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LINCOLN ELECTRIC Multiprocess Welding Machine

Lincoln Electric Multi process welding machine Germany

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The welding field is historically considered a highly professional niche world because of its complexity and the professional welding machines’ prohibitive prices.

Welding generators underwent a technological development during the last 20 years; today, the old-technology transformer welding machines, heavy and bulky, have been replaced by the more advanced inverter technologies.

This technological development allowed to reduce weight and size of professional welding machines, replacing the heavy and expensive copper transformer with more compact inverter technology generators, easier to maneuver even in the narrowest worksites. This innovation also allowed to make professional welding machines approachable to a broader clientele, and not just to professionals who make occasional use of a welding machine, because the decreased prices allowed DIY enthusiast to purchase a welding generator as well.

The technology change, from transformer to inverter, allowed to also produce small-size multifunction generators with a very long operating-cycle; professional multi-process welding machines are able to perform all three most common welding processes.

All the professional welding machines manufacturers have had to adjust to the ever-growing request for multi-process welding machines by adding at least one multi-process generator to their catalogue.

The advantage of a multi-process welding machine is the possibility to choose the welding process that most suites the project, using only one generator, and being able to quickly change it without having to use another machine.

According to expert welders’ opinions, one of the most reliable quality welding machines on the market is the Lincoln Electric multi-process welding machine, produced by one of the most experienced welding generators manufacturers. Lincoln Electric has a more than 100 years history and is one of the biggest technologically advanced company of this field.

This professional welding machine is mostly of the continuous wire type but, thanks to added connectors on its front side, it can quickly become a Lincoln Electric multi-process welding machine, perfect to weld with MMA electrodes, both basic and with rutile, stainless steel, cast-iron, etc.

The continuous wire process of a Lincoln Electric multi-process welding machine is able to weld even aluminum, but to get good results you need to replace some consumable (feeding unit cartridge, sheath, contact tube, gas…) in order to allow the aluminum wire to be delivered without any delay and to keep the electric arc stable during the whole process.

The Lincoln continuous wire welding machine is also able to weld by using the TIG process, but you need to equip the generator with a TIG welding torch with LIFT ignition and connect an Argon gas cylinder. This Lincoln Electric multi-process welding machine is not equipped with a high-frequency professional ignition, but it can still produce great welding seams on both iron and stainless steel.

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