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Guide Wire Sheath

Welding Liner for Iron and Aluminum welding of various lengths! Germany

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In the welding world, mig/mag continuous wire welding is the most widely used industrial process, because this process has a high productivity and working autonomy, it is an easy process, and the appearance of the weld bead at the end of the process is great.

To weld "perfect", both aesthetically and mechanically, other than the experience in setting the right welding parameters and having a good technique, every element involved in the process must be in optimal condition: welding machine, welding torch, ground clamp, quality of the metal of the wire, gas connections and gas quality.

People often tend to underestimate the importance of using the correct consumables based on the type and thickness of wire, the characteristics of the welding generator (wire roller unit, torch connection) and the model of the torch used.

Worn consumables (contact tip, nozzle, welding liner) make even the easiest process a real challenge.

One of the most common mistakes is not replacing the standard welding liner and wire roller with soft wires such as aluminum or very thin wires.

Usually, the wire rollers and welding liner of the torch supplied with the welding machine are designed for the most common wire, i.e., copper-plated iron with a diameter of 0.8 mm.

When you want to perform more demanding work, using a wire with a larger diameter, you will need to replace the wire roller and the welding liner to accommodate a larger wire diameter and ensure good flow and regular delivery. There are also high-slip welding liners that are more rigid and delicate than the common welding liners and are usually used in the industrial sector where the meters/minute parameter of the wire is very high.

If the operator needs to alternate machining operations with different thicknesses or types of wire, it is good practice to equip a second torch with the welding liner and suitable consumables to make replacement operations easier and faster.

This common practice is recommended when working with aluminum wire. The softness and flexibility of this material makes it necessary to use a Teflon welding liner, which is very delicate compared to a common welding liner made of polymer-coated metal. It is therefore recommended to equip a second torch to avoid changing the welding liner frequently, otherwise you risk ruining it and compromising its functionality.

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