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There are 3 products in category LINCOLN CONTINUOUS WIRE WELDING MACHINE.

Welding encompasses many productive fields, from carpentry to food industry. During the years, with the advancing of technology, the welding generators manufacturers started developing and improving the main welding processes, to create better generators able to satisfy the users.

The welding process with the best production yield is the continuous wire one because, unlike other processes, it allows the operator to perform long projects without needing to interrupt the welding to re-equip the generator.

The continuous wire welding process takes place through a series of short-circuits that melt the wire coming out of the welding torch when it touched to the base material connected to the mass that closes the circuit.

Specifically, the coil of wire, situated inside the machine, unwinds and the motor uses its 2 or 4 reels to push the wire through the torch’s cable bundle, allowing it to get out through its contact tube.

One of the main generators manufacturers understood this process’ potential; Lincoln Electric is the epitome of reliability a professionalism in the welding world, and it put great care in producing the Lincoln continuous wire welding machine.

The professional Lincoln continuous wire welding machines, such as the Powertec i250C or the i350C Advanced, are designed and produced for professional heavy carpentry projects. These Lincoln MIG welding machines are equipped with an LCD color control panel, with which you can adjust all the parameters to get the best results.  

This style of Lincoln continuous wire welding machine also features an auto-regulation function in accordance to the base material and to the filler material you intend to use.

The Lincoln Electric MIG welding process allows the operator to weld the most used material of the carpentry field (iron, aluminum, stainless steel) simply by replacing a consumable, the protection gas and the coil of wire (filler material).

The Lincoln Electric MIG welding machines, Powertec i250C and i350C Advanced, also called carted, are very practical because they are equipped with a cylinder holder to ease its mobility.

The Lincoln Electric Speedtec continuous wire welding machine is also a professional machine equipped with LCD display, but it is smaller and more practical compared to its “big sister” Powertec.

Both of these Lincoln Electric MIG welding machines are professional products with top-of-the-range parameters, but they are destined to two different working fields:

  • Powertec is destined to heavy carpentry and works on thick materials, with and operating cycle ranging from of 195A at 100% to 250A at 60%.
  • Lincoln Electric Speedtec continuous wire welding machine, being more practical and compact, is suited to light carpentry or to the use in a worksite with more professional project requests; this 17.3 kg generator has an operating cycle of 110A at 100%.

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