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GYS Welding machine - MMA, MIG, TIG... at the best price ! Germany

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Through a modernization of the welding processes and the relaunch of the entire product line, GYS has confirmed its leadership in the entire production process from design to marketing of arc welding, bodywork, and car battery maintenance tools. This sudden and constant development has been made possible also thanks to strategies of strong cooperation outside Europe.

The creation of GYS welding machines began in 1964 when Guy-Yves Stephany founded the company GYS (the acronym of the initials of his name). It all began by producing transformers, an activity that developed rapidly in the early years and was expanded from 1970 with the start of manufacturing products for battery maintenance and repair (i.e., battery chargers and starters). These productions gave the company a good reputation until the beginning of the 1980s, when the design and manufacture of GYS welding machines for arc welding began.

The real breakthrough came in 1997 when the GYS welding machine line was sold to the current owners who have been successfully running the company for two generations.

This change gave an important input for the development of the company, highlighted by two main events:

- The first step of this change took place in the years 1997-1999 when the new managers decided to build a new facility for the design and manufacture of components and electronic boards for the production of GYS welding machines.

- the second step took place in 1999 when the first GYS welding machine with inverter technology for MMA coated electrode welding was entirely designed, manufactured, and sold.

Still recognized as a high-end product intended for professionals in the sector or for DIY enthusiasts with specific needs, we list below some models of GYS welding machines for coated electrode welding:

- GYSMI E 163



This success confirmed the need to invest heavily in research and development at the beginning of the early 2000s in order to expand the list of inverter technology MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG welding power sources. By doing so, the presence of the GYS welding machine brand on the French market was consolidated and the doors to the European market were opened, with the goal of conquering the German and English markets, which were growing strongly in those years.

Below is a list of professional GYS inverter welding machines on the Top-welding product list that we have had the pleasure of testing and personally appreciating:

-        EASYMIG 110

-        EASYMIG 150

-        NEOPULSE 220C

-        GYS TIG 220 AC-DC

-        PROTIG 201 AC-DC

-        PROTIG 161 DC

In 2002, the GYS group began developing and producing resistance welding machines and arc welding machines with specific programs and synergies for the automotive bodywork sector. In doing so, the group created a line of GYS welding machines and tools specifically for the automotive aftermarket sector.

The GYS welding machine models most commonly used for body shop work are:

-        MULTIPEARL 210-2

-        MULTIPEARL 210-4 XL

-        MULTIPEARL 211-4


-        GYSPOT 2700

-        GYSPOT 39.02 &39.04

-        EASYCUT 40

GYS is the largest French company involved in the welding sector, from the design of GYS welding machines to production and marketing. This development slowed down and made it more difficult for Chinese competitors to enter the French and European markets.

This project led to the creation and opening of the GYS factory in Shanghai in 2004, which was intended for the production of car battery chargers for large-scale distribution. Afterwards, two years later, a commercial branch was opened in Aachen (GERMANY). In 2008 the company established the commercial branch in the United Kingdom, in Warwick. Subsequently, in 2011, a commercial branch was established in Shanghai and in 2013 a representative office was set up in India with headquarters in the city of Coimbatore. Finally, in 2015 the GYS Group opened its Italian subsidiary in Venezia Mestre.

To date, GYS welding products are recognized as products synonymous with professionalism and quality in 125 countries around the world, and GYS can count on more than 800 employees, more than 70 of whom are employed in the research and development sector to allow the GYS welding brand to stay one step ahead of the competition in the design, manufacture, and marketing of GYS MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG welding machines and plasma cutting generators.

In recent years, the range of devices for the maintenance of car batteries has been expanded (battery chargers, screwdrivers, boosters, testers, starter cables and complementary accessories). Below you can see some of the top models in the GYS line (all of which can be ordered with a simple phone call to our customer service number).




The GYS group has also acquired considerable expertise in the manufacture of equipment for body shops, spot welding, hail damage repairing, riveting, lifting, induction and accessories, allowing it to compete with companies already established in the area by asserting its strengths: pre/post sales technical assistance, professionalism, reliability, and quality.

Top-welding is one of the first international retailers that have chosen to include the GYS welding machine brand in its product list, aware that it is proposing an internationally renowned brand known for its professionalism and reliability. GYS puts research and development of new technologies and welding methods at the top of its priorities, to offer the latest innovations in the welding world and the highest quality standards to meet their work requirements.

GYS welding equipment is heavily used by the major European companies in the production cycles of automobiles.

Top-welding’s phone service is at your disposal for any clarification, detail, or doubt about the GYS products that we offer. If you are looking for a product that is not listed on our site, or if you need any customization regarding the equipment, please contact us for a customized quote.


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