated wire works with the same principle as the coated electrode in the MMA welding, which means without the limitation of having to interrupt the work to replace the electrode.

Inside the no-gas animated wire there is a mixture of minerals that, during the fusion, burns and creates a gas atmosphere that isolates the weld pool and releases a coverage called “slag” that protects the welding seam.

To use the no-gas animated wire you need to take a few precautions, equip the welding generator with a feeding unit cartridge suited to the no-gas animated wire, and acquire a small hammer and a brush with metallic bristles to clean the welding seam from the slag at the end of the work or before proceeding with another round.

The no-gas animated wire should be used only on metal sheets with a thickness above 1.5 mm, or you might end up piercing the base material.

The no-gas animated wire can be used only on iron, and not on stainless steel or aluminum. 

The welding process creates ledges and slags that might damage the base material; this is why it is recommended to spray some anti-stick before proceeding with the work.

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